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Ys: Memories of Celceta clear!


Yeah, yeah. I’m late to the party.

Cleared my first playthrough on hard, although perhaps I should have gone for nightmare instead, since the game’s difficulty has become more friendly with allowing the use of more items. Anyway, this is the remake of Ys IV, and actually the first version of Ys IV that was actually made by Falcom. I haven’t played the previous ones before (supposedly they use the bump system so I might go back and give ’em a try).

The gameplay is pretty much the same as Ys Seven, with some additional stuff like weapon/armor reinforcing (can’t remember if it was in Seven or not) and Kiseki-style quest boards. Game is 20-30 hours depending on how often you fool around/get sidetracked, and uses Seven’s 3-member party system with 3 different attack types.

I find Celceta to be an improvement since the characters have better variety to their play styles, and each character feels different in control. Back in Seven, character of the same attack type pretty much felt the same, so the differences in Celceta are quite welcome. The reinforcing system was fun, you get to put various properties onto weapons and armors like status effects and HP regen. Favorite character to use was Karna, because damn, her range is useful and Napalm Shot is hella useful. Callilica was also very fun to use with her wide-ranged hammer attacks.

The main differences Celceta has against Ys Seven is that you are no longer restricted in the amount of items you can carry. In Seven, you had a limit of 5 of each item on Normal, 3 on Hard, and 1 on Nightmare. Here, you can hop into the final boss fight with 40 potions and 30 revival items and no one will bat an eye. It’s more fun to limit your usage of items for boss fights and actually learn to dodge/flash guard, but those potions were much needed for the damn Ruler of the Forest. That freaking laser-spewing deer deserves no mercy. Also you have NG+ and generally more side stuff to do, so Celceta is probably the “meatiest” Ys yet, at the expense of boss design. Ys Seven had the better bosses, as well as the games that use the Napishtim engine (well, minus Napishtim, except for a few memorable battles).

Story-wise, it was a pretty standard excuse to go on an adventure with a new cast, but also really neat for those who have played the other Ys games since it’s foreshadowing galore for Napishtim and also sheds some more light on the Eldeen race. On its own, it won’t be much, but it’s cool to see the various Ys games connect together in lore. As far as the standalone plot goes, it lacks grandeur.

Conclusion: Game was fun, fuck that map that’s standing at 99.8% complete after I beat the game. I probably forgot to hug the wall in some particular part of the Great Forest. My opinion on life hasn’t changed, I still want to be Adol Christin.

Asshole dialogue choices are the best

Asshole dialogue choices are the best

Author: awesomecurry

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10 thoughts on “Ys: Memories of Celceta clear!

  1. Glad to hear Celceta’s good as well. I’ve finished Felghana and Ys Chronicles I (currently working on II) and I was wondering where you would advise me to go next? From what i’ve read Origins would be logical, but I have no idea where to go after that.

    • Origin is good since it uses the same engine as Felghana and has good boss fights (and is better with knowledge of I & II’s plot).

      There’s Ark of Napishtim (Ys VI), which is the progenitor of the engine used in Felghana and Origin, but also kind of unpolished compared to the latter two. There’s a translated PC version somewhere out there, but it’s not on Steam (I’d advise against the PSP version due to slow load times, the PS2 version is OK but they added some ugly CGI).

      If you want more of the bump system, there’s the old Ys IV for the PC Engine, which isn’t translated.

      The most recent system is the party system in Seven and Celceta (PSP & PSVita exclusives, respectively), which is a pretty big departure from previous games, but still fun and are more “RPG-like” in terms of the variety of party members and stuff to do. Just play on a higher difficulty than you did in Felghana.

      There’s some odd ones out there like the original Ys III and Ys V. Ys V has a fan translation, but nobody really likes it and it pushed Falcom into making no new Ys games for 8 years.

      • So as far as the story goes it’s Origin -> I -> II -> Felghana -> Celceta -> V (not worth playing) -> Napishtim -> VII? Is there any problem with playing them out of order? Because it doesn’t look like i’ll be getting a Vita any time soon >.<

      • Celceta happens before Felghana, actually. But each game is a self-contained adventure, the only ones that should be played in order are I & II. You can pretty much go any order you want. Just keep in mind that earlier entries for each engine will be less polished (I < II, Napishtim < Felghana, Seven < Celceta, etc.).

      • I thought Felghana was a spiritual remake of Ys III, whereas Celceta was a spiritual remake of Ys IV?

      • IV takes place before III, they kinda messed with the order there.

  2. Ugh, I haven’t even had a chance to buy this yet…along with Muramasa Rebirth. Too busy with Neptune Rebirth;1 at the moment.

    • How’s Rebirth;1? I played all the PS3 Neptunes but I’m starting to get tired of the series so I held back on importing for now.

      • Actually very decent. Takes place in alternate setting like the previous 3, but very decent story. Gameplay is very smooth unlike Mk2 and the original (its like Victory) and has some content added in. Certainly a nice change of pace from Exstetra and gives something while a wait on Sen no Kiseki and Conception II. Should be done with in another week then I can review it.

  3. Personally i find Celceta to be my least favorite Ys entry so far because i find Falcom ruin Adol’s character again in this game with the over-designed Sidekicks and Villains that will be forgotten after one game. But still fluffwise the game does close the gap between Napishtim and The Chronicles which Celceta did well at very least.

    Nightmare was not that hard for this game if you get new game+ and i remembered killing that Giant deer miniboss by spamming Aura Fencer all the time.

    To me Adol Christin is the paragon of classic JRPG hero and it seems that the next Ys gonna ruin his character yet again

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