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Henshin!!! ~Pantsu ni Natte Kunkun Peropero~


Dammit, it was hard finding SFW images

I did it! I found a nukige that interested me enough that I cleared all routes and got all H-scenes! Now I can’t even use “I-I play it for the PLOOOOOTTTTTT and not the porn!” as an excuse for my socially unacceptable hobby. First I’ve warmed up to slice-of-life moege, and now a nukige. Even if I get called a kimo-ota who only likes things for the cute girls and ero, I don’t mind! Ahem.

Henshin!!! is the third game in the Henshin series, which is, unsurprisingly, about transforming into objects. Amasaka Yuuji (first name changeable) is an ordinary guy in his second year of high school who really wishes that he can become a girl’s panties. Then one day, he finds a talking cat-mascot thing that claims to have come from the future, and gives him magical  futuristic technology that allows him to transform into objects for a month! To help the talking mascot (which he named Nanako) go back to her time and return to her true human form, he must collect information on the items surrounding eligible girls by transforming into them. Since Yuuji’s dream came true now, there’s no way he can just sit there without using his powers for ecchi things, right?

Okay, I admit it. I enjoyed the scenario a lot. A protagonist who can turn into various objects and extend his arms, mouth, and a certain important organ out from them? That makes for a bunch of unusual and refreshing h-scenes, usually of the “so ridiculous that complaining about anatomy, physics, logic, and common sense will just tire you out” variety. Add the fact that Yuuji’s internal thoughts are hilarious, and you’ve got some awesome H scenarios. Oh, and since he has magical powers, he can extend from objects more arms and penises than he’ll ever have in human form.

As for an actual story, it’s a nukige after all. Aside from Yuuji’s life of a transforming magical boy with a cute animal mascot, there is basically no plot. Yuuji has 29 days to play with his transformation powers, and obtain all required data of an eligible girl (AKA heroine) to get her ending. Aside from the fact that romantic development happens in a month, it is also not very, well, straightforward, since Yuuji interacts with them more as objects than a human male. He also cannot reveal his transformation powers to the public. By the end of the month, with the exception of the imouto, the amount of times each girl has actually talked to Yuuji can be counted on one hand. He only gets to have sex as a human once, at the end of each route (with the exception of one).

Amasaka Yuuji – the perverted protagonist who wants to become a girl’s panties. Not a very original concept for a protagonist, but his internal tsukkomi is wonderful and his narration is energetic. More entertaining than some ordinary moege protagonists.

Amasaka Miko – Yuuji’s imouto, who left the house to live in the girls’ dormitory because she can no longer stand her perverted older brother. She also happens to be the class representative and quite popular. Quite the tsun to Yuuji, but secretly…Okay, we can all see where this will go.

Tsukishiro Kagura – Miko’s best friend. Since she has the hime cut and wears an oversized shirt rather than the standard uniform top, she is called Hime by classmates who think she looks like Kaguya-hime. She is the ace of the kendo team, and kinder to Yuuji than Miko is. She feels the most “normal” of the heroines, and is probably the least memorable because she doesn’t have a lot of distinct quirks.

Minakoshi Konami – Yuuji’s innocent homeroom teacher who teaches PE. PE includes sex-ed, and she becomes easily embarrassed when teaching the classes on how to have safe sex (because she is a virgin). Not that such a thing matters in this eroge (because out protagonist here doesn’t care about the consequences at all)! Her route is one of the more erotic ones, since Yuuji gets to stick it in her pretty early compared to everyone else.

Merakawa Yuzu – a popular idol managed by the lady who lives next door to Yuuji. In contrast to her sweet on-stage persona, she is actually a calculating, confident girl who hates losing. She knows exactly what she is doing, and how to hit the weak points of her target audience. She realizes pretty well that something is up when Yuuji messes with her, and swears to catch him.

Nakada Shiina & Nakada Shizuki – twins who are the president and vice president of the student council, respectively. Their names also sound like nakadashi ii na (cumming inside is good) and nakadashi suki (I like being cummed inside). Shiina is the cheerful and carefree older sister, while Shizuki is the serious and strict younger sister who loves her onee-sama and is actually an M. This is the awesome 3P route, since the sisters do everything together~

Andou Roza – a silent, stoic kouhai who is always on her laptop. Because she is so expressionless and full of mystery, rumors say that she is an android. She is a skilled hacker, but weak to ecchi things and faints when Yuuji sticks his penis out from her monitor (great going there, protagonist!). For various reasons, her route should be done last.

Aside from the eligible heroines, there are a bunch of h-scenes with side characters and random one-time girls that can be seen if Yuuji fools around at different places. Since the system is a location-selection map and Yuuji gets to act every day, there is enough time to see all the other h-scenes as well. If Yuuji fails to get a heroine by the end of the month, there are two extra h-scenes to be seen.

Visuals & Audio:
The character designs are great. They’re colorful and distinct, and stand out pretty well amongst the eroge I’ve played. Of course, the erotic expressions are good as well.

Music is repetitive and doesn’t have a whole lot of variety. There must have been like, less than 10 tracks. Ero voices are great, though.

Well here is the main reason why I kept playing Henshin 3. Frankly, “regular” ero is pretty boring if I don’t love the characters (which is usually the case with nukige), and tentacles, netorare, gang-rape, etc. aren’t my thing. Henshin!!! just happened to hit the right spot with ridiculous ero scenarios that aren’t dark. The shapeshifting concept is refreshing, and the ero CGs and voices do it right.

Oh yeah, and some of the h-scenes are animated.

A fun nukige with a refreshing situation and hilarious scenes. Of course, a nukige is a nukige so don’t expect anything else. Plot is pretty much an excuse plot and while the characters can be entertaining, they don’t really compare to the heroines of charage. Most of the entertaining instances are during the h-scenes. The system config annoys me and since the game goes by a daily map system, latter playthroughs get annoying since there are a bunch of days where you will do nothing and have to select “end movement” every day for a week. Wait, how the hell did I type so much for a nukige!?

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  1. does this come with an english patch?

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  3. Now that’s the comment that matters lol. Well done Benzie..

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