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Megachu! -Megamisama Chuuihou-

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It’s a refreshing Saturday night in the middle of my youthful protagonist-aged years, and I stayed home to play an ordinary harem nukige released over half a decade ago. Wasting my youth? No matter what I do, I’ll never use it for anything deemed productive by society anyway.

Megachu follows a very cheap storyline, in which an ordinary university, Kousuke, has the seed of the Demon King within him, and to prevent said Demon King’s awakening, two goddesses come down to kill him. Oh, but one of them is touched by his kindness and selflessness, so she decides to give half her life to him in his dying moment! Then, to prevent the Demon King from awakening, they move in to his dorm to keep an eye on him. After all, the demon inside him grows when he has unsatisfied sexual desires, and he can only be purified by having sex with a goddess. The story is obviously cheap setup for a harem comedy with lots of ero in which the protagonist gets to live with 3 (+ dorm manager) bishoujos and no one else to bother him. One of them is also obviously in love with him (even if neither him nor her realizes it at first).

Fauna – The main heroine of the game. She gave half her life to Kousuke after being touched by his kindness. The story in her route had the most effort put into it, since it’s the longest and the climax actually feels somewhat climatic. Fauna is a nice girl who likes cooking and cleaning, and constantly calls Kousuke ecchi. In h-scenes she starts out embarrassed and reserved, but always becomes ecchi by the end. In short, she’s probably the perfect bride for a lot of people. She’s quite cute, in a typical main heroine sort of way. She’s also a rather competent goddess when the time calls for it. Has the best ero voice.

Jordh – Fauna’s carefree and teasing onee-san who is also the game’s #1 source of comedy. She likes trolling her imoutos (especially Lea) and making fun of Kousuke. Ah, ruthless trolling onee-sans are the best kind of onee-san. Her route was really anticlimatic since she managed to find an easier solution to the situation on hand through making strange drugs. Speaking of drugs, the first H-scene happens because Yousuke decided to take a drink from a drink bottle in her room, and it turns out to be an aphrodisiac. What kind of chemist puts her experimental products in containers meant for actual drinks!? I swear the safety hazard lectures in my high school chemistry classes all told us not to put weird, suspicious substances into drink bottles lest an uninformed person takes a drink from it. Surprisingly, her h-scenes are all really normal. Well okay, most of this game’s H-scenes are.

Lea – The youngest of the three goddess sisters. She’s still in training, but came down to see her sisters since she’s on summer break. She loves and idolizes Fauna and wants to become a perfect bride like her, but is constantly fighting with Jordh who likes provoking her. Lea is pretty useless as far as goddess powers go, and also very tsun towards Kousuke due to his perverted nature. Despite having twintails and being a tsundere, I just couldn’t like Lea for some reason. I think I prefer my lolis calmer and sassy instead. I guess those who exclusively like lolis might like her. She turns into a imouto-chara halfway through, and starts calling Kousuke onii-chan. I only feel the moe from real imoutos! The plot development in her route is also painfully bad, in which everyone catches the idiot ball. She has the most cosplay ero.

Natsuki – the new and young dorm manager, who is actually a demon tasked with the awakening of the Demon King within Kousuke. She’s been showing erotic dreams involving her to Kousuke to try and awaken the Demon King, but is otherwise pretty bad at her job. Her route also has the lamest plot twist: Natsuki is actually a brainwashed goddess! Man, what a lazy way to resolve the conflict. Her route also turns into something like a pure love story midway through, which was pretty entertaining because there’s a lot of interactions with the three goddesses. Unfortunately, there is no H-scene of her in her red-haired demon form, which I largely prefer over her black-haird human form because, well, red hair is better! Well, Natsuki isn’t my type in the end.

Each heroine has 8 H-scenes, most of which are pretty normal couple play. With the exception of some of Natsuki’s H-scenes that are shown to Kousuke as erotic dreams, I’d say the ero is too normal. There’s a bonus harem H-scene that happens as the result of a bad end, which sucks because there should have been a proper harem route with such a setting in a nukige. Or at least have more group H-scenes. I have no complaints about the CGs themselves, since they’re pretty good in terms of anatomy and ero-level.

Even though it’s a nukige, the story is still very unsatisfying. The comedy is great even if the setting and characters are cliche, but the whole thing falls apart when serious developments happen. The climaxes of each route are painful to watch, due to terrible execution in writing. It would have been more enjoyable if they kept it a joke game from beginning to end, or if they at least put some effort into the serious scenes. Even for a nukige, the originality in the setting is too damn low. It’s difficult to have a even more cliched and conventional setting.

At the end, I stayed for the comedy. The goddesses are entertaining when together. I wish there were more of the daily life scenes, because those are actually entertaining. This was a good time distraction, but nothing more. There are probably countless more modern ero-moege that have the same or better effect.

(Seriously, what am I doing spending my time playing a 2006 nukige and then complaining about the plot afterwards?)

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