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Kimi Ga Ita Kisetsu – Review

Like usual, I make a (spoiler-free) post for my final impressions. I have spoileriffic summaries of each route under the Kimi Ga Ita Kisetsu tag.

Kimi Ga Ita Kisetsu Full Remake (“The Season Where You Were” or something along the lines of that), or KimiIta for short, is the remake version of Age’s debut eroge from 1999. Age is the company famous for Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien and MuvLuv Alternative, both very well-known eroge for being full of DESPAIR. I’ve never played the original KimiIta from 1999, so I can’t make comparisons in terms of plot. All I know is that the 2011 version has MUCH more eye-pleasing art. The 2011 remake has new characters not present in the older version, including Munakata Misae and Kazama Touko from MuvLuv Alternative. There’s also MuvLuv Alternative Chronicles – Confession, a side story about Michiru in Muvluv Alternative.

Being Age’s debut game, KimiIta doesn’t have their signature despair from their latter games (assuming that the remake kept the mood and tone of the original). KimiIta is a rather calm and ordinary story about Maejima Masaki, a second-year high school student who is aspiring to become a photographer. He works part-time as the assistant of the famous photographer Kouzuki Mitsuko, and is also childhood friends with the 4 Isumi sisters. KimiIta follows Masaki in the summer of 1998, where he gets a girlfriend (one of the Isumi’s) and is presented the chance of going abroad to study under the world-famous photographer Helmut Newton John in New York.

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MuvLuv Alternative Chronicles – Confession

I cried. Yoshimune Kouki, why can you bring out my tears like that? Why? I’ve always liked Michiru from the KimiIta cast, and now I’ve got no doubts that I like the Captain the best.

Confession is the side story bundled with KimiIta, centering on Michiru’s moments before the end of the Sadogashima arc. Spoilers for MuvLuv Alternative. Click at your own caution, DON’T spoil MLA for yourself if you haven’t finished it yet. Just don’t.

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Kimi Ga Ita Kisetsu – Isumi Yayoi + Tohno Yuri

They pretty much share a route so I typed it in one post. Yayoi is the oldest of the Isumi sisters, and is obviously the motherly kind of girl who is always looking after her younger sisters and Masaki. She’s 4 years older than him, and doesn’t have a job nor does she go to university. Yayoi is basically like a housewife for her imoutos and is a kind onee-san. I do like kind onee-san characters sometimes (although the cool/strict senapi-like type appeals to me much more), but even Yayoi is just too “motherly” for me. In fact, rather than my mother who is moody and often at work, Yayoi reminds me much more of my grandpa. Good-tempered, always smiling, willing to listen to anyone, doing housework all day, cheering for people to chase after their dreams, etc…the list could go on. I won’t try to induce disturbing mental images for you or me, so I’ll end my comparison here. Anyways, Yayoi is the kind type who doesn’t get mad easily, but once she does (like when you break Masaki’s air conditioner…), she becomes traumatizingly scary jsut by her aura.

Yuri is Masaki’s co-worker at Mitsuko’s studio. On the day of Misa’s photoshoot, Yuri came knocking on the door to ask Mitsuko to look at her photos and the latter is less than impressed. After seeing her countless albums with each picture that is properly dated and labelled, Mitsuko decided to hire her for the day and Masaki convinced her to hire her as an assistant. Yuri is hard-working and dropped out of school and left her home in the countryside to become a photographer. She’s poor and living alone right now, and also isn’t the most feminine girl around. They say she’s a bit similar to Yayoi because she is kind, always smiling, and willing to listen to everyone, but also like a female version of Masaki. She is one year older than him and likes to call him Maeji. She also has an older boyfriend at the beginning, but of course they never did anything because only the main character can take a girl’s vriginity!

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Kimi Ga Ita Kisetsu – Kazama Touko

Touko is Misae’s kouhai in Hakuryou, and they’re good friends that stick to each other so their routes are pretty similar for the most part. Route was short and there was only 1 h-scene, but I felt it flowed better than Misae’s route since the story was about Touko in the first place. Touko is a polite ojou-sama who began to admire Masaki after he took a fabulous photo of them and has set him as her goal. She plays the violin and wants to go pro, so she looks up to Masaki who is also working towards being a pro at an art. She is good at the violin but her playing has no emotion so she joined the student council to get more life experiences.

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Kimi Ga Ita Kisetsu – Munakata Misae

Y’know, I expected a longer route from Age after making us wait for DLC. There’s only a little bit of CGs and ONE h-scene. ONE h-scene. When the Isumis have like 6 and even sub heroines Misa and Yuri get 2-3 (BTW I took a break, so not done Yayoi/Yuri route yet). I have a feeling they actually planned for something longer for Misae and Touko but after losing their data, just went “fuck it, gotta get the DLC out in November.” But ehh, I won’t rage at Age completely because they gave me some moe Misae and her going dere was exactly the way I liked it.

Anyways, Munakata Misae and Kazama Touko were 1st Lieutenants in MuvLuv Alternative so I’ve been looking forward to their routes. Misae was pretty well known for her line “as long as it feels good anything is fine” and being a troll. Later it was revealed that she is actually a closet romantist and acts like a weirdo to keep other dudes away. Touko is her close friend and an ojou-sama who played the violin. In KimiIta, Misae is a second-year student who transferred from Kyoto in spring. Since KimiIta has much toned-down comedy as compared to the MuvLuv series (yes, even Alternative), the trolling doesn’t have as much a focus. Oh yeah, and for anyone hoping for a Misae/Touko yuri h-scene, it doesn’t happen. This is Age, they never give you the h-scenes you want and every one of their scenes are extremely vanilla (even for the main heroines that have 6 h-scenes, most of them were pretty much the same). Just like how they had the perfect opportunity but never gave Takeru a threesome with Meiya and Yuuhi in Altered Fable even though the way the h-scenes happened were perfect for a threesome since they were dreams…*grumble grumble*

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Kimi Ga Ita Kisetsu – Isumi Akira + Aihara Misa

I’ve been busy with school + Zero no Kiseki + Fate/Extra, but I managed to finish Akira’s route. English is complete torture, so much that I think I’m calming my brain by reading Japanese.

Isumi Akira is the youngest Isumi. She is an energetic tomboy who Masaki sees as a little brother rather than a sister, and has an endless appetite. At first I thought Masaki and Marika were like the Takeru and Sumika of KimiIta, but it turns out that Masaki and Akira are more like it. Masaki sees her as an idiot lil’ bro and they often do the あいたっ! routine (although she doesn’t do the DRILL MILKY PUNCH since she isn’t tsundere). She as shares a route with Misa (who goes by “misa” in English characters), the model that Masaki had to take photos of on July 20th and got his career started. She is full of pride and dislikes people who have talent but don’t work hard. She initially disikes Masaki because he’s an amateur, but changes when the picture he took turns out to be good. Needless to say, she’s a tsundere. Akira is more of a main heroine than Misa (there’s an extreme difference in the number of h-scenes), but I found Misa to be far more interesting.

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Kimi Ga Ita Kisetsu – Isumi Marika

Next I went for Isumi Marika, the 3rd oldest of the Isumi siblings. She is the only one in her family that’s flat-chested (even her tomboy little sis has bigger boobs than her). Marika is, for the lack of a better word, main heroine-like. She’s the same age as Masaki, is classmates with him, and is the first one the player meets. She also reminds me of Sumika a bit, both in looks (dat pink hair and yellow ribbon) and in the fact that they like to punch the protagonist. Of course Marika is more dere than Sumika and Masaki is less of a dick than Takeru, therefore their dynamics are not as funny. Marika, I guess, is the most like a normal girl (with a fanclub at school unknown to Masaki, and is the target of affection for all of Masaki’s male friends).

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Kimi Ga Ita Kisetsu – Isumi Michiru

I went for Captain first because she’s the Captain and Munakata/Kazama routes branch from hers. I wanted Munakata the most but Age cut her and Kazama’s routes out and plan on releasing it in a patch later on (the option is unclickable right now).

Isumi Michiru is the second oldest of the 4 Isumi sisters, currently attending Hakuryou University (come to think of it, KimiIta sure has lots of girls who are older than the MC). She’s strict and punctual and also very sharp, but of course she has an extremely deredere side. She’s a dishonest senpai who can’t reveal her true feelings and also hates having her photo taken. Spoilers in the rest of this post.

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