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Beat Xillia on Jude’s side!

Man that was one annoying final boss. It wasn’t “rape your team in one hit” bad, but the fact that you fought 2 people at the same time and one of them could heal like 10K HP instantly…yeah. An All-Divide actually made the fight much, much worse. I used one, and not only did the boss keep healing whenever it got to low HP, your damage is halved so you won’t kill it fast enough. Then, since the enemy’s damage is halved too, you’ll never get killed. I put everyone on auto, and sat back to watch in hopes that I get killed soon so I can restart, but the stalemate went on forever. I was on second instead of hard because I realized I’m pretty bad at this game against quick-moving human enemies.

I ended up with 4300+ grade, so I might was well continue with post-game stuff before starting Milla’s side. Honestly I should’ve started with her first, because I like her better than Jude and she feels more like an actual protagonist considering how the awesome moments primarily go to her. Jude was okay, but he didn’t really stand out and could have become much more badass.

I liked Xillia a lot, despite being lackluster near the end. Chapters 1-3 were great. I liked it enough to really want to play Xillia 2, and I hope Bamco learned their lesson about bad sequels from Dawn of the New World. The battle system was fun and the way of getting grade is the best I’ve seen so far.

Also…I just beat this game and they announce a localization. Herp derp time to buy Xillia again next year. It’ll be my first time buying the same game for the same console from two different regions. That’s OK, this isn’t the first time I buy the same game (in terms of content) twice. Maybe I’ll be able to snatch Xillia 2 from the dealer I got Xillia from at Anime North.


Tales of Xillia – First Impressions

I’m 20 hours in, and this game is damn FUN. I still prefer Graces’ battle system because CC >>>>>>> TP and there’s no side-stepping here, but there’s a lot of fun new mechanics that make me WANT to go into random battles. You know a game is doing it right when you actually LIKE fighting normal enemies. Boss fights, however, are rather frustrating. I’m playing on hard, and damn these bosses are annoying. The first boss was alright, but I ran out of all healing items by the end and Milla was dead (and you don’t have a proper healer at this time yet). The second boss I managed to knock him down to low HP before he started summoning mooks like crazy and I ran out of TP recovery items. I said “fuck this shit” and lowered the difficulty. The fact that it takes place in a dark area makes it more frustrating to dodge. Third boss was fine until I ran out of items when it was at very low HP, then it proceeded to murder me because none of my allies can dodge. Fourth boss was fine, since it was a one-on-one fight with Jude with no crappy ally AI, so I just had to learn the boss’ attack patterns.

I have a  feeling this is gonna turn out like Abyss. Frustrating at first because you keep running out of TP, but much better later on when you can afford Pineapple Gels. Unfortunately, I still can’t buy Pineapple Gels in bulk without murdering my wallet. Jude is also extremely fun to play as, because of his awesome ability where if he backsteps an enemy attack at the right moment, he will teleport to behind the enemy. His attacks are also fast, which makes him very enjoyable to control. For a doctor, he sure is good at beating people up. Alvin plays more like your standard Tales hero with the sword and all, but he has a charge ability that increases attack power and changes some of his artes. Then there’s Milla, who I really, really want to marry. Those delicious thighs…She has a bunch of elemental spells, but her ability makes it so that if you hold X, she casts, but mashing X will cause her to do close-range elemental artes that have no casting time. She is my favorite to use because I can hit enemy weak points like crazy, but she’s out of commission right now so I had to get used to Jude. Elise is the healer, which means I’ll never play as her for the first playthrough because I will forget to heal my allies. Rowen is a standard caster with lots of spells, but fragile defenses. I just got Leia, who seems to be a thief character with healing artes better than Jude, magic, and physical artes? Seems to be a jack of all trades.

Aside from each character having a unique ability, there’s also the partnering system. Basically you can link yourself to another character, and they will have a useful support skill. You can also perform a powerful combined Arte with your partner. Jude’s skill is Recover, which basically heals you when you are knocked down (and brings you back up). Milla can bind enemies (even bosses), Alvin can guard break, Rowen will give you and him and anyone close-by auto-magic guard (VERY useful), Elise drain enemy HP I think (never paid much attention to what it does exactly), and I haven’t used Leia enough to know what she does. I think she steals.

Plot is taking off decently, but it has slowed down a bit where I’m at.  I think I like world design better than Graces, but it’s less interesting than Abyss (so far). I like all the party members, so that’s a plus. The fact that there’s at least 3 characters that are fun to play as even on first playthrough is great.

tl;dr: Fun game is fun. 

I realized that once I enjoy a game, I will immediately seek out as many games in the same series as possible. After Xillia I might even look into some of the older Tales games (although I’m iffy about Tales without either Free Run or side-stepping), or the PS3 version of Vesperia since I heard it’s getting a The Best edition which will make it cost like $50 instead of $80+ to import. Thank Sony the PS3 is region-free.

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Anime North, Day 1!

I didn’t do too much today, except derp around the Dealer’s Room. I found a stand that sold import games, and bought Tales of Xillia. I wanted to get Ao no Kiseki if they had it, but they didn’t (they have Vantage Master Portable for $30 though…maybe I’ll buy it tomorrow) so I got Xillia. I don’t need more console games because I have a gigantic backlog, but oh well. I’ll start working on my backlog soon.

Toronto public transit is scary, I am never using it again unless it’s absolutely necessary. It took me 2.5 hours to get to the Toronto Congress Center (Google maps told me it’d be 1.5 hours), and then another 2 hours to line up.

Anyways, I’m gonna bring more money tomorrow and derp around the Dealer’s Room more.