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It’s not like I beat Disgaea 4 or anything!


It’s not like I beat the game or anything! And I didn’t find episode 9 and troll Flonne to be epic. Don’t get it wrong, NIS! I’m not going to praise your awesomeness and I certainly won’t go spend my time grinding and doing post-game content!

A-Anyways, I’m off to…NOT playing more!


Disgaea 4 GET!

It arrived in the strangest way I’ve ever seen. Normally, my package is left at my front door if it’s big, and stuff into my mailbox if it’s small like just a single game. I got the Premium edition so the box was too big and had to be fit inside the large section of the mailbox. Since my mailbox is joined with a bunch of other people’s there’s this one box that’s like twice as huge and it’s used solely for delivery of large packages. They put my game in there and then put the key to that box in my mailbox. I was extremely confused because normally they’d just leave it at the doorstep.

Anyways, I ordered from Amazon so there’s no NISA store bonus CD. I only have the Fuuka figure, artbook, and the game. The opening looks freaking fabulous on an HDTV and omfg HD sprites. Evilty system and buying your skills is back (sadface), and there’s a new ability called fusion. TIME FOR MY MANLIEST DREAMS TO COME TRUE!

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Just changed my Disgaea 4 order to Amazon

Screw Gamestop, I don’t trust them when their Canadian website suddenly no longer has the Premium edition listed and neither does their database. I bought from Amazon instead, which saved me $3. I’ve got to wait like an extra week, but at least I no longer have to physically go to the store. Now, time to figure out how to manage my money so I can get Totori, Fate/Extra, ICO, and perhaps Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny. Apparently Totori is much better than Rorona, and I liked the former quite a bit. I had a look at the screenshots and they look amazing.

Disgaea 4 screenshots look pretty sexy too, using HD sprites instead of that PS2-level pixellated stuff from D3. NISA, keep taking my money please.

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I beat Disgaea 3!

Now the REAL FUN begins. I like how they put an epilogue so you have access to post-game content and all the stroy stages instead of being sent back to chapter 1 immediately and having to unlock the grinding stages again. Final boss was a joke, in more ways than one. Of course, all the final bosses in the Disgaea games are jokes because their level is only in the double digits. I’m kinda short on cash so I’ll hold off the Raspberyl chapters until I successfully pay for the stuff I pre-ordered in September.

Disgaea 3 is awesome for having the best of both worlds–flat chests and boobs, zettai ryouiki and tights. I’m already torn on who to pick, so I’m sticking with Almaz as my favorite because it’s easier to decide on a favorite dude. My star mage is named Marisa and my twin drill archer is Catherine. I name my gunner Olivier =D Too bad there’s no whip-user…I actually used the story characters a lot because of their useful skills that they learn by leveling up instead of buying with mana because I am a cheapass.

I’m not done with this game, obviously. I won’t be done until I get my hands on D4, where I will indulge in the glory of fabulous HD sprites. Also, I want to play Catherine but I’m suffering from lack of cash. I guess I’ll make do with leveling my archer named Catherine.

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Stuff I’m doing right now

Because I have nothing else to say right now.

1) Getting ready for Disgaea 4 by…playing Disgaea 3. I don’t want to just miss 1 game in the series and it cost $20, so I got it. There’s some new classes, but mages, warriors, female archer, female healer, male gunner, thief, and beastmaster have the same sprites from Disgaea 2. New skill system sucks because instead of gaining generic skills through leveling up weapon mastery, you now have to buy them with mana. They also get stronger by upgrading by paying mana. In other words, mage spells don’t become stronger or AoE until you pay up and the class feels extremely nerfed. Other than that, I’m having a blast. I like the cast better than Disgaea 2. Almaz is adorable~! His facial expressions are moe. Raspberyl is also adorable, and then we have our princess Sapphire who tried to open someone’s heart using a chainsaw…

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Anticipated Games

There’s always stuff that I want, no matter what time it is and where I go.

JPN games:

1) Nora and the Time Studio (DS) – Atlus x Gust, using the artist of the Etrian Odyssey series. It definitely has the feel of an Atelier game from what I’ve seen, except you use time manipulation ainstead of alchemy. Collab between 2 awesome companies on the DS? Want.

2) Clock Zero (PSP) – Well, I never doubted Otomate when it comes to porting their otome games to PSP. I’ve only heard good things about it and I like the art style better than Kazuki Yone’s to be honest, so this is pretty high on my list. I don’t care if I’m playing as a loli in 6th grade, apprently she’s pretty manry.

3) Photo Kano (PSP) – A galge that uses 3D models like Konami’s Love Plus. It’s got more girls, including a glasses character and twintails!

4) Makai Kingdom (PSP) – As far as I’m concerned, a NIS burnout hasn’t happened yet and I won’t get tired of their games.

Honorable mention: Eiyuu Desnsetsu: Ao no Kiseki (PSP) – Well, this should be above all of them since it’s from my beloved Kiseki series, but I didn’t even get Zero no Kiseki yet and considering how the series is one of the most popular PC RPGs in China, there will definitely be a Chinese PC version sooner or later.


NA Games (not including stuff I already pre-ordered):

1) Atelier Totori (PS3) – Just finished Rorona and definitely want the next in the series. Want more cute girls Sterk alchemy.

2) Fate/Extra (PSP) – Been interested since Japanese release, didn’t bother importing. According to Aksys it has the “Persona feel” and that’s a series I’m a fan of. I didn’t even get through Fate/Stay Night because that thing was long, but the last time I tried was several years ago. After going through more eroge, F/SN is probably not insanely long in comparison, but I never bothered trying again. Maybe I’ll attempt to read through it this summer.

3) Tales of Graces F (PS3) – It looks nice and I want to play a Tales game.

4) Hakuoki (PSP) – Not into Japanese history (or history of any kind other than ingame made up ones), and I look forward to Clock Zero more because I’m not a fan of the “everyone has black hair” color scheme in VNs. Nonetheless, someone (Aksys) has the balls to bring a clean visual novel targeted to girls to a continent where the PSP is pretty unpopular in the eyes of retailers and the majority of its owners are dudes anyways. Gotta support the genre.

Honorable mention: Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC – Should be on the top of my list, but we don’t even have an estimated release period and not much news from XSeed. Also, I hereby disqualify the Kiseki games from my lists because I’ll be biased towards them for sure.

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I am disappoint

Disgaea 4’s level editor got nerfed HARD

It’s not NISA’s fault since this happened because of Sony’s stupid regulations for online that basically prevents you from being creative in fear that someone will make things shaped like male genitalia and be able to share it online. Other games that got level editors are from hugeass companies that actually got the manpower to moderate their online content and prevent people from making stone dicks, but NISA is niche so the had to nerf it. Basically you can only choose from a default landscape, cannot stack objects on top of each other, and all text is randomized (even character names). This is not NISA’s fault, but I’m still raging hard (trying to refrain from going into ALL CAPS mode). FUUUUUUU– I should’ve imported D4 instead and gotten to play it months earlier with the level editor. I mean, it’s not like I can’t understand Japanese or anything (even if not to the extent I understand English). Grrr…I want to support the North American branch still, so I guess I’ll just suck it up and forget about my rage 2 months later when I’m sitting in front of my PS3 every waking moment. It’s not like previous Disgaea games had the level editor and I still enjoyed them, so I trust that my manliest dreams will still come true.


Atelier Rorona Review

Hooray, the first PS3 game that I beat through! I don’t regret buying my PS3, even though I can see myself still having a single digit number of games for the system a few years down the road. Games for it are expensive and its not really the go-to system for RPGs, but I view that as a good thing because it means less things I have to spend cash on.

Atelier Rorona follows the traditional style of Gust’s early Atelier games where you play as a moe girl who has to become successful at alchemy in a certain time limit. The main character is Rorona, the pupil of Astrid, the owner of the alchemy workshop in Arland. Astrid is lazy and doesn’t do anything so the kingdom decided to give her workshop 12 assignments over 3 years to complete and if they fail then the workshop will be closed down. She is a troll and makes Rorona take over the workshop and she has to learn alchemy and make stuff for the assignments by herself. The game takes place over a span of 3 years and making things, travelling to dungeons and exploring said dungeons take up days.

The main point of the game is t0 synthesize items and to learn to manage your time. There are various dungeons that get unlocked at different times and you get new party members as the plot progresses (but your party members charge you every time you go to a dungeon with them), but fighting is pretty much optional with the exception of one assignment and there are no required bosses. (Grinding is recommended though, or else you will have to have pro monster dodging skills in assignment 10) There’s bosses you can fight deep inside some of the later dungeons, but they are really only need for a few endings. Battle system is standard turn-based system except that you only have an HP bar and skills cost HP instead of the usual MP. That either translates into “sacrifice self to damage enemy” or “infinite healing.” Rorona has weak stats, but she is the only one who can use items and items will do more damage than you. Enemies appear on screen and if you hit them before they run into you, you start the battle with your turn first. Overall, battle system is pretty dry and each character only has like 3 skills. There is no final boss.

Item synthesis is much deeper than the battle system, thankfully. You basically combine several items to make a new item, but the item quality and traits depend on that of the materials you used. A bomb with better traits and higher quality will deal more damage, of course. You can also attach traits onto armor and weapons like ATK up or resisting poison or making your attacks become a certain element and such. I managed to randomly synth a skill that lets you regenerate 30 HP per turn so it is definitely worth it to mess around. Synthesizing items and materials for armor takes time, but making the actual armor doesn’t.

The only Atelier game with a similar style of gameplay available in English would be Atelier Annie for the DS, although that has resort-building and this doesn’t (whereas Rorona has larger dungeons and more endings).

The plot of the game is to prevent Rorona’s workshop from being closed down and gaining reputation in the town over the course of 3 years. Certainly not a grand plot, and there aren’t any mysteries or legends or anything. It’s like regular life for an RPG npc–do your job, make friends with the people around you, make money and keep up your reputation. If you’re looking for a game with a lengthy epic plot then stay away (and I will recommend the Trail in the Sky/Sora no Kiseki trilogy for you).

The charm of Rorona lies here. There’s a variety of characters you can make friends with, see events of, and bring into dungeons with. They’re quite a hilarious and interesting bunch, and fit into the game’s warm atmosphere. You can choose who to make friends with, and seeing certain events will let you have an ending with each party member (and Astrid) instead of the generic normal/good/true ends. Everyone has their own moe (even the old guy because a certain tsundere loli certainly seems quite taken by him)~ Everyone here has that “RPG npc” feel.

Rorona – Game’s main character who is intended to be your standard clumsy moe who everyone likes to tease. I think she’s the perfect wife because she can make food, healing items and she can also fight and earns lots of cash.

Cordelia – Tsundere loli. Also fun to tease because tsunderes are made for teasing. I got her ending on first playthrough and damn her dere side is cute. Watch her events with yuri goggles on, please.

Sterk – I keep accidentally calling him Stocke because they’re both the serious types who have trouble making friendly talk. Plus their names sound similar. Anyways, this guy is the knight who brings Rorona all the bad news and scares the crap out of her. His Japanese voice is really deep. I-It’s not like I like him in particular or anything. M-My inner otome just can’t resist Mel Kishida’s art style and swords! And the stoic seriousness!

Iksel – Rorona’s childhood friend makes food for her. He has that childhood friend aura, definitely. I guess he’d make a good wife too, considering that he can cook, heal, and fight (KAISER COOKING!!!!)

Lionela – Wandering performer who is extremely shy, not like her clothing would suggest. I didn’t make friends with her on this playthrough.

Tantris – Wandering perverted bard, this game’s Olivier essentially. Not as creepy, I think. I ignored him this playthrough, so maybe his creepy level will rise if I see his events?

Gio – retired 40-year-old. I wish I can retire by then too. He has really high attack and joins at level 30, but is also expensive.

Astrid – Master troll.

Mel Kishida. That pretty much says how nice the character portraits and CG events look. The 3D models don’t look like the character portraits though, and their facial expressions can look pretty awkward (like Iksel’s victory grin). Background environments look pretty nice. The awkward model problem also looks to be completely fixed in Atelier Meruru, where the characters look A LOT like Mel Kishida’s drawings. Definitely want.

They’ve got that heart-warming feel of a town. I’m pretty indifferent towards Gust music outside of Mana Khemia battle themes.

Technical flaws:
1) Game will hang at the loading screen at times. SAVE OFTEN.
2) Jumping is not so smooth. I have failed at jumping while running MANY TIMES.
3) Your a CG will only appear in your CG gallery if you save your system data after seeing it. E.g. you see a CG, but save the game and then quit the game, your CG will not appear in the gallery when you unlock it because the next time you start the game it loads your system data which is where the CGs are saved. In order to make sure your CGs show up, save system data. The game lets you save system data after an ending, but you can just change the voice language and it will prompt you to save system data.

Before getting this game, you should ask yourself some questions. Do you like item synthesis? Do you want an RPG that doesn’t have an epic long plot? Are you willing to overlook the technical flaws (AKA do you want to get the habit of saving often?)? Are you manly enough to play as a pink-haired moe little girl? If yes, get Rorona. A playthrough will probably only take 20 hours, but this is the type of game that should be played more than once. You only get your money carried over in New Game+, so it should still have some challenge in it since you still have to manage your time making items and leveling up.

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Disgaea 2 Artbook GET!

QUALITY photo taken with cellphone

It was a steal at around $6.50 new. Now that bought it, the next cheapest one is $11. Still really cheap for a 150+ page hardcover, but buying stuff at single digit prices is always worth bragging about. After the $3.99 shipping it is no longer single digit lol. I got it from amazon.com where the shipping to Canada is like $10+ and since humanity has a great problem with paying more for shipping than the actual item, my mom used her connections to get it shipped to her friend’s friend who lives in the USA and made her bring it with her when she visits Canada every 2 weeks. Lol traditional way of avoiding expensive shipping~

My favorite section is the part with all the item names and descriptions. Those are golden.

Also, here’s a picture of the Atelier series artbook I got at Anime North:

I paid full price.

It covers Atelier games 1-11 (Marie to Rorona). I love how the protagonists get younger with each game. Marie from the first game is 19 and has boobs. That’s like, legal! Of course, I’m pretty sure moe hasn’t caught on back in 1997 and Japan didn’t have an obsession with lolis yet. The early Atelier games had pretty generic art, but the cover and the Rorona section has Mel Kishida (and there’s also Mana Khemia which I actually played) and I pulled out my wallet. I completed my first playthrough of Rorona yesterday with the Cordelia ending. I also reloaded and earlier save to get the true ending and normal ending CG. Sad that New Game+ only carries over money, but I guess I can bribe my way through the first year and spend more time grinding and making friends lol. I sold everything right before the ending, including my 50+ pebbles.