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I beat Tales of the Abyss

Fabulous game is fabulous. Beat the game at 50 hours, didn’t do many sidequests since I’m pretty terrible at finding them and didn’t want to look at a guide for the first playthrough. I eventually got used to the battle system, and it ended up being really fun even if it wasn’t as smooth as Graces. The FoF rings are a cool concept and I still have complaints about bad ally AI, but the game became more balanced past the midway point so hard mode bosses weren’t as frustrating. A retry option or a cutscene skip would be a godsend, but this is a straight port of a 2006 game so there’s no point in nitpicking.

In terms of story, Abyss is better than Graces. The plot is more exciting, villains have clearer motives that actually make sense, and characters have more interesting backstories. The world in Abyss is also much more interesting than Graces. Characters interactions are awesome, but Graces has the funnier skits by far. Abyss has the better music.

My favorite character to control is Guy, since he gets a self-healing skill, a better variety of fonic artes, and is also faster than Luke. Final party was Guy, Tear, Natalia, and either Jade or Anise for last slot. The ally AI is especially bad when it comes to close-combat characters (reminds me of how I used to play action games: mindlessly mash attack and never dodge/guard). The final boss I managed to beat on Hard, but barely. I used up all my life bottles, Tear and Natalia died, and the boss does more damage in one hit than Guy could heal with center. I had to use the all-divide, and even then Jade still died.

Story-wise, I like Jade (dat trolling and dat sarcasm), Guy (fabulous friendship I like) and Tear (hnnnnnnng). Actually, I like everyone except for Luke. He goes from blunt brat who knows jack shit about the world to insecure dude with an inferiority complex almost overnight. I hate overly-extended moments of insecurity in a main character. Yeah, he can feel like that during a major turning point, but for fuck’s sake, don’t wait until the very end to finally take a level in badass. I liked Luke at the end, but got annoyed at him for the majority of the game. A certain other redhead also pissed me off to no end.

I’m gonna do a replay, for the sidequests that I’ve missed and the extra dungeon. Replaying is always more fun on a handheld, due to portability. I’ll probably attempt it on Very Hard, with 2x exp.

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Tales of the Abyss needs a Moderate difficulty level

I’m doing normal encounters on hard and boss fights on normal because hard mode boss fights are really hard. I only managed Liger Queen on hard and that was because it’s the first boss. Hard mode bosses have a lot of HP and too much defense, not to mention dealing more damage to you. For most of the bosses on hard, I did 1 – 20 damage per hit, out of their 20K+ HP in total. I would be managing fine, until ally AI started dying left and right because they can’t back up/dodge for shit and healers run out of TP. Life bottles are expensive, and money is harder to come by.

The battles usually go like this: Do well at first, then after depleting 5-10k of boss HP, Guy/Jade/Anise (whoever I’m using at the time) dies. I attempt to revive, but they die again. Then either Tear or Natalia dies (I usually use both in one party), and I try to revive but they die again, repeat until I’m out of life bottles, and then either the other healer dies and I die soon after, or I die and I have to watch the healer heal herself while dealing 1 damage to the boss for a few minutes.

After switching to normal for bosses, they suddenly become piss easy and I can pretty much button mash all the way through and never use a life bottle. Talk about switching extremes. A moderate mode would have been really good, since normal is really easy so far. Might as well call the difficulties Easy and Hard instead of Normal and Hard.

I have no idea what titles do in this game since I don’t see any skills or stats associated with them, but maybe I’m just stupid and blind. And despite my complaints (because I can’t help but compare the battle system to Graces), I’m actually enjoying the game. At least my healers no longer run out of TP during normal battles. I’m liking action RPGs more and more with each one I play…

(On a side note, I’m also 30 hours into Grandia. I’m playing it when my 3DS runs out of batteries, and it hasn’t hooked me so far. It’s like the slowness of Trails in the Sky FC, minus the interesting character interactions, awesome dialogue, detailed world and NPCs, and the plot that eventually picks up and becomes interesting. In other words, not very good. I can’t help but think that if it received a localization close to the quality of XSeed it’d actually be interesting. Unfortunately the dialogue is really boring.)

Oh yeah, and I got 2 streetpasses on my 3DS in America–I mean, Strahta in the not-desert. Neat.

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I’m off to the USA + Tales of the Abyss

I’ll be away from my dear PS3 for 4 days since I’m going on a family road trip to the states to look at famous universities or something. I don’t really care about the universities since we’re gonna be visiting the ones that I’ll never be able to get into, so it’ll just  be me, my 3Ds, and my PSP for 4 days of campus-visiting and shopping (and by that I mean waiting on a bench while other females in the party go shopping).

I bought Tales of the Abyss to keep me occupied for the trip, since it’s the closest thing to Tales of Graces I can get on a handheld. It’s gonna take a while to get used to Abyss and the TP system, since TP runs out so damn fast. I also tried to sidestep in Abyss and stood  there like an idiot, wondering why I took damage lol. I prefer the CC system since CC recharges over time. Free run is fabulous though. I was having trouble with the first boss on hard, dealing 16 damage per hit to its 15k HP, but then I used free run and approached it like an Ys game. Despite not playing like Graces, Abyss is a solid game so far.

Also, Tear is hot.

I’m on my second playthrough in Graces, trying to get the “Defeat X Boss in under a minute” trophies and learning how to play characters other than Asbel. I love this game, I wonder if there are any other Tales games that use CC instead of TP?

I’m not particularly excited to go to the States at this point, since I can’t think of any games that I really want right now. My next purchase will probably be Atelier Meruru, unless some kind of impulse kicks in or I decide to get Xenoblade Chronicles.