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Kono Oozora ni Tsubasa wo Hirogete Review



A solid chara-ge with a strong focus on gliders and adolescent drama. After receiving an injury that puts him out of commission in his cycling club activities, Minase Aoi returns to his hometown of Kazegaura, which has gone through rapid development in the five years when he was away. He has been given the job of the manager in an all-girls dorm, and is set to attend Keifuu Academy, a school with an engineering focus. He meets Habane Kotori, a wheelchair-bound girl who years for the sky, and Mochizuki Amane, a senpai who has stayed behind at the school to make a glider. Together, along with his childhood friend Himegi Ageha, they revitalize the Soaring club in order to realize their dream of flying to a morning glory cloud in a homemade glider. Things don’t go as smoothly as they want though, as a certain teacher really wants to see the club gone.

The story is accurately described as a seishun drama, strongly focusing on adolescent dreams and relationships. As expected from a chara-ge, the character interactions are strong, and each heroine has flaws and insecurities appropriate for their personalities and situation. They all turned out very likeable, even the heroines that had weaker routes. The situations are more subdued rather than over-the-top, and the bonds between the club members are given believable development. The route dramas never feel forced or cringe-worthy, and for the most part, the scenarios feel very natural in their flow.

Also, the focus on building and flying the glider is strong, and the routes are mostly consistent. The story doesn’t get sidetracked much.


Minase Aoi – The protagonist. He used to go to a  sports-centric all boys’ school and was a part of their cycling team. However, he got into an accident that prevents him from doing competitive cycling again and lost his direction in life, so he decided to move back to his hometown. He’s a nice guy, reliable when it counts, an a リア充 that actually turns out to be kinda popular with girls since he’s not bad looking and athletic. Not the most interesting protagonist in my eyes, but there’s nothing really worth complaining about him.

Habane Kotori – A beautiful, wheelchair-bound girl whom Aoi meets on a hill of windmills. She loves the sky and the things that fly in it. While she is actually a crybaby, she tries to keep the image of a “cool beauty”, and is very unsociable at school due to being stubborn, dishonest and not wanting to be involved with others. She transferred to Keifuu because it is barrier-free for the disabled, and has no actual interests in engineering, which isolates her from her classmates. She was on the verge of quitting school, until Aoi convinces her to join the soaring club.

While her initial personality annoyed me, she gets much, much better later on once she opens up and becomes more social and friendly. Her route is also the best one, with the best character development, conflict, and climax. The is the route where you can really feel the efforts of teamwork pull through their hardships, accumulating to a satisfying payoff.

Mochizuki Amane – A genius senpai who stayed behind in the school to work on the glider in the soaring club long after she is supposed to graduate. Her goal is to reach the morning glory with the soaring club’s glider, and fulfill a promise with her old friend Isuka. Despite being a bishoujo and a genius, Amane is actually clumsy, unathletic, and bad with hands-on stuff like actually making the glider. She’s also more like an airheaded little boy rather than a beautiful mature senpai like her appearance suggests, and often forgets to eat while being lost in concentration.

Her route is unlocked after Kotori’s, and reveals the past of the soaring club and why the robot club’s teacher supervisor really wants to see them gone. It lacks the build-up and climax of Kotori’s route, but it explains how things got to where they are and thus should be done last.

Himegi Ageha – Aoi’s energetic, outgoing childhood friend who is popular amongst her classmates and great at mechanics. Rather than flying in the glider, she is more interested in making it. While she looks like the fashionable type, she is really a tomboy on the inside and a total bro. Probably the most reliable in the cast.

Her route was kind of iffy, but I like Ageha a lot so all is good. She also has a really cute imouto (no route) and great interactions with the protagonist. On another note, if the English localization is going to edit out all references to sex along with H-scenes, then Ageha’s route is the one that would go through the most rewriting, due to the ero having important character moments and significant relevance in her and Aoi’s relationship.

Kazato Asa – The elder sister of the loli twins who join the club later on. She is shy and clumsy with a huge lack of self-confidence due to being born into a wealthy family with a genius younger sister, but her passion for the sky is strong. Clearly a romanticist.

Her route is probably the weakest route with the least satisfactory conclusion and is rather short, so I just treat it like the prelude to Yoru’s route.

Kazato Yoru – Asa’s younger sister. She is a genius who hates wasting time on unnecessary things, and doesn’t get the point of activities such as hanging out with friends or putting effort into making a glider when you can just buy a much better-built one. Despite that, she loves her elder sister and tags along with her to the soaring club, despite insisting that she is not a part of the club.

Her route is unlocked after Asa’s, and is more like a twins threesome route, but it does focus more on Yoru than her sister. It’s still on the short side compared to other routes, and while the story isn’t very strong, Yoru is my favorite heroine so all is forgiven. Besides, threesome with loli twins that both have twintails? Wonderful.



dormstreetschool building

This is a very nice-looking game. Character design is solid, CGs look great, and the backgrounds are absolutely fabulous. Kazegaura is full of fancy architecture, and the school has an extremely unique look. The scenery is detailed, and the palette is full of lush, refreshing colors. I spent more time looking at the backgrounds than the girls. The guys and unimportant girls aren’t as well-drawn as the heroines and important girls.

The music is also appropriately fitting for the atmosphere, and has more tracks that stand out compared to the usual moege.


A good choice for a charage if you like seishun drama and gliders. There’s quite a bit of flight theory and technical terms to wrap your head around. While the plot isn’t that strong for some of the routes, the characters and atmosphere are great. If you want a fast-moving plot or a tear jerker then KonoSora isn’t very satisfying in that regard, but it’s a good slice of life and romance-centric eroge where the focus on club activities and goal remains strong and consistent.

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  1. Somehow, My radar detected blond twin tail loli.
    Question, is one of the a Tsundere?

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