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SEXY NEW PS3!!!!!!


It comes with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Something to play while waiting for Disgaea 4 (why you come out on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL? NIS YOU TROLL)

Out of the box


Now I better decrease the size of my PS2 backlog…I blame TitS for draggin me away from the consoles!

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Tokimeki Memorial GET!

I’m not kidding. I purchased the PS1 version of Tokimeki Memorial for $6 on eBay before Christmas, and it arrived in the mail today. The shipping cost almost as much as the game itself XD I’ve got an American PS2 and I don’t have a PS1 memory card anyways so it’s useless even if I mod it, therefore I can’t play this on my PS2. The PSX emulator is really great though and it can play the original discs so I’ve got no problem. It’s more comfortable to play games on my PC in my room instead of heading to my parent’s room for TV and consoles.

Looking at the game’s art, you can probably tell at a glance the thing is made in the 1990’s. The art style is reminiscent of the typical 90’s shoujo manga style (especially the style used for school romance stories), and the clothes seem pretty outdated too. The ingame graphics are rather pixellated and have thick borders. The graphics for CG events feel like the style of retro PC-98 eroge minus the ero, but that’s not too surprising considering that it was made in that time.

I want to play Tokimeki Memorial 2 also, but it’s a 5 CD game and costs more on eBay (~$30 + shipping). I’ll buy it later, since I probably want a break from TokiMemo’s pure love romances. 20 normal school girls later, I’d probably end up wanting some…less normal ones.

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Yeah! Shigenori Soejima Artbook GET!!!

I came home to a cardboard box sitting right outside my front door, and almost missed it since I go in from the garage. This time YesAsia was faster with my order since Tokimeki Memorial 4 and the artbook were both available in stock on day 1. My P4 artbook took 2 weeks to ARRIVE at YesAsia main location, and around 3 weeks to ship to my house. Then after my order it got listed as sold out. Man, I lucked out that time.

Anyways, I was so giddy I took some photos of my artbooks.

My artbook and game that arrived today

 All my Atlus artbooks. From left to right: Luminous Art (NA version), Persona 3 Official Design Works, Etrian Odyssey Forests of Eternity (NA artbooks), P4 Official Design Works, Shigenori Soejim Artworks 2004-2010

Luminous Art, contains some artwork from LA 1 & 2. This is the artbook that came with preorders of LA2 in North America, where the series was published by Atlus.

P3 Official Design Works. Awesome artbook for P3 fans, has all the character cut-outs and expressions from the original P3

Etrian Odyssey artbook that came with preorders of the NA version of EOIII. Contains backgrounds and characters from all 3 games, but they’re really small =_= I would gladly pay standard artbook price for a giant artbook with full-size backgrounds from EO, since they’re really beautiful.

P4 artbook, with character cut-outs and stuff. This is actually thicker than my P3 artbook, and harder to find too.

Shigenori Soejima Art Works 2004-2010. An artbook consisting of his full CGs, plenty of P3/P4 artwork, including P3P. It also has stuff from Stella Deus, but it’s mostly Persona 3/4. It has the most full CGs, so if you can only buy one artbook and you love the Persona series (or his art), I’d recommend this one unless you really want to see rough sketches and concept art. I also comes with a protective plastic book cover, so there’s less chances of the cover getting bent or folded during delivery.

I’ve also got some other artbooks that I can’t help but take pictures of:

Collection of artwork by KEI, the concept artist for the Vocaloid characters. I bought it in a convention in China, and it’s hardcover. It shows off his soft, bright Vocaloid art early on, but also contains his other works that are darker.

HaruToki artbook, contains stuff from the first two games. I bought this at a convention when I was really into the games. Sadly, it doesn’t include HaruToki 3.


Since I’ve got Soejima’s artbook, I’m taking a break from buying now. I’ve got TokiMemo 4 to play, and I’m expecting ZHP this or next week. I think I can hold back until boxing day.

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Dammit Gamestop

Whereas the US got theirs a week later than the original release date of 10/26, it appears that Canadian Gamestops/EB aren’t even getting Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman. I basically lost faith and ordered from Play-Asia. Amazon.com, the best choice, doesn’t ship games to Canada (said they couldn’t ship it to my area when I tried ordering Persona 4 from them), and amazon.ca has it listed as “ships in 1 – 2 MONTHS.” The Canadian release is $35, and so is the Play-Asia price. Adding shipping, the total is approximately $40. That’s right, I paid $10 more than Americans who get to use Amazon. Come to think of it now, why are Canadian prices so much higher? It’s not like it actually makes up for the exchange rate anymore.

 Haha…store really don’t care about niche titles like this, huh? Fine, then. I’ll pay the extra $10, but only because it’s NIS. And Play-Asia has pretty speedy shipping even at the cheapest option, so I’ll let it go. I won’t be surprised if ZHP arrives before my YesAsia order. It would’ve been better if YesAsia had the game since I have a $5 discount coupon.

I’m no longer confused why so many people bash GS. The customer service varies from store to store on the people hired, but a screwup like this isn’t excusable even though ZHP is a niche game. Even niche games have a strong fanbase. Even ZHP has impact too. Because Canada isn’t getting it and the American shipments screwed up like this, there are only two copies left on Play-Asia. On Amazon.ca, the price is also jacked up to something like $43 by an external retailer trying to sell through Amazon. Dammit, for once I wish I lived in the US.

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Is crack really cheaper? (compared to what I spend on games)


Ah, yes, TV Tropes. Hopefully I haven’t ruined your life by linking to that place. If I have somehow awakened your supressed traumas, I apologize.

This TV Tropes page, called “Crack is Cheaper”, lists and explains many hobbies that have high costs. Otaku culture and video games are obviously on that page. Because I love seeing seemingly small numbers pile up (aside from on bills and debts), I’ve become curious about just how much I spent on games and otaku culture. The latter is a bit difficult, seeing as I’ve bought a decent amount of manga a figures, so I’ll first try to estimate how much my gaming hobby has cost me so far.

  • Nintendo DS Lite: $139.99
  • Nintendo DSi: $199.99 at launch
  • Sony PSP (import model): ~$200
  • Computer 1 (rarely used these days, but I played all my MMOs on it): ~$600 at purchase time
  • Computer 2 (using right now): $??? I didn’t ask my dad for the price
  • AK2i flashcart: $20
  • R4 flashcart: $50 (got ripped off at Asian market)
  • iPod Touch 1st gen, bought shortly after launch in 2007: A shitload of cash
  • Sony PS2: $70
  • Nintendo Wii: ~$250?

These are the systems/flashcarts alone. I didn’t even get into the games yet, and not counting the price of unknown things, it’s already at ~$1530. I’m willing to bet that if you add the price of the iPod and 2nd computer, it will surpass $2000. Of course, the iPod and computers are mainly for browsing and watching videos, and I don’t really use them for gaming these days. However, it was the computer that brought me MMOs and Touhou, so I count them. And to be fair, I got into gaming after playing Pokemon on a GBA emulator on the iPod Touch, so I’ll count it. With all these things, the final verdict is that devices alone cost me around $2000. Granted, some of them weren’t requested by me (like the computers, which used to be shared amongst the family before everyone else got laptops, or the itouch which my dad randomly got me after I said that I wanted a new mp3), but they practically belong to me now that I’m the only one using them. If counting gaming consoles only (no PC) then it’s $860.

Now, let’s see the games. I don’t have my stuff next to me, but I’ll try to recall some. I’ll only list stuff I bought, and not downloaded.

PSP games:

  • Persona 3 Portable: $44.99
  • Hexyz Force: $29.99
  • Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days: $34.99
  • Dissidia: $19.99 (impulse buy on boxing day because it used to be $44.99)
  • Final Fantasy I: $10 (impulse buy on sale)

DS Games:

  • Pokemon SoulSilver: $39.99
  • Pokemon Pearl: $34.99
  • Atelier Annie (Limited Edition Premium Box): $39.99
  • Chrono Trigger: $24.99
  • Rune Factory: ~$20?
  • Luminous Arc 2 (with pre-order artbook): $44.99
  • Dragon Quest IX: $34.99

PS2 Games

  • Persona 4: $30 + $5 shipping
  • Xenosaga I: $15
  • La Pucelle Tactics: $20
  • Wild Arms 2: $15
  • An old Yu-Gi-Oh! game: $8 (friend was literally begging me to buy it, so I guess I’ll save it for when we sleepover or something)
  • Dragon Quest VIII: $15
  • Final Fantasy XII: $29.99


  • Harvest Moon Magical Melody (GameCube): $10
  • Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn: $25 (boxing day sale when it normally sold for $50)
  • Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism: What converts to $30 CND, but it was a gift from aunt and bought in China
  • Pokemon Sapphire: $15

There’s probably some stuff I’m forgetting, but this not-too-impressive game collection of mine adds up rather quickly to almost $600 before tax. Added to the price above, it’d be something like $2600. However, let’s only take into account the necessary stuff–I don’t need 2 PCs, and I don’t use iPod Touch for games. So let’s cut that to 1 PC. I don’t really need 2 DSes, and I only bought a DSi because my DSL’s shoulder buttons were dead (as in blowing does not work). As I still mainly use my DSL (I want to protect my DSi so it doesn’t get owned), let’s assume that I’m a regular person who can take care of electronics properly and not include my DSi. Let’s also assume I’m smart and didn’t get ripped off on my R4 (which got stolen anyways), and I only used my AK2i. That would leave the stuff I use for gaming at 1 DSL, PSP, 1 PC, AK2i flashcart, Wii and PS2. The cost for those come to $1280. Add the $600 I spent on games, and that’s $1880.

I repeat, $1880. Man, maybe crack really is cheaper. Ok, so maybe I buy things on impulse too much. Impulse buying should be left to people with cash and a source of income. At least I can’t complain about running out of games for the rest of the year. I’ve got several PS2 games on backlog, EO3 pre-ordered, a plan to buy Professor Layton 3, and games that I wouldn’t mind playing more than once. I should start saving cash, instead of instantly spending it all…

Haha, I’m a spoiled kid. I paid for most games with my own allowance, but the systems were bought by parents. The ones that I actually had to beg for were the DS, PSP, and PS2.

I…don’t want to try counting how much I’ve invested in (or made my parents invest in) otaku culture. I’d probably end up feeling sorry for my parents more than I already do. Man, how will I ever survive by myself at this rate? Maybe I should just be a NEET.