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Conception – the girls

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I said I would be done with this game in my last post, but for some reason I came back to get all endings. I might just be tsundere for this game. The fact that I did nothing in the dungeons (aside from final boss fights) and basically slept through weeks just to clear miko events probably helped. I also realized that you don’t need to defeat all the 12 horoscope bosses to beat the game, you can just beat one from each season, unlock the final dungeon, and beat the game. Well, I technically realized this long ago, but I thought beating all the bosses would grant me something worthwhile. It didn’t.

There are 14 endings in total: one for each of the 12 mikos, a normal end, and a harem end. The harem end is only available after you see all of the miko ends. Took me 85 hours in total, but if I didn’t go after all the bosses it would probably take around 20-30 hours less. I was foolish enough to try and complete some of the quests, but considering that a bunch of them require you to bring back multiples of rare equipment that randomly appear in chests, they are pretty pointless. By the time I managed to acquire the stuff, the reward from the quest was useless because I found something better on later dungeon floors. I’m at something like 67% achievement, and I won’t be going back for 100%. Some achievements are of the “collect all weapons” sort, and for each weapon there’s like 3 versions and there’s a lot of weapons to begin with. Let’s say, in the sword category, you have normal sword, great sword, and a bunch of other swords. That’s not too bad, except you’ll also have normal sword+, great sword+, normal sword remodelled, great sword remodelled, etc.

Ok yeah, I’ll shut up with my ranting. In this post I’ll summarize each girl’s scenario. Warning: Bad quality cellphone photos.

There’s 4 lolis, 4 “normal” girls (all tsundere to some degree), and 4 big sis. Instead of ordering by zodiac sign ike I’m supposed to, I’ll just order them by the otaku interest groups.


Tarua (Taurus) – An energetic and adorably idiotic tomboy who delivers mail. She runs extremely fast, but isn’t that speedy with her job because she has trouble stopping lol. She strongly believes that letters carry the feelings of those who write them, and that’s why she tries her best at work. She was an orphan, but got adopted by an old couple who deliver mail, so she isn’t depressed at all. Nothing much happened in her route, except that one time, she lost a letter and the MC helped her look for it in the forest. At the end, her parents “disown” her so she doesn’t have to feel obligated to stay with them, and she goes with the MC back to his world. There, she still delivers mail.

Suu (Sagittarius) – A quiet girl who lives by herself and loves animals. She takes care of a lot of them at her farm, and wants to become a vet. She also likes animal ears and tails, occasionally dressing up with nekomimi for the MC. It turns out that her parents died when she was young as a result of the monsters in the dungeons attacking town, so when she falls in love with the MC, she wants him to stop going to the dungeons in fear that he’ll never come back. The MC comes back safely from the final boss, and asks her to go with him to his world. They buy and live on a farm, together with a bunch of animals.

Collet (Aquarius) – A cheerful, optimistic girl who runs a bakery that used to be her grandpa’s. Her dream is to make bread that cause people to feel “happy,” rather than “delicious.” Her grandpa was a phenomenal baker with a recipe collection of 100 breads, but now he’s old and doesn’t remember anything about making bread, leaving his granddaughter to run the store. Collet’s bakery becomes threatened when a new chain store opens near her with a greater selection of bread for cheaper prices. She decides to create more bread so she doesn’t lose to the rival store, and hires a part-time worker to help at the store. The part-timer happened to be one of her grandpa’s old disciples with a strong grudge against him, so she steals the bread recipe collection a destroys it. Collet decides to make her own bread this time around, and the MC decides to help her find a 4-leaf clover for good luck. Granbania doesn’t seem to have them, but he manages to acquire one that Mahiru kept in her wallet. He gives it to Collet, who decides to make a Happiness Bun out of it and gives that to her grandpa. The 4-leaf clover was too old and caused her grandpa to get sick (lol), and he momentarily remembers about making bread. He tells Collet that in order to be successful, she has to become independent from him and start her own bakery, and then he returns to normal, forgetting all about bread-making. Collet decides to go with the MC to his world, and starts a bakery by herself with the 4-leaf clover bread being her signature product.

Yuzuha (Pisces) – a shy, anti-social girl who likes to draw and paint. She rarely leaves her house, and only goes to school because the mikos are required to. She is always scared of being called a weirdo and causing trouble, and views the MC like an older brother. Her parents were always fighting so she moved away from them to live separately, afraid of being a burden to them. In reality, her anti-social behavior and tendency to sleep a lot is caused by a rare disease. Victims will constantly feel sleepy, but sleeping is harmful to them and will shorten their lifespan. Often, they will die in their sleep and there is no known cure for this disease. Yuzuha knows she won’t live long, so she never got close to anyone, but after getting familiar with the MC, she is afraid of dying. The MC takes her to her world, promising to find a cure for her disease, and studies to become a doctor.

The normal girls:

Lilis & Lilie (Gemini) – They are two split personalities within one body, who happen to have different appearances and opposing personalities. Lilis is sweet, kind, but airheaded and also an accurate fortune-teller, whereas Lilie is mischievous, rude, and very tsun (and likes to troll people who come to her for fortune-telling). A personality switch happens when they hit their head, or when something mentally shocking happens. Their route is pretty fluffy, with all the fun of personality switching, and Lilie trying to protect Lilis when the latter falls in love with the MC. At the end, they both fall for him, and go with him to his world. 3P end!

Ruka (Cancer) – she is THE template tsundere who acts cold towards the MC at first, but slowly warms up to him. The reason she doesn’t like getting close to people is because she is a Tsukuyoki, someone who can read others’ feelings when they have bodily contact. She dislikes lies because she can clearly see through them, and avoids touching anyone because she is afraid of what they are thinking, but the MC and Mahiru are immune because they are not from Granbania. She lives in an orphanage, and one of the kids there comes home with a missing shoe. She believes it is due to bullying, so she forms an unofficial disciplinary committee with the MC in order to catch the bully. In reality, the kid threw away her own shoe because she wanted Ruka to worry about her more. Ruka learns that there are lies told out of love, they make up, and she disbands the club. At the end, the MC takes her back to his world, and they run an orphanage.

Femiruna (Leo) – A rich and haughty ojou-sama who is constantly seen complaining to and about her servant. She acts all haughty, but she is actually an M! Rather than acting passive like how he usually is, all the MC has to do is say things like a command and Femiruna blushes like mad. As a rich girl, she also has the problem of her parents never being home and having to succeed the family and go into the wealthy society politics and the like. At the end, she just decides to go with the MC back to his world, and becomes a fashion designer there.

Mahiru (Virgo) – The MC’s childhood friend and cousin, who got dragged to Granbania with him. She was the school idol, and treats the MC like crap and actively avoids him because she doesn’t want her image to get ruined by being seen with a loser like him. Her appearance is cute, but she acts like the “real girls” that otaku hate so no one on 2channel seems to like her. I agree with them too, Mahiru is too much like a normal, shallow teenage girl for me to like (when they say she’s a “real” girl, they don’t mean real as in complex and well-developed). Why do I want to deal with real life bitches when I have other girls that fit my fantasies? Anyways, because she is a childhood friend character, she made a marriage promise with the MC when they were little but he forgot completely. She was okay at then end when becomes a bit more dere, but her earlier behaviour left a bad taste in my mouth. I wanted the MC to troll her, but you have to act like a whipped dog to get her to like you so do not want. I did like one optional scene with her where she tried to show the MC her newly-learned wind magic by using it on another girl, and the MC uses his superior wind magic (which he doesn’t get to use in battle) to lift up her skirt on purpose. The way they interacted actually felt like legit childhood friends in that scene. Anyways, at the end she goes back to their original world and wakes him up every day like eroge childhood friends.

The onee-san:

Arie (Aries) – The kind onee-san type who works at a church and teaches kids there. She was an orphan who got taken in by the church, so she is loyal to them and religious. Secretly, she loves collecting weapons and hides a lot of them in her room, unbeknownst to the church. I know what you’re thinking when you see this pattern, and I will tell you that you are wrong. She never turns yandere on you, ever. She has a weapon fetish, but never once does she wield one (except for a household knife at the end). Anyways, not that much happens in her route except for the revelation that she likes knives, so she just falls in love with the MC normally and goes with him to his world. At the end, she works as a housewife and is very happy with all the knives she bought in his world.

Mirei (Libra) – A kuudere genius who makes many magical inventions and dedicates her life to research. She frequently makes the MC her lab rat because he is the chosen one. She is brilliant, but appears cold because she doesn’t listen to complaints about her programs from her customers. The MC convinces her to listen to her complaints, and the people thank her. She starts falling for the MC, but has no idea what this feeling is so she tries to read teenage love advice magazines. Of course, teen love advice is difficult for her logic-based brain to decode, so she decides to do things the efficient way by knocking out the MC with home-made sleeping pills mixed into his drink, tying him up, and directly asking him the “what’s his type” questions found in girly magazines lololol. At then end, she still has no idea about the concept of lovers, so she calls the MC her “important research subject” and goes to his world with him. She becomes a famous scientist and invents all sorts of stuff.

Reone (Scorpio) – The sexy onee-san who works as the doctor at school. She takes a liking to the MC because he reminds her of her little bro, and she is a brocon. It turns out that her little bro is dead, and he was originally the one who wanted to become a doctor. Since they grew up without parents, they lived in the slums where there were a bunch of black doctors around and Reone got into fights every day in order to protect her bro. One day, she caught a flu that had been going around, but refused to go get it examined. As a result, her brother decided to treat her and he caught the flu too. He died on the day he was supposed to take his doctor’s exam, so Reone decided to become a doctor for him. She had been collecting money in order to buy land in the slums and build a hospital so the people there won’t die like her brother, but a bunch of gangsters are against that. On the day she goes to buy the land, she finds out the land owner had no intention of selling in the first place, so they decide to settle things with a fight like the good old days. Reone is crazy strong and beats up 10 guys at once, but the land owner set a trap with a bomb. Fortunately the MC realizes this and drags her out of the way, and she proceeds to beat up the land owner. What a boss (no wonder her children have the highest ATK stat). She manages to get the hospital to start building, and goes with the MC back to his world, where she is still a doctor.

Farun (Capricorn) – A travelling dancer who set off from her plain old village and travelled across the world. She works at the bar, and despite being older and insisting on referring to herself a “onee-san,” she actually acts like a kid. In short, she is an amaenbou onee-san! Hnnng. On the outside she acts cheerful and social, but she actually had no friends and couldn’t get close to anyone during her travels. She also never had the courage to write letters home because she kinda just said “I don’t want to live in the country, this ain’t my place” and bolted out. She falls for the MC and he convinces her to write back to her parents. Things turn out all right, and she decides to end her journey because she found her “place” and goes back with the MC to his world.

After getting all the character endings, you get the harem end where everyone goes to the MC’s world. The most interesting scenarios were Reone’s and Collet’s. Why is it that doctors are always good at beating people up? Do you learn combat in med school!? The characters I liked the best were Farun (amaenbou onee-san!) and Lilie (rude, but adorable).

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