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KonoSora release in English!?

Official Site
Play-Asia page

I just found out about this from /jp/, which is very, very strange. Apparently a company called MoeNovel that no one has ever heard of before in the English-speaking VN community is releasing Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete in English, and it’s listed for sale on Play-Asia. Not only is it being localized by some no name company (feel free to correct me) who isn’t keen on trying to stand out, the translation sounds rather sketchy as well. Just go on the English official site and tell me these lines sound natural. Sounds like someone fixed up a machine translation in grammar-only, without trying to make the sentences flow naturally.

There’s also apparently no ero according to some /jp/ and /vg/ posters. If that is true, then I don’t see why they aren’t trying to market this more, since I’d assume that the objective of removing ero is to sell to a wider audience.

Currently downloading the trial to see whether I should support the English release, since KonoSora is on my backlog (albeit a little further down) so a localization effort actually interests me somewhat.

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Rewrite full English patch is out!

Ixrec finished translating, so be excited!

Thinking back, I really did like Rewrite. Especially the Terra route. It was the first visual novel I played in Japanese without using TransAgg (because I couldn’t get ITH to hook the text for some reason), and those moments of crying as I didn’t understand shit from Moon all paid off. It also revealed to me that I probably like chuuni (which I will confirm whether it’s true or not by playing Dies Irae soon).

It’s not nakige with slight fantasy elements like past Key works, but still enjoyable in its own right.

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More details revealed for Ao no Kiseki “Girls’ side” Chinese Limited Edition

China sure knows how to care about its female fans. As mentioned in a previous post, the Chinese PC release of Ao no Kiseki will have a limited edition targeted to the female audience.

The limited edition includes a PVC Loewe figure (SD, likely around the size of a nendoroid petite), and is now revealed to come with a dakimura of Wazy and Randy (it’s double-sided).

The page for this limited edition is here.

On another note, the Chinese blog also revealed that certain limited editions from other suppliers (Amazon China and some others) will have a dakimura of Rixia and an unknown character.

Prototypes of the Wazy figure and the store-specific Rixia figure + double-sided Tio dakimura have been revealed, and can be seen here. That limited edition also comes with an SSS badge and Enigma keychain.

Update: Girls’ side LE is also confirmed to come with an SD figure of Olivier. I am suddenly tempted. A release date of March 28, 2012 is also revealed.


It looks like Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse VN is coming…


According to Siliconera, it’s gonna be released for PS3 and Xbox360. The original Muv-Luv and Alternative are also gonna be ported to PS3. From what I’ve noticed, if a visual novel makes it onto PS3 (instead of staying on the 360 and being forgotten), it’s probably doing really well. Which is not often, seeing as how the PS3 only has Umineko and White Album for notable VNs. Oh yeah, if it’s getting an anime, then it’s getting ported to a console. Go figure. Although the TE visual novel isn’t a port.

I can import the PS3 version since it’s region-free, but damn exchange rate and Japanese game prices in general. I’d prefer a PC version, since I’d be able to use Translation Aggregator for that, which makes Japanese text 30% less painful to go through. The writer is Yoshimune Kouki, right? It better be him.

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Rewrite Harvest Festa


Official Site

There had been several updates to the site since the last time I checked, and an actual about section. Basically, Harvest Festa takes place in one of the possible futures of the world that Kotarou rewrote at the end of Rewrite (his “rewriting” allow for infinite possibilities and such), and so the main events of the original VN never happened and everything is peaceful and all. Because the original events did not exist, the heroines all get new stories. Even Kagari transfers to Kotarou’s school, which makes the whole thing sound like a happier AU like Muv-Luv Altered Fable. More happy slice-of-life, like the common route. The site describes it as a “future like a festival.”

I’m OK with a fandisk like this. I liked the characters in Rewrite a lot, so a fandisk with more fluff is want. Rewrite HF! is due for July 27, 2012.

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Holy shit, fully animated RPG

Time and Eternity


Oh god WANT. The girl’s design looks great, not digging the dude but as long as there are even more fully animated girls, the guys can look bland for all I care. RPG with fully HAND-DRAWN animation is what I’ve always dreamed about, not photo-realistic models. The fact that Imageepoch is the developer means that this game can go either way in terms of the actual quality of the game though. I liked Luminous Arc 3 and Fate/Extra had a unique battle system but ended up being a hit-or-miss, but I’ve also heard that their recent productions looked great but ended up being very disappointing (Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari had nice character design and looked good in the PV, but apparently everybody hated it in terms of plot and gameplay).

This game I would probably buy for graphics alone (HAND-DRAWN 2D animation makes my artist side all giddy), although I am praying for a fun battle system and likeable characters + decent plot. A traditional turn-based system will do.

Oh hey NISA, wanna bring this over? Oh wait, this is being published by Bamco in Japan. Well there goes chances of localization.


Ys Seven Chinese PC Limited Edition

I disappeared for a while since I went on a trip with my family and some other people to Chicago for Christmas. We went there for shopping only, since the US prices are almost always lower.

Chinese Amazon Link

I wasn’t going to care for a Chinese PC edition since I much prefer gaming on my PSP (I take forever to finish PC games so the only things I usually play on the PC are visual novels) and in English, which Ys Seven has been translated into already, but DAMN, LOOK AT THAT FABULOUS LIMITED EDITION. Chinese LEs will never fail to amaze me.

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Ohhhh! Rewrite Fandisk!


Rewrite Harvest festa! is due for a 2012 release, it seems. I’m happy, because I still want more Rewrite. Hnnnnnng want moar Akane.

Anyways, if this contains content for all the heroines then it’s better than what Key did before, only making fandisk for the most popular heroine. More Rewrite is good. Now, how ’bout a nice PSP port or a fabulous PS3 port or even a Vita port of Rewrite…? *wink wink nudge nudge* No seriously, Vita is getting Little Busters! Converted Edition, even though the PS2 and the PSP got that. What else could they add besides touch panel control for baseball minigames? I might consider importing if it was on the PSP, although the CAD to Yen rate is really shitty right now.

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Zero no Kiseki HK LE comes with Nendoroids…


Traditional Chinese LE from Hong Kong comes with Nendoroids (or Chinese replicas of them) that came with Ao no Kiseki LE. This makes be somewhat rage, but I have no relatives in Hong Kong and I already got the mainland version. Nendoroids WANT. At least I get a sexy notebook…Anyways, the HK version is available through Play-Asia which actually ships overseas. Their price is actually not bad, as the HK LE cost 400 HKD which converts to around $50 CAD anyways. It includes artbook, CD set, playing cards, 2 Nendoroids and a tote bag.

Also, for bad news, the person who’s supposed to bring me my Zero no Kiseki changed her flight to December. WUT. I ordered from Amazon because her flight was originally in September, but FUUUUUUUUUUUU. Maybe I should’ve gone to Play-Asia and their HK version after all. Rageragerageragerage

On a happier note, I got my Sora no Kiseki Set that includes all 3 games. Time to replay while I wait for December, I guess. It’s a shame, because I get to go home early this semester which is like dream come true for my hobby.