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Rewrite Character Poll Results!


YESSSSSSSS AKANE WON FIRST!!! Awesomesauce senpai that actually had a good route, what more do you need?

And so I will be looking forward to the day I can change wallpapers.

Shizuru ended up in second place, which isn’t unexpected since she is a loli-chara. Her route was weak so that’s probably why she didn’t win despite being loli with TWINTAILS.

There’s some pretty LOL stuff that got on the list too:

#27 Erohom (God of Erohon)

#31 Autosave fairy

#42 Erohon Prince (#42…so the meaning of life is erohon? I’ll live a meaningful life then.)

#50 Ballpen


Ohhhh! Rewrite Fandisk!


Rewrite Harvest festa! is due for a 2012 release, it seems. I’m happy, because I still want more Rewrite. Hnnnnnng want moar Akane.

Anyways, if this contains content for all the heroines then it’s better than what Key did before, only making fandisk for the most popular heroine. More Rewrite is good. Now, how ’bout a nice PSP port or a fabulous PS3 port or even a Vita port of Rewrite…? *wink wink nudge nudge* No seriously, Vita is getting Little Busters! Converted Edition, even though the PS2 and the PSP got that. What else could they add besides touch panel control for baseball minigames? I might consider importing if it was on the PSP, although the CAD to Yen rate is really shitty right now.


Rewrite – Review

Yeah, I’ll stop spamming posts about Rewrite after this. Just thought I’d like to reveiw in my usual format. If you read my spoiler posts I wrote as I played, there’s probably no reason to read this.

Rewrite is the latest visual novel by Key, but the much-loved Maeda Jun didn’t contribute to the writing and sat back as QC. Rewrite is written by Romeo Tanaka (Cross Channel), Ryukishi07 (Higurashi, Umineko), and Yuto Tonokawa (worked on Little Busters!). Instead of being a dramatic nakige with small amounts of fantasy elements like previous Key works, Rewrite is centered on the supernatural and contains battles, chuuni elements and a storyline that decides the fate of the world.

The protagonist is Tennouji Kotarou, a second-year high school student who has a bright and happy personality and likes playing tricks and fooling around. He meets various girls, and eventually joins the occult club. They have fun at club every day, until an event breaks them apart…

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Rewrite – Terra

Here it is, guys. The TRUE ROUTE. Terra is unlocked after Moon, and is centered on our protagonist, Tennouji Kotarou, and Kagari. The other heroines go out of focus until the very end, and Lucia and Chihaya don’t even appear before then. Terra takes us back to when Kotarou was in middle school, where he was a cold, lonely teenager that has no friends and doesn’t like anything around him. Terra is also presented in novel format where text covers the entire screen and Kotarou is fully voiced.

Caution: This will be LONG. I should have put this warning on every post of mine, but even so this will be longer than my usual wall-of-text summary.

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Rewrite – Konohana Lucia

The last of the regular heroine routes I did. I didn’t like Lucia at first because I was pretty much sick of tsunderes at that time, especially the ones who like to megaton punch the protagonist for doing perverted things. From Shizuru I quote, “Isn’t it normal for an adolescent boy to like pretty girls and boobs?” Lucia’s route is very good though, arguably the best of the regular heroine routes (and bonus points if you like tsunderes in general).

Lucia is the class representative of Kotarou’s class who can’t tolerate many of the things boys do and is also a clean-freak to the point she always wears her gloves. She also has extraordinary tastebuds, being able to eat the school’s legendary spicy mapo tofu and say it’s delicious, Kotarou, finding it strange that she is able to eat such things, has doubts that what she’s eating might have a different taste and licks her plate. Cue Lucia’s punch while shouting pervert and unclean at him. Because Kotarou doesn’t learn, this happens multiple times. She is very good friends with Shizuru, and joins the occult club together with her.

Loads of spoilers, as usual.
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Rewrite – Nakatsu Shizuru

OTL school’s about to start and I’m only done 4 routes. Oh well, I get to go home at 1:45 PM this semester so I’ve plenty of time to keep playing.

This time I went for Shizuru (the romanization is given as Sizuru officially, but I got too used to using Shizuru so the former looks weird), the loli character of Rewrite. She’s on year below Kotarou, and loves sanma (mackerel pike?). She’s in the discipline committee and also got scarily sharp hearing, good eyesight, and the ability to lip-read. She’s shy and doesn’t talk much, instead making a lot of moe facial expressions. Obviously, there’s more to her…

Spoilers, obviously.
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Rewrite – Kanbe Kotori

Honestly, her route should be done first. It explains the terms thoroughly, doesn’t just throw a bunch of stuff at you, and doesn’t go that deep into the conflict so it’s like an “introductory route.” If you decide to play Rewrite, Kotori’s route is probably the least likely to confuse you.

Kanbe Kotori is Kotarou’s childhood friend who constantly skips school and doesn’t have friends other than Kotarou and Yoshino. She’s generally pretty fun and hilarious, and likes to go into the forest. She has a pet dog name Chibi-mosu that is extremely strong. Since joining the occult club, she has been attending school nearly every day. Compared to Chihaya’s and Akane’s routes, I guess Kotori’s route is more focused on emotions.

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Rewrite – Senri Akane

I went for Akane-senpai next, because she’s my favorite character. It was love at first sight!

Akane is Kotarou’s senpai and the president of the occult club. She’s known as the school witch because she’s mysterious, and she invites Kotarou into the occult club. Akane is lazy, unenthusiastic about Kotarou’s plans to look for the supernatural and she doesn’t even believe in them in the first place. Kotarou and her make a bet that if he manages to prove the existence of the supernatural, she’ll let him touch her boobs lol. She also likes to play games, is a rich ojousama with her own secretary, and seems to live in the occult club room.

Of course, there will be spoilers, and things become screwed up FAST. This route also has loads of terminology and complicated Japanese.
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Rewrite – Ohtori Chihaya

Since of the 5 heroines with routes you only get Kotori, Chihaya and Lucia from the start and Akane and Shizuru’s routes have to be unlocked, I went with Chihaya’s route first because it’s necessary to unlock Akane’s.

Chihaya is the transfer student who got off with Kotaro on bad terms and got invited to the occult club by Akane herself rather than being dragged in by Kotarou like the remainder. She is also crazy strong, but clumsy and naive due to being a rich ojousama. Comes with her own personal bishounen battle butler named Sakuya (he wears glasses!) who is posing as her brother at school. Chihaya herself is a mild type-B tsundere for Kotarou while Sakuya hates him like an overprotective father and constantly makes fun of him. He is also described as a tsundere by Kotarou, so this is essentially a double-tsundere package lol.

I’m continuing off from the previous post on the common route, so I’ll cut straight into Chihaya’s route. Beware of spoilers, obviously (and probably interpretation errors as well, seeing as how most people going in armed with extremely basic Japanese knowledge and a dictionary gave up real quick).

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