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Whoa! 100,000 views!

That’s not very impressive for a blog that’s been on the interwebs for 2+ years, but I’ve always been kind of a forever alone so time to celebrate! I wanted to draw a nice Christmas picture and a separate nice 100k picture, but my hands couldn’t hold a tablet pen for long before reverting to mouse or controller, so have a Christmas Estelle (from TitS/Sora no Kiseki) sketch.


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I’m FINALLY into Chihaya’s route (common route summary)

Rewrite sure has a loooooong common route. It doesn’t help that it follows the Key format of having the common route consist entirely of slice-of-life (until the last few days) and the story only kicks in when you get into a character route. It was alright in Little Busters where there was 2 weeks of baseball that stayed pretty much the same no matter who you go for and then branches off into the different routes, but Rewrite’s common route is ONE MONTH LONG. A whole month of the rest of the main cast joining the occult club and talking about various slife-of-lifey topics for extended amounts of time. Anyways, spoilers to what happened in the common route when I was going for Chihaya:

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Shin Koihime Musou – Heating Soul lyrics

FYEAH! I’ve been searching the lyrics for this song, but found it in kanji only. So I tried to figure out the romaji for it. Most of the parts aren’t that hard because I already know how to read them, but there were some kanji I didn’t know so I had to rely on my listening skills.

誇りを笑い飛ばされて 頭を垂れて地を見つめ
Kokori o warai tobasarete atama o tarete chi o mitsume

Kurushimi kami shimeru mae ni

上を 向いて足を踏み出していけ
Ue o muite ashi o fumi dashite yuke

強さが欲しいなら その手でつかみ取れ
tsuyosa ga hoshii nara sono te de tsukami tore

いくぜ 駆け抜けろ! 覚悟を決めろ!
Ikuze kakenukero! Kakugo o kimero!

fukubyou na jibun kara nuke dashite

そして 吹き飛ばせ! 限界を!
Soshite fuki tobase! Genkai o!

Tamashii moyashi hashiri nuke

悲しみ沈み口閉じて 切なさ感じ涙見せ
Kanashimi shizumi kuchi tojite setusna sa kanji namida mise

Hitori de ochi konde ite mo

何も 変わりはしないの分かるだろ?
Nani mo kawari wa shinai no wakaru darou?

何かを願うなら 己で奪い取れ
Nani ga o negau nara onore de ubai tore 

いくぜ 突き抜けろ! 壁ぶち壊し
Ikuze tsuki nukero! Kabebuchi kowashi

Atsui yuuki ga areba kawareru sa

そして 走り出せ! 新しい
Soshite hashiri dase! atarashii

Jibun o te ni ireru tame ni

いくぜ 駆け抜けろ! 自分を信じ
Ikuze kakenukero! Jibun o shinji

Tsuyoku himeta yume o toki hanate yo

全部 脱ぎ捨てて 光の向こう
Zenbu nugi sutete hikari no mukou

Kiito chigau sekai ga himogaru sa

高く 飛び越えろ! 限界を
Takaku tobi koero! Genkai o

Ashita o te ni ireru tame ni


Aki-senpai Ending GET!

After getting the hang of skills, I set my mind straight and went after Aki-senpai seriously. I am a noob who got solo endings 3 times and am still missing 2 CGs of her, but I kept going after her, until the day I finally got her confession. I don’t care if I’m missing CGs, I got her at the end and that’s all that matters for now~

In my first playthrough, I only managed to get Aki-senpai to Tokimeki status after my 3rd Christmas OTL Honestly, I’m glad I didn’t get her confession that time because I didn’t see her in Tokimeki status enough. I did things much faster second time through, and got many CG events and went on many dates with an Aki-senpai at Tokimeki. She is so cute at Tokimeki status! Playful big sis who ends up being all cute and blushy when you take the assertive–AKI-SENPAI LOVE~! I don’t regret starting things off with Onee-san at all *w* Now that I have Onee-san’s love to keep me going, I can calmly go after the other girls. And after I get Yu-senpai (who I plan on going for last since I wanted a ‘final boss’ feel), I’ll go back and get Aki-senpai once more. Yeah! I’m motivated to do an all-clear, which I’ve never really done on a simulation game before (as in not visual novel).

Alright, serious explanation time. Anyways, Koriyama Aki is the upperclassman you meet if you join the chemistry club or get your science to 84. She calls you ‘kouhai-kun’ (underclassman-kun, little-underclassman sort of feel), and treats you like one too. She has a mature, knowledgeable big sister type of aura. Once you get her to Tokimeki status, you can obviously tell she is falling for you, and constantly blushes at your rather dense/clueless compliments (so cute >.<). She goes into a science university, which requires 500 in science so plan your actions wisely! Apparently you can still get her ending if you go to a first-rate university, but after hearing her say “I wish kouhai-kun gets accepted into my school and becomes my real kouhai once again”, I brought out my patience-for-save-and-reload skill (in real life) and prepared to reset until the goddess skill activates. I want to go to the same university as senpai too!

If you’ve got experience with TokiMemo or dating sims in general, you should do just fine. It’s only people like me who screwed around during my first playthrough that got solo ending so many times.

Ahhh…as if the lab coat wasn’t enough, she wore glasses! Dammit, if I fell for her even without my favorite moe point, then adding them would just kill me! If there was a CG of her in glasses blushing, my heart would have pounded harder than when I fought Nyx.

Koriyama-senpai : At this time you should say “senpai is more beautiful than the flowers”!”

you (clueless): Senpai is more beautiful than the flowers.

Koriyama-senpai: *blushing*I-I was just joking!

I didn’t believe it when it was said that crying is a easy way to steal someone’s heart. Oh man, I believe it now. My heart was stolen by her even before, but this CG combined with her really pretty winter outfit…uuuuuuu!!!

Ahh…senpai, even your crying face is wonderful~~~~~~~~

Aki-senpai’s most MOE points: LAB COAAAAAATTT!!!!!!!!!!, that 1 time when she wore glasses, mature but playful charm, giving you points and deciding if you pass or fail like a mentor on dates, blushing face, teary face, etc…EVERYTHING! AKI-SENPAI BANZAI!!!

Anyways, GO! PLAY TOKIMEKI MEMORIAL 4! High school is truly a great time in games~

And I’ll stop my fangirling for now. I can’t help it, I think I like older girls. I mean, Mitsuru-senpai, Ririko-oneesama, Aki-senpai…I think I like onee-sama! I always thought I liked lolis, but I like onee-sama too! For dudes, I just like them glasses, or epic awesome GAR like JACK ATLUS. Why ain’t I more vocal when fangirling over guys? That’s a mystery to me too.

Sorry for crappy pictures, I used phone camera. You’re better off playing the game if you want to see the CGs properly, because it’s totally worth it.

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Start-up complete!

So, I’ve tried keeping blogs in the past. I tried to stay active on livejournal during my Hetalia craze when I frequented the APH community, and I’ve also tried to regularly update my journal on Gaiaonline. No matter how successful (usually not very), I just get bored and ditch them. Thinking about it now, the things I wrote back then seemed so damn obnoxious. I mean, who would actually want to read a blog post about some kid buying a pixel ice cream with fake money or something? I had nothing to post on livejournal either, since I was too busy stalking communities and stuff. Blogs are kinda hard to keep up with–for teenagers with ADHD, at least (not saying that I really have ADHD, but it sure seems that way to some people). I’ve always just written whatever shit that was in my mind at that time, which is to say, “KYA OMG I JUST GOT ________” or “MY MOM JUST TOOK AWAY MY DS WHAT A BITCH!!!11” or something along the lines of that. I’ll probably still have outbursts like that sometimes, but some people–especially young people–just change too fast. It has gone from pixelled items from Gaia minishops to free art to anime, and now I’m stuck at my current gaming obsession (not that I mind it). So here it is: my new blog on whatever I’m crazed about at the moment and of which I’m very likely to ditch or get distracted by something else at the time of writing. Oh, and let’s hope I stop looking like I have ADHD while I’m at it.