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Rewrite Harvest Festa – Nakatsu Shizuru


Shizuru’s route in the original Rewrite was pretty lackluster. It didn’t reveal much about the world or add to the player’s knowledge, and ended off with a pretty bad outcome to boot. I was initially interested as to where the writers would go for her route in Harvest Festa, but since they only want this fandisk to be cheerful and happy, they chose to go AU like for Akane. At least this route was obviously not taking itself seriously, making it more enjoyable.

Shizuru’s route takes place in Rewrite’s gag ending oppai world, where everyone appreciates oppai and replaces words with oppai every sentence (Kagari says for the purpose of this route, the oppai language has been translated into normal Japanese). Shizuru has a pre-existing crush on Kotarou, and lives together with her parents and little sister because the power of oppai makes the world good. Everyone is together in the occult club, getting ready for the harvest festival. Kotarou and Shizuru see a poster for a Miss Contest taking place during the festival with golden pike as the prize. Of course she enters, and Kotarou convinces the rest of the occult club to enter too to increase the chances of winning.

On the day before festival, the occult club gathers together (with Akane in hiding from her fanboys hailing her as the oppai goddess) and Lucia receives a call from Guardian telling her that the golden pike for the Miss Contest has been stolen, and the 6 of them plus Imamiya go track down the criminal. They arrive at an underground base and the occult club goes in to investigate while Imamiya waits outside.

Inside the underground basement are a bunch of lame traps, and the club members fall for them one by one. The first trap turns part of the floor into a conveyor belt that moves back and down, and Akane fails to escape because her lack of exercise gives her low running speed. Chihaya falls into a hole, Kotori sees money (obvious trap) on the ground and picks it up, and Lucia tries to help the illusion of an old lady who is obviously a trap. Soon, only Kotarou and Shizuru are left. They manage to reach the furthest room, to find their friends and the previous search group trapped in cages. The perpetrator is none other than Kagari, who captured them as her test subjects for her plan to evolve humans. She created a hyperdimensional idiot bomb, which Kotarou mishears as a powerful explosive and tries to stop her. Midou, the crazy fire guy from Chihaya’s route in Rewrite, suddenly appears as the student council president of Kazamatsuri High School and frees all the prisoners with his fire powers. Apparently, he only came because Akane forgot to get her harvest festival club activity form stamped, and leaves afterwards. Everyone else escapes, but the occult cub remains to try and destroy the bomb. Their efforts are in vain though, and the hyperdimensional idiot bomb goes off.

Kotarou wakes up in the hospital, with Nishikujou and Imamiya ready to attach him, but Kagari comes in to tell them that he’s not infected for some reason. The rest of the occult club are infected with idiocy, a virus that will start spreading 24 hours after being infected. Kotarou, Imamiya, and Nishikujou are ordered to catch the infected, and Guardian teams up with Gaia which brings Tsukuno to their team (Akane’s secretary whoused to be a memory-wiped Guardian member that was in their training team in Terra).

They first find the infected Akane, who is summoning demons in public, but she is using her weak summoning powers to control a high-level demon and it easily gets beat up by kids. Tsukuno catches it on film and threatens to upload it to nico nico douga, which causes Akane to turn back to normal. Kagari calls in and says that if the victim receives great shock, he/she will turn back to normal. Next they find Kotori, who is running around the slums using Chibi Moth to beat up thugs for money (like what Kotarou did in the Rewrite common route). Kotarou chucks her money-filled piggy bank into the river, causing her to return to normal. Then they meet the infected Chihaya, who was an idiot in the first place so the idiot bomb turned her into a super genius who starts spouting theories and manages to use Kagari’s highly-compressed language represented by a bunch of squares in text. Imamiya bribes her with festival food to turn her back to normal. Lucia is wrecking havoc because despite having the largest oppai in the occult club, fanboys only go for Akane. Nishikujou brings her back to normal by cutting up her expensive fine silk bra that she was going to wear some day.

Last but not least, Shizuru is on stage, trying to give an anti-oppai speech. Kotarou goes up there to try and stop her, but she decides to settle things physically and suddenly, Kotarou gains the aurora from Kagari. Yoshino appears with a drumset and turns the whole thing into a hero show with the audience watching. Kotarou fights Shizuru, and defeats her. She wakes up the next day at his house to see him, Imamiya and Nishikujou cooking the golden pike. She apparently won the Miss Contest because of the on-stage fight. She feels inexplicably happy, as if eating pike with Kotarou was something that she had always wanted to do but couldn’t (reference to her route in Rewrite, where they never ate pike together). At the end, we see a CG of Kotarou and RewriteEnding!Shizuru looking upon an destroyed world, promising to have pike together one day.

The plot of this route was pretty much all gag, considering it took place in the oppai world. Quite hilarious though, and it brings back the derpy group dynamic that I love. Tying it back to the actual end of Shizuru’s route was also nice, and made it feel more complete than Akane’s route. Oh hey, this means Kotarou stopped being a tree! Or is this yet another possible world branch where Kotarou survived in Chizuru’s ending? I liked seeing Kotarou, Imamiya and Nishikujou back together, since I ended up really liking the trio after Terra. As usual, the route was pretty short and not that high on romance content.

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2 thoughts on “Rewrite Harvest Festa – Nakatsu Shizuru

  1. What is oppai language anyway? Like the Smurfs’ language?

  2. this is the most hillarious route ever

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