カレーまみれ勇者の冒険 Curry Chronicles

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Anime North loot


I bought less stuff than I usually do, but this time my items cost more so I ended up poor anyways. There was a store in the Dealers’ Room that was selling Falcom artbooks (even the recently released Kiseki series ones!!!), but they didn’t take them out until Sunday after I bought my stuff and was poor as fuck. The artbooks, as per Anime North tradition, were expensive at $70 each. Still, I plan on paying a visit to the actual store in real life sometime.

The visual novel panel was kinda short. I wished they got a 2 hour panel since VNs in general is a huge topic. I tried recommending Muv-Luv Alternative to a VN newcomer and got yelled at for trying to ruin his soul lol.

Anyways, I bought Tales of Xillia, a stuffed Kyubey, and some figures. Pictures after the cut.

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Anime North, Day 1!

I didn’t do too much today, except derp around the Dealer’s Room. I found a stand that sold import games, and bought Tales of Xillia. I wanted to get Ao no Kiseki if they had it, but they didn’t (they have Vantage Master Portable for $30 though…maybe I’ll buy it tomorrow) so I got Xillia. I don’t need more console games because I have a gigantic backlog, but oh well. I’ll start working on my backlog soon.

Toronto public transit is scary, I am never using it again unless it’s absolutely necessary. It took me 2.5 hours to get to the Toronto Congress Center (Google maps told me it’d be 1.5 hours), and then another 2 hours to line up.

Anyways, I’m gonna bring more money tomorrow and derp around the Dealer’s Room more.

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Little Busters anime!?


Everyone’s been wanting a LB! anime since god-knows-when, and it seems like they’re finally getting it. I’m pretty excited for this, although I’m waiting on more news since the animation studio wasn’t announced. Something like LB! is gonna be easy to screw up, so I’m keeping fingers crossed for KyoAni. It seems like each Key game has been playing more and more on the “multiple routes/playthroughs” mechanic of the visual novel medium and thus becoming harder to animate into one linear storyline suitable for an anime. I’m really interested in how they’ll handle the “secret of the world,” although at this point everybody interested in Little Busters has probably played the visual novel already.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal 31

Damn, I’m in the middle of ridiculous project week. My painting for art and my animation for English are due within 2 days of each other, and my current math unit is the hardest one out of all of them (according to my math teacher). I also realized I forgot to blog about last week’s episode, but the whole thing was basically about a tomato otaku who makes people eat a tomato whenever they attack during the duel and Yuuma hates tomatoes.

This episode we have some thief named Charlie, who is actually a guy from Yuuma’s dad’s university who admired him and his adventures. Unfortunately Charlie is a thief who stole a card (No. 7) from the museum that gives him incredible luck, and he also hit on Akari when she was in high school. Ignoring how pedo that sounds, Charlie is being chased by the police and asks for Akari’s help. She makes Yuuma go to him instead because she is busy making riceballs. Yuuma gets there and Charlie duels some guy from the WDC while betting Yuuma’s heartpiece. He uses some dice card and rolls many sixes in a row and completely owns the other guy, but then he starts taking everyone’s cards and runs off with Yuuma’s deck. Yuuma chases him to get his numbers back and they end up dueling on top of a train. The duel happens next episode. Also, Dr. Faker and Mr. Heartland now know that someone from the Astral world is here to take revenge for the shit they did, but his memories are separated into 99 Numbers cards so he has no idea WTF is going on. Yay for plot and the villain getting a head start. Yuuma also found out that Shark is participating to get back at the guy he lost to before, and Kaito is breezing through as usual. We also find out that Astral is really good at mental math.

My keyboard works fine sometimes, but is complete shit at other times. Hopefully it’ll be good next week, because it’s finally gonna be a duel with Numbers.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal 29

The episode starts off with Yuuma not being able to fit the heart piece from the previous duel into his heart thingy because the shape is not right lol. But this episode is a filler episode. This time it’s about a girl named Kouzuki Anna who carries around a cannon and is a huge tsundere for Yuuma (heavily leaning on the tsun side). She liked Yuuma and did things like gluing his shoes to his locker and putting rocks in his lunch because she is tsundere. Two years ago, she had to move away and decided to confess to Yuuma (under a tree! The Legendary Tree!) but he didn’t come so now she’s back to have revenge on him.

We11 my keyb0ard crapped 0ut 0n me in the midd1e 0f typing and the YG0 Wikia has this epis0de up s0 I’m n0t g0nna g0 int0 due1 detai1s. In fact, un1ess my keyba0rd gets better I w0n’t g0 int0 the due1 un1ess it’s imp0rtant. Anna isn’t even in the t0urnament and has n0 heart piece.

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FUUUUU– [+ YG0 Zexa1 ep 28]

My keyb0ard is screwed up. The c01umn 0f keys fr0m 9 t0 . 0n the keyb0ard d0n’t w0rk, s0 n0w I’m stuck typing in ha1f 1eet.  9 and . are fine because I can type them 0n the numpad, but my 0 and 1 have t0 be rep1aced with zer0s and 0nes. It’s painfu1 t0 type and painfu1 t0 read, but easier than c0py and pasting the 1etters each time I have t0 type them.

Anyways, this epis0de has Yuuma due1ing s0me midget kid wh0 fe11 f0r K0t0ri and 1ikes c0nstructi0n. He’s in the Due1 Carniva1 and they due1. His backst0ry is that he is a weak midget but then he saw c0nstructi0n equipment and th0ught “Z0MG s0 str0ng, I wanna be str0ng 1ike that!”

The midget 10ses and Yuuma gets his heart piece. He n0w has 3 heart pieces and te11s the midget that ATK p0wer isn’t everything and there’s sma strength t00.

Unimp0rtant epis0de is unimp0rtant. And I seri0us1y need t0 get my keyb0ard repaired, 0r e1se I’11 end up using ha1f 1eet f0r sch001 papers.



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Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal 27 – World Duel Carnival START

During the episodes I didn’t blog, the only important thing that happened was that Kaito vs. Astral duel ended in a draw, and Yuuma gets some Saint Seiya armour when he merges with Astra and transforms. The gold spikes make his hair look so spiky it’s normal.

I’m back to blogging Zexal now that the World Duel Carnival is finally starting. Last episode they changed the OP and ED too. The OP includes more villains and recent characters whereas the ED is kinda shoujo-y and focuses on Kotori. Anyways, each participant of the WDC gets a heart piece and they have to collect 5 pieces to move on to the next stage. Obviously, you get more pieces by dueling other people, and you cannot refuse to duel when someone challenges you.

Yuuma gets challenged by a boy who looks like he’s straight out of a shounen soccer anime and chooses his opponents by kicking his ball made out of cards at them. How did he manage to get all those cards into a ball shape and make them stay together? The boy’s name is Kakeru, and it seems like he’s supposed to be famous.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal 19 – How Yuuma got ADHD

Today is a backstory episode.

Saturday is the day where parents visit their children’s school, but Yuuma’s aren’t here anymore. He’s hoping that his grandma and onee-chan will go instead so he doesn’t feel forever alone when other kids are with their parents, but they’re both busy so he decided not to ask them. On Saturday, he’s late for school and realizes that his Ou no Kagi (his necklace key, translated as “King’s Key”) is gone. While searching for the necklace, Astral asks Yuuma about his dad and we see some flashback of father and son climbing up a cliff. Akari was jealous that she wasn’t born as a dude so her dad didn’t bring her along lol. At their campsite, Papa Tsukumo asks Yuuma why he’s angsting, and Yuuma tells him he doesn’t want to go to school anymore (kids are mocking him for his QUALITY dueling skills). Papa Tsukumo cheers him up by telling him that there’s multiple worlds that cannot be seen. There’s the world of hope and the world of boring ZETSUBOU! In order to cross to the world of hope, he has to decide on something to aim for so he decides to become the WORLD’S #1 DUEL CHAMPION.
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It’s gonna be a dungeon crawler ❤ FOE! FOE! FOE! Since Madoka is popular, I pray that this game gets enough sales for a THE BEST version at reduced price. I don’t want to shell out like $80+ for any regular edition game, let alone one not in my most fluent language, but I won’t mind when it gets down to around $30. I wonder how hard they’ll make it…I don’t mind if it’s Etrian Odyssey-level or beyond lol. Dungeon crawlers FTW.

Anyways, it has the anime staff and will be published by Bamco. It’s coming out in March 2012, so I’m guessing the bargain price version will be out in 2013 at the earliest. Plenty of time for me to save cash =D