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Rewrite Harvest Festa – Konohana Lucia


I haven’t done visual novel playthrough posts for the longest time (lazy, lazy me), but since I remember having fun with Rewrite around this time last year, I’ll do the same for Harvest Festa. Since this is supposed to be a fluffy fandisk, here’s to hoping that the sci-fi and infodumping be kept down so I don’t have to split my head due to my lack of proficiency in Japanese.

When you click “start” on the menu, you get sent to a screen where you can select your heroine. Initially, like Rewrite, you can only go for Kotori, Chihaya, or Lucia. I chose Lucia for my first route, as she is my favorite out of the initial three.

The HF route seems to start in the middle of Lucia’s route in the original Rewrite, with a much lighter tone, of course. It is right after Kotarou (who seems to be full voiced now, like he was in Terra) and Lucia’s first date, and they get called to the Guardian hospital by Nishikujou. There she reveals that they recovered Lucia’s sleeping “little sister,” actually a clone of her created by Brenda’s group (the ones who turned Lucia’s body poisonous for the Next Generation Project). The clone wakes up, barely knowing how to speak and has no knowledge about the world. Lucia names her Akari and they visit her every day for a few weeks. Akari has some kind of auto-update system that lets her gain data of the world from Lucia, so she learns things very quickly and develops into a complete character in a matter of weeks.

Nishikujou decides to let her move in with Lucia, and she begins to want to attend school and stuff. Akari replaces Lucia, who’s gone off to a Guardian check-up, at school one day, and reveals to Kotarou that she copied not only Lucia’s knowledge, but also all of her memories and feelings. She believes herself to be Lucia too, but is not impressed that everyone sees her as only Akari. She then kisses Kotarou and declares that she will try to win him over from Lucia.

Some time later, Akari becomes fully independent and moves out to live on her own. Lucia and Kotarou go over for a celebration party, and they end up arguing about Doki Doki Maid Party (lololol). Kotarou get some very fanservicey bath scene with Lucia and Akari, but it ends at just bathing since this isn’t an R-18 fandisc. It should have been…

Soon, Guardian decides that Akari has become a problem now that she’s trying to compete with Lucia for her identity, so they present her with two options: to either turn off the auto update function or to live as Konohana Lucia outside of Kazamatsuri so as to not interfere with the real Lucia. Akari chooses the latter so she is scheduled to leave for France the next day at noon. Lucia tells Kotarou to go on a date with Akari before she leaves, at the Kazamo shopping center where they had their date.

So Akari and Kotarou go on a date, but you don’t get the long, fluffy date that was in Rewrite which ended with a kiss. Akari asks Kotarou to bite her hand so as to leave a lasting mark (kids these days, is this what they do to show affection!?). She also wants his cellphone as a parting gift, and Kotarou hands it to her. The guy must have had a really cheap phone with pay-as-you-go service for this to work…or Japan doesn’t have Canada’s ridiculous phone fees.

Akari leaves with a Guardian car and just as things seem to be going well, she gets kidnapped by none other than that Brenda bitch. Apparently, Akari getting discovered and being allowed to interact with Lucia was all according to keikaku and she just wanted her to copy Lucia’s memories. She reveals that attempted to clone Lucia 12 times before, but Akari was the only successful creation. Now, because Brenda is a complete asshole, she wants to basically shut down Akari and stick her in a tube to use as research material forever so she can create moar clones. Before successfully cutting her though, Lucia, Shizuru, and Kotarou bust in under the orders of Guardian to arrest her. Kotarou tries to attack her with his powers, but gets knocked out by Shizuru for not following orders so he only scrapes Brenda’s cheek.

Brenda gets arrested and transported back to France to be dealt with there, and starts laughing on the way there because she can always escape the law for some reason, but then she starts turning purple. When she got hit by Kotarou, he actually injected (Lucia’s?) poison into her and she dies in the car.

Back at Kazamatsuri, Kotarou and Lucia see Akari off again, and he asks why Lucia installed a GPS stalking app on his phone because that is how they managed to track Brenda’s location since Akari had his phone.  Lucia goes all deredere and Kotarou says he’ll make her cosplay a bunch as punishment. Things might have gone into the R-18 category, if the route didn’t end off here…

That was…a lot shorter than expected, considering the huge walls of text I went through in Rewrite. It gave Lucia’s route a pleasant “rewritten” ending though, as her original route was on the depressing and dark side. Perhaps the routes with the worst ending outcomes will be rewritten to be happy, rather than get a after story. Glad that Brenda bitch got what she deserved, because the way she just ran off in Lucia’s original route was rage-worthy. Dere Lucia was hnnnng, but it felt like the more straightforward Akari was focused on too much (despite her having Lucia’s memories and feelings, they still feel like two different people in terms of outside personality) so that actual fluff moments with Lucia weren’t enough. There were only five CGs, one of Lucia and three of Akari (well they look similar enough), and the 3P bathing scene. From looking at the rest of the gallery, it seems like everyone else gets only 5 CGs too.


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2 thoughts on “Rewrite Harvest Festa – Konohana Lucia

  1. Personally I don’t like this route very much. I think it’s more focused to Akari than to Lucia, so instead of calling this route “Lucia route”, it’s more likely to call it “Akari route”

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