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Yeah! 1 Year Anniversary!

It was exactly 1 year ago from today that I started this blog and made by first post. I feel so accomplished that I managed to regularly update this thing for an entire year lol. Every time I tried to start a blog I would ditch it after a few posts since no one came.

I got something like 17k views this year. It’s not much, but I’m not exactly feeling forever alone either. My most popular post is the Starry Sky in Spring walkthrough that I typed up, and I think the blog got a huge popularity boost after I started blogging Yu-Gi-Oh every week. My art blog had a much better start than this one, but this one has more fabulous memories (cry5D’sendedcry).

Anyways, the most fabulous things during the past blog year:

1) Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s (crycrycry)
2) Persona 3/4
4) G-Senjou no Maou
5) Little Busters

I have 1 more exam and it’ll be summer vacation. I definitely will play a lot~~~~~(and learn to use RPG Maker VX).


G Senjou no Maou review

Well, I finally cleared it. Akabeisoft2’s G Senjou no Maou (“Devil on G String”). I’ve bawled even when I thought I was fully prepared for what was coming. Thank god I only play eroge in the dark after everyone else has gone to sleep, or else my parents would’ve been worried that I was facing real life drama or something.

G Senjou no Maou centers around Azai Kyousuke, the adopted son of the yakuza leader Azai Gonzou, who basically controls the city. Kyousuke believes that money is everything, and is deathly scared of his father. One day, a strange girl by the name of Usami Haru with ridiculously long hair moves to the city and transfers to Kyousuke’s school in search of the internationally famous criminal known as “Maou.” And thus begins the battle of the Hero and the Devil…

Well, I don’t want to say too much here because my mediocre writing skills cannot do this eroge any justice. First, I’ve gotta applaud looseboy for thinking of somthing like this. Secondly, I’ve gotta bow down to the translation team for not only translating the text, but doing an amazing job on the writing too. Completely unlike the Mangagamer’s scripts I’ve seen so far, the G Senjou English translation is very well done and full of life.

The story is specatular and intense, especially if you play all the way through ’till chapter 5. Haru’s route really is amazing. However, I’ve got a major problem with how the character routes themselves are handled. Ok, so the entire game consists of 5 chapters. If you’ve played Sharin no Kuni, then you’re probably familiar with how each girl corresponds to one chapter after the first. However, this time things have changed a bit and the main plot just won’t be resolved unless you go for the “TRUE” girl. Chapter 1 is the beginning, and then each girl is the focus of one chapter. So Chapter 2 focuses on Tsubaki’s story, Chapter 3 is Kanon, Chapter 4 is Mizuha, and Haru finally takes the spotlight in Chapter 5. In chapters 2-4, there is one decision point where you can decide whether to go into the girl’s chapter or continue to the next chapter. So in Chapter 2 if you decide to go for Tsubaki, you proceed in Tsubaki’s chapter. Then chapter 3-5 never happen. If you decide to ditch Tsubaki and go on to Chapter 3, you get to choose whether to go into Kanon’s chapter or not. If you do, you go into the chapter and chapters 4 and 5 don’t happen. To get to Haru, you basically don’t go into any girl’s chapter and you’ll eventually reach Chapter 5, which has no choices so you can’t screw up. Haru’s chapter resolves everything and is THE meat of the story. The battle with Maou continues until the end. However, if you go into any other girl’s chapter instead, whatever plot that has been set up with Maou will get ditched rather abruptly and your questions will probably not be answered. In other words, you’re probably dying to see what happens next unless you do Haru’s route first.

The main character is Kyousuke, and the “best friend” character is a green-haired short boy who acts like a sweet shota to get older women. In reality though, the guy’s an asshole. However, just like how annoying some male friends seem at the beginning, he does end up being a bro at the end. Eiichi actually grew on me surprisingly fast, since I’ve never seen a best friend chara like him. As much I wanted to bang my head on a wall at first, the guy’s really hilarious and refreshing. Kyousuke is an asshole who only loves money at first, but he ended up as my favorite eroge protagonist. He’s got personality for sure, and he’s got his crowning moments of awesome. The guy’s not as close to perfect as Kenichi, which is actually more fun for me as I watch him do his inner struggles between being a villain and a good guy. Our protagonist goes through a lot of character development, and is clearly a person rather than a boring faceless dude who we’re supposed to pretend is ourself.

The four heroines are Tsubaki, Kanon, Mizuha and Haru. Tsubaki is a sweet, pure-hearted girl who always thinks of her family. She loves her little brother very much, and is very idealistic and has no idea the dark side exists. She’s the type who a villain would find fun to corrupt. Kanon is Kyousuke’s non-blood related little sister (she is Gonzou’s daughter), and also a famous figure skater. She’s the carefree and selfish type, who speaks in third person and is always obnoxious. However, unlike most characters who act this way, I find her tolerable due to her low voice which still conveys cheerfulness. Also, her route is the second best in my opinion because it is fun watching her character break down and develop. Mizuha is our resident tsundere, although she goes deredere rather quickly in her chapter. She seems to hate Kyousuke, claiming that he is “two faced.” If you go into her character chapter, you’ll be able to see her development after a time skip (she grows out of being a tsundere).

Haru, on the other hand, doesn’t fit into a typical eroge archetype at all. She acts goofy at school, but is actually highly cunning and intelligent. She makes Kyousuke go “WTF” all the time, and has very awesome deduction skills. She moves to the city to chase after Maou, whom she holds a grudge against. Her route is the one that will generate the most tears, so  be warned.

The backgrounds, character sprites, CGs are all so full of of color. They fit the mood very well, and have great lighting. The propertions feel akward in quite a few of them, but I didn’t really have high expectations from Akabeisoft2 in terms of that. They’ve got more than enough well-done CGs to make up for it, not to mention everything else about the game. My favorite CG is this one of Haru, because the lighting, mood, everything is done so beautifully here.

The backgrounds are great. The tones of the city are captured very well. Overall, I’d say the art is rather average for an eroge most of time for its day scenes, but the night scenes are great. I just hate how Kyousuke gets the faceless protagonist treatment. A protagonist like him should at least get some eyes, dammit! He has eyes in like one variation of a CG, and it makes such a difference! Why do they even make faceless protagonists anyway? Are we supposed to identify with the hero of something? If that’s the case, I’m pretty sure we can identify better with someone showing emotion through the eyes.  

Dammit, awesome music is awesome. Fits the game very well, and there are more than several pieces that get your soul burning. I want this game’s soundtrack…There’s a lot of remixes of classical music, but I’m not entirely familiar with them since I’m musically-challenged.

Ok, I changed my mind. There is one thing I can say that will do the game justice: Freaking play it! Do eet! It’s an eroge with great story, music, and feels full of life. Word of warning though, after playing G Senjou, your tolerance of personality-less generic nice guy protagonists will probably be mostly eliminated (if not all).

Character route preference: Haru > Kanon > Tsubaki > Mizuha (not the normal chapters, but the character chapters)


Whew, finally finished. I bawled like hell at the epilogue. This is one hell of a great eroge. After playing G Senjou, I don’t know if I can bring myself to play a generic moe slice-of-life game without a long intermission. Lol when the H scenes came up I was just like “fuck it, story too interesting nao.”

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End of Winter Break *cry*

I’m in despair!! The shortness of Winter Break has left me in despair!!!

No, I’m not ready to hang myself yet. If I did that I wouldn’t be able to experience my precious Summer Break after all. But I really am sad about the break ending. I didn’t do anything productive at all, even though I had things planned out like finally CGing something or working on my visual novel or getting some of that Visual Basic summative project done. At the end, I spent the break playng eroge in my room like a lonely otaku…wait, was there something that pointed to me as not being a lonely otaku? If anything, I should be surprised at how little games I beat this break. Then again, the PS2 is located in my mom’s room so it’s not a surprise that I got kicked off constantly. Especially now that the TV actually gets channels…

Tomorrow is school, but I don’t want to go at all. After a long-ish break or something a kid would usually be excited to see his friends at school again and stuff, right? Only if I turned out like a healthy, positive kid will actually end up benefitting society rather than giving teenagers a even worse image. Like, Jude from Wild Arms 4 or something. Yeah, he’s enough of a positive boy who never gives up like traditional RPG heroes.

Speaking of WA4, I’m almost done with that game. I swear the bosses themselves get weaker and the game gets easier as you progress. I remember getting owned at boss fights constantly at the beginning, and yet when I got to Port Rosalia a second time and fought Jeremy, he got 2 hit KO’ed by Raquel. I’ve got more trouble with normal enemy encounters than boss fights, and that’s saying a lot about the difficulty of the bosses. The battle system is fun at least, although it would help if we had longer boss fights to fully enjoy it.

I’m playing through G-Senjou no Maoh, which is really awesome. Haru is awesome. I haven’t liked a main heroine so much since…actually, I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve seen as awesome a heroine as Haru, because usually the awesome ones are the side characters in manga. The protagonist is full of win, especially when it comes to someone damaging his precious classical CDs. Akabeesoft2 has some really great staff. Not only the story, but the feel and look of the eroge are high quality too. The character portraits and backgrounds are just so rich with color (something I really missed while playing the very pale-looking Cross Channel), and the music is great.

Even if the Winter break ends, I’ll have exam week! After that, I’ll have March Break! Then I’ve only got 3 months to endure before summer! I’ll survive! I won’t let 3D matters get the better of me! Fight, me!

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Wi-Fi Jirachi GET x 2! Since I haveSoulSilver and Pearl, I can get 2! Man…now I wish they’d give out Celebi. Oh, and maybe Shaymin again, since I missed that. I’ve got my money saved up for P3P, and maaaaaybe another game if I get allowance this week. Since my birthday is at the end of this month, I can get some things from that too (birthday money FTW~). I usually buy my English games (I started recently since I finally get allowance), and dowload imports since I can only get games from local stores. Having a credit card is handy, but I think someone like me will just blow it all on video games and get a huge debt.

I’m currently playing Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo (PC) by AkabeiSoft2. I just finished up Touka’s chapter, and I baaaaaw’ed. I find family relationships very touching, so it was the first time I shed so many tears ever since Clannad AfterStory. I didn’t cry when Nagisa died, but I did cry a lot when Tomoya and Ushio made up. I’m also a sucker for broken friendship stories (e.g. the beginning of chapter 4 in Levant’s side in Hexyz Force). I guess you feel for things you have more (e.g. I’ve got family and friends but I never had a lover, so I’m more likely to cry for the former two). After I finish up Sharin, I think I’ll start on G-Senjou no Maou (Chinese translated, ported by some people on the net to PSP). I’ve only heard stellar reviews about it, and if it lives up to those, then AkabeiSoft2 will probably become one of my favorite companies. The storytelling for Sharin is great, and although it felt draggy at some points (I’ve got a short attention span, you know), the endings are totally worth it. Off to Natsumi’s route~ Hopefully it won’t disappoint, since she is supposed to be the main girl.

In the portables department, I’m currently enjoying Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3rd story. Following my unspoken traditions, I go for Konno Tamao, the green haired guy with glasses first. In the first TMGS (also my first otome game ever), I tried to go for Morimura first but got Himuro-sensei first (thank god for that, because I refuse to accept Morimura as my beloved megane chara.). In TMGS2, I got Hikami Itaru first, and I like him muuuuch more than Morimura. Since he’s Himuro-sensei’s cousin, the awesomeness is there ❤ In Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3, I went for Yuzuru first since it was pretty much love at first sight. Same with Konno. I was excited for the glasses chara and the teacher (since I liked the teachers from previous games), but this time’s teacher felt more like comic relief rather than potential love interest since he is a shota. Haha…maybe in the next game they’ll have an EPIC MANRY teacher?

Game developers sure know when to release games. So many good games for this summer, I regret signing up for summer school. But on the bright side, I signed up for Civics and Career Studies instead of History, so I get more slack. Trinity Universe by NIS is being released, but I don’t have a PS3. I bet by the time I get a PS3, it’ll be <$100 and the PS4 will be out for a few years already. I get things way too late. I want to find Mana Khemia 2 for the PS2, but local stores are limited on PS2 RPGs. I thought “yay! A PS2! Now I’ll have access to its awesome RPG library!” but I can’t find much locally OTL That’s what I get for liking niche games and companies like Atlus, Gust or NIS. Maybe I’ll just start off with Square Enix’s stuff since they actually have them in stock. When I head to dowtown Toronto (which is soon, since my parents want to take my grandpa there), I’ll definitely find some old game stores or something! Maybe I’ll even have hope for Skies of Arcadia…? Nah…shouldn’t get my hopes up.

Pokedex evaluation:

400 seen, 315 obtained

I’ve gotta catch some legendaries.