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Japanese 3DS GET!

Because watching others celebrate the festive season while you’re stuck writing 6 + 1 exams and seeing your roommates slowly go home one by one as they finish theirs and you still have half of yours left is exactly the situation that prompts irresponsible money spending, I bought a Japanese-region New 3DS LL to play import games. I’ll probably regret it when I check my credit card bill later as I also bought a bunch of games this month (not to mention, lol, more games to play on my New 3DS), but for now let’s embrace the spirit of the 性なる夜 (<— most definitely the correct セイ).

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Ao no Kiseki Chinese LE unboxing

I’m late since the game came out in March, but I left it with my Chinese relatives until my dad went back to visit in order to save on shipping costs. This is one of the many different Chinese limited editions, priced at 299 Yuan (~$50 CAD). It’s slightly smaller than the Ys Seven box length*width-wise, but also thicker (as thick as a DS game case is tall).

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Anime North 2013 round up!

I managed to spend a lot less money this year, which means more money for importing games. I severely cut back on the impulse purchases, and that’s not due to an increased self-control level either. I think my main interests have been getting more and more niche each year, and I’ve been doing more importing/online shopping so I own almost all the existing English 7th-gen games I really want. Nevertheless, I did buy some goods:

Sora no Kiseki FC & SC Special Collection Book

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Ys Seven Chinese Limited Edition – Contents

There are several different limited editions of the Chinese release of Ys Seven depending on where you buy it from, each with minor differences.

First up is the box. There’s 5 different box covers. There’s the general cover, which is the default one (has the generic RPG look that includes all characters). The other four are unique to select online sellers. I have the Amazon cover, which looks like this:

The Limited Edition comes with a bunch of stuff, cellphone pictures (bad lighting in my room in China) after the cut.

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Anime North, Day 1!

I didn’t do too much today, except derp around the Dealer’s Room. I found a stand that sold import games, and bought Tales of Xillia. I wanted to get Ao no Kiseki if they had it, but they didn’t (they have Vantage Master Portable for $30 though…maybe I’ll buy it tomorrow) so I got Xillia. I don’t need more console games because I have a gigantic backlog, but oh well. I’ll start working on my backlog soon.

Toronto public transit is scary, I am never using it again unless it’s absolutely necessary. It took me 2.5 hours to get to the Toronto Congress Center (Google maps told me it’d be 1.5 hours), and then another 2 hours to line up.

Anyways, I’m gonna bring more money tomorrow and derp around the Dealer’s Room more.

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I’m hooooome

It feels fabulous to be home. When I left for the USA I only played 3 hours of Tales of the Abyss. After I got home today, my in-game timer read 21 hours and my 3DS activity log says I played for 25 (lol 4 hours of dying against hard mode bosses before I said “fuck this shit normal modo go”). I also played at least 5 hours of Grandia. I played games for over 25 hours during a 4-day 3-night trip so it was obviously a very interesting vacation.

No, seriously. Visiting famous universities was just a cover for some middle-aged women to get their husbands to take them to the USA to shop. We looked at universities on Sunday because malls were closed and went shopping for the rest of the trip. I gotta say, until I got to visit GameStop, touching Harvard’s statue’s foot was more interesting than shopping. I like my stores to just have a simple list of items like in RPGs, thank you.

I bought Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch ($5) to complete the Gagharv trilogy for the PSP (now I gotta start playing), and also Arc Rise Fantasia for $15. What’s with me buying these games with bad translations recently? Since my backlog increased again, I gotta put off Xenoblade. I’ve also got Xenosaga I and III sitting in the drawer for over a year, untouched.

Once I get my laptop back I’ll start Kamidori. Alchemy + RPG + eroge? Do want.


Falcom Chronicle is here!















It’s here! My Falcom Chronicle! I haven’t look into it in-depth yet, but it’s divided into 6 sections: interviews/30th anniversary comments, illustrations, past Ads gallery, spoilers + screenshots for A LOT of their games, character database, and key term index. The illustration has art from throughout the years, including some really old ones =D

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Ohohoho~ Guess what I just preordered today?

Zero no Kiseki Chinese PC Limited Edition!!!

For only 189 yuan! That’s less than $30 CAD. AND IT’S THE LIMITED EDITION! Look at the stuff you get! Dat artbook! Dat soundtrack CD! Dat free notebook! All dat other useless stuff that I will likely never take out of the box just like my Bracer badge! Yeah…That’s A LOT of stuff compared to North American Limited Editions. No wonder LE’s in China are like more than twice the price of the normal edition, and they are still cheap for foreigners! I honestly just want the 272 page artbook and the CD (mostly the artbook), but I guess having all that other loot doesn’t hurt.

I made my relatives in China pre-order this for me because Amazon.cn doesn’t ship overseas and even if they did I don’t want to see what the shipping cost will look like. My friend’s mom is coming to Canada in like September so I guess I’ll be seeing Zero no Kiseki in two months when she brings it over (cheap person’s overseas shipping alternative). WHY SEPTEMBER? WHY THE GAMES I WANT COME OUT IN SEPTEMBER?? Geeze, Disgaea 4, Persona 2 and Zero no Kiseki all in the same month where I have to start worrying about school. I guess I have free time to play my PC visual novels for the rest of the summer.

Speaking of VNs, my worst nightmare came true: ITH isn’t hooking Rewrite properly so I can’t rely on Translation Aggregator. Time to tackle this thing in raw Japanese!

EDIT: Also, hooray for 20k views on my blog!

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Disgaea 2 Artbook GET!

QUALITY photo taken with cellphone

It was a steal at around $6.50 new. Now that bought it, the next cheapest one is $11. Still really cheap for a 150+ page hardcover, but buying stuff at single digit prices is always worth bragging about. After the $3.99 shipping it is no longer single digit lol. I got it from amazon.com where the shipping to Canada is like $10+ and since humanity has a great problem with paying more for shipping than the actual item, my mom used her connections to get it shipped to her friend’s friend who lives in the USA and made her bring it with her when she visits Canada every 2 weeks. Lol traditional way of avoiding expensive shipping~

My favorite section is the part with all the item names and descriptions. Those are golden.

Also, here’s a picture of the Atelier series artbook I got at Anime North:

I paid full price.

It covers Atelier games 1-11 (Marie to Rorona). I love how the protagonists get younger with each game. Marie from the first game is 19 and has boobs. That’s like, legal! Of course, I’m pretty sure moe hasn’t caught on back in 1997 and Japan didn’t have an obsession with lolis yet. The early Atelier games had pretty generic art, but the cover and the Rorona section has Mel Kishida (and there’s also Mana Khemia which I actually played) and I pulled out my wallet. I completed my first playthrough of Rorona yesterday with the Cordelia ending. I also reloaded and earlier save to get the true ending and normal ending CG. Sad that New Game+ only carries over money, but I guess I can bribe my way through the first year and spend more time grinding and making friends lol. I sold everything right before the ending, including my 50+ pebbles.