Chaos Rings III


my choice of costumes didn’t help here

“So here’s a compiled review of I, Omega, and II before I start the main dish.”

— awesomecurry in Chaos Rings I + Omega + II Review, December 1, 2014 

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Console ADVs are nice because I get less distracted than if I was on the computer.

Gyakuten Saiban 6
Danganronpa V3
Missing Parts the TANTEI Stories

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Ok in case anyone was wondering, games I liked this year were Utawarerumono 3, Tales of Berseria, Ys VIII, Baldr Heart, and Odin Sphere Leifthrasir. I barely put any time into Persona 5 because it’s a 100+ hour monster so I decided to leave it to later. So far it’s pretty cool. The rest of this post probably has little to do with video games.

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D3 Publisher, a company whose recent track record in making games hasn’t been very good, decided to make a Danganronpa-inspired game about idols aiming for the top. The concept is very simple: each year, idols participate in the Dream of Dream (D.o.D.) event, where they compete in various idol activities and the winner gets to be the center of a big concert. It’s a huge event that has the entire country tuning in, and good performance in the show leads to an increase in fans. This year, the D.o.D takes place in a remote western-style mansion and welcomes seven participants. The master of ceremony is an obnoxious pink elephant mascot character, and the setting for this year’s D.o.D. is awfully lacking in glamour compared to previous years’ events. The event is held in six stages, each stage having a loser, and the one who survives all stages gets crowned as this year’s top idol. The loser of each stage has to participate in a consolation show that “may” offer them the “chance” for a comeback…

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(Spoilers…? Not explicitly but don’t read if you’re currently playing the game)

Having played (and enjoyed) Kokuchou no Psychedelica, Haitaka was on my radar but not a priority since my plate is loaded (I finished like 1 game from September when I bought 4, this game not included). I ended up playing this sooner than expected since I read some Amazon reviews complaining about linear plot, lack of romance/糖度, and even a post talking about the game having loads of landmine elements in the context of the console otome game market. I mean normally those things are supposed to deter one away, but story-heavy and linear are actually very appealing elements to me when it comes to a novel game so my interest was piqued.

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In a fictional country that was once threatened by low birth rates and an aging population, a law was passed to enforce marriage at the age of 18. Failure to comply results in the death penalty — if you don’t get married by the day of high school graduation where marriage ceremonies are held nationwide, you are taken to the Bachelor Jail and executed. 結婚主義国家 is a collection of 8 short stories surrounding 16 teenagers who live under this law, in a country where “love” and “romance” are glorified to the point of brainwashing and marriage is a matter of life and death.

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