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D3 Publisher, a company whose recent track record in making games hasn’t been very good, decided to make a Danganronpa-inspired game about idols aiming for the top. The concept is very simple: each year, idols participate in the Dream of Dream (D.o.D.) event, where they compete in various idol activities and the winner gets to be the center of a big concert. It’s a huge event that has the entire country tuning in, and good performance in the show leads to an increase in fans. This year, the D.o.D takes place in a remote western-style mansion and welcomes seven participants. The master of ceremony is an obnoxious pink elephant mascot character, and the setting for this year’s D.o.D. is awfully lacking in glamour compared to previous years’ events. The event is held in six stages, each stage having a loser, and the one who survives all stages gets crowned as this year’s top idol. The loser of each stage has to participate in a consolation show that “may” offer them the “chance” for a comeback…


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