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It appears to be the blog’s anniversary

It seems like I’ve been playing my porn games for longer than I thought. I’ve been keeping the blog kind of alive at 1 or 2 posts a month, but honestly there isn’t much to say. This blog is turning old, I’m turning old(er), I have to accept ~adult responsibilities~ in order to keep playing games without people shitting on me (figuratively) in real life, etc. I’m also running out of things to say about most things I play, because there’s only so much to write before your reviews start blending into each other and your sentences and writing structure become so template that you can, well, make an actual template out of them. Besides, I can barely count the number of times where I finished or dropped something and thought, does this really warrant a ~2k word review? The answer is usually no. Not that I’m going to permanently stop, though. Probably.

Oh, and I got a PS4. The console looks nice and sleek, unlike the PS3. I’ve also come to the realization that AAA budget games with fancy graphics like The Last of Us are massive, and Sony’s download speeds are abysmal. That’s nothing new, but it doesn’t become this obvious until you try to download a 43 gb game. Thankfully weeb games like Omega Quintet are still small. Bless low-budget models and lousy environment textures. I’m not even being sarcastic because at this point I don’t even care as long as I derive some sort of entertainment from a game, low budget playable magical girl idol anime be damned. The girls are cute and all is right with the world. The days where I got riled up over the smallest things in games or got filled with rage at the industry seem so distant. Everything just feels like a pain in the ass. E3 was pretty good, though.

Here’s to another year of my infinitely expanding backlog and shrinking time available to devote to my hobbies. It doesn’t help that the less time I have to play games, the more I want to buy games. I’ve also been reading some light novels, because porn game writers are starting to move towards the industry that isn’t dying.

P.S. I may sound like a grumpy old man now, but I blame 100% of it on school. This is what happens when all you want to do is be a NEET and play games but you ended up studying engineering.



Ao no Kiseki Chinese LE unboxing

I’m late since the game came out in March, but I left it with my Chinese relatives until my dad went back to visit in order to save on shipping costs. This is one of the many different Chinese limited editions, priced at 299 Yuan (~$50 CAD). It’s slightly smaller than the Ys Seven box length*width-wise, but also thicker (as thick as a DS game case is tall).

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Anime North 2013 round up!

I managed to spend a lot less money this year, which means more money for importing games. I severely cut back on the impulse purchases, and that’s not due to an increased self-control level either. I think my main interests have been getting more and more niche each year, and I’ve been doing more importing/online shopping so I own almost all the existing English 7th-gen games I really want. Nevertheless, I did buy some goods:

Sora no Kiseki FC & SC Special Collection Book

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An Update Post

Preparing for university sucks, and I can’t wait for March when most of this shit is going to be over. Damn portfolio preparations. I could also do with a little less pride and bear with shittier school marks considering my first choice is a college with a average grade requirement of 65%, but parents want me to go into some program that will actually get me a job (like engineering!) and if I don’t apply for university, they are probably going to flip their shit and make what little left of my childhood into complete hell. I mean that figuratively, not Disagea’s Netherworld. Either way, I have all my painful courses this semester (full of projects and evaluations where I actually have to do things other than calculate on a piece of paper), and how I miss the time when I could just play games.

School is terrible, university/college will probably be much worse, and employment…well, I’ve gotta stop assuming that I’ll actually land myself a job once I get out of post-secondary education. Not with my non-existent people skills and motivation. Welp, since I’ve been angsting like hell over school and stuff, I haven’t been finishing many things.

Let’s see, games I recently played:

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Ys Seven Chinese Limited Edition – Contents

There are several different limited editions of the Chinese release of Ys Seven depending on where you buy it from, each with minor differences.

First up is the box. There’s 5 different box covers. There’s the general cover, which is the default one (has the generic RPG look that includes all characters). The other four are unique to select online sellers. I have the Amazon cover, which looks like this:

The Limited Edition comes with a bunch of stuff, cellphone pictures (bad lighting in my room in China) after the cut.

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…And a vacation isn’t complete without games, right?


I may have the social decency to pretend to be a polite teenager in front of random relatives instead of being glued to my handheld device like how I normally am, but dammit I need games for the airplane ride because how on Earth do I not play games during such a time where the games are begging to be played and my thumbs have to move? Also, because Chinese internet is slow and an ass to foreign sites, I’ll need my games to substitute for the net.

…And look, I’m bringing 6 games for my 2-week stay just to satisfy my terrible attention span! Although with most vacations, I end up bringing a bunch of games and only touching 1 or 2 because I’m hooked to them and a lot less ADD than I imagine myself to be. I’ve got my Ao no Kiseki, but in the case I need a break from that, I brought along Blazing Souls (SRPG I was playing before Ao arrived), Star Ocean (ARPG, in case I’m twitching for action) and Warriors of the Lost Empire (bought for $6 entirely on a whim, saw “hack and slash” on the back and thought this might just be short enough for my airplane trips). Also I’m flying from Canada to China and I highly doubt my PSP is going to last a double-digit amount of hours, so I brought along my DSLite. I’ve got Devil Survivor 2 in case my SRPG needs come up, and Glory of Heracles for a generic, easy turn-based game that I will play when watching airplane movies because I need to twiddle my thumbs.

As you’ve probably guessed, having nothing to do on an airplane trip is my nightmare. There was this one time 3 years ago where I was flying home from China, and my PSP ran out of batteries and so did my DS because I forgot to charge it. Even my iPod died on me, and the airplane movies either weren’t interesting, or I had watched on the trip to China. It was a terrible experience. Trying to sit still without some kind of distraction was a disaster, and I ended up eating 5 cups of instant noodles back-to-back because I was bored.

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2 year blog anniversary hooray!


Hnnnng Tio >.<

(have some quick celebratory doodles)

I also happened to be finished with my exams today. They were not that bad, but honestly my school is pretty damn easy when it comes to sciences and maths. Humanities are a terror on a whole new level, but I studied a total of five minutes for all my exams combined, since I had math, chemistry and physics this semester. Yeah, talk about being a good student. I doze off too quickly when I try to look over notes or textbooks, so I just played games and chilled before the exam.

Hmmm…what did I even do this blog year?  Probably quite a lot, but I barely remember any of it. Certain things feel like they happened so damn long ago. It’s a bit difficult to believe that a year has passed since I played Trails in the Sky, but if something happens to remain fabulous to me for so long, it’s a kami-ge in my book. Come to think of it, I started playing the Gagharv trilogy around a year after I started the Kiseki series. Oh yeah, I played the Muv-Luv series and Subarashiki Hibi. I recommend both of them strongly, although Muv-Luv will probably appeal to a wider audience. I also played all the Ys games available for PSP this past blog year. Falcom’s Ys IV remake is coming to the Vita this fall, and there’s no reason for XSeed to pass on this one. I also played Tales of Graces, which was really fun and made me go out and get Abyss and Xillia. Luminous Arc 3 was also a satisfying game that I actually played to 100%.

There’s some other stuff I played that were OK, but nothing outstanding.  My backlog is still huge because I keep buying new games and beating those instead of playing what I already have, but the summer is here so I should be able to clear at least some of my PSP backlog. I’m hooked onto Xillia at the moment for console games, and will get Meruru soon, but if I manage to clear them then Nocturne is next on my list.

I’d like to believe that my Japanese has improved, but I’m not sure sure. I guess I’ve been playing more games in Japanese this year, so it has improved? I also started writing for Organizational Anti-Social Geniuses, which is pretty fun and I sometimes cover games that I was too lazy to review here.

So overall it was another fun year, since I played lots of games and visual novels. I haven’t done anything productive with my life at all, but I’ll play while I’m young. The grumpy jaded persona can come later, or never at all.

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Anime North, Day 1!

I didn’t do too much today, except derp around the Dealer’s Room. I found a stand that sold import games, and bought Tales of Xillia. I wanted to get Ao no Kiseki if they had it, but they didn’t (they have Vantage Master Portable for $30 though…maybe I’ll buy it tomorrow) so I got Xillia. I don’t need more console games because I have a gigantic backlog, but oh well. I’ll start working on my backlog soon.

Toronto public transit is scary, I am never using it again unless it’s absolutely necessary. It took me 2.5 hours to get to the Toronto Congress Center (Google maps told me it’d be 1.5 hours), and then another 2 hours to line up.

Anyways, I’m gonna bring more money tomorrow and derp around the Dealer’s Room more.