カレーまみれ勇者の冒険 Curry Chronicles

MuvLuv Alternative Chronicles – Confession


I cried. Yoshimune Kouki, why can you bring out my tears like that? Why? I’ve always liked Michiru from the KimiIta cast, and now I’ve got no doubts that I like the Captain the best.

Confession is the side story bundled with KimiIta, centering on Michiru’s moments before the end of the Sadogashima arc. Spoilers for MuvLuv Alternative. Click at your own caution, DON’T spoil MLA for yourself if you haven’t finished it yet. Just don’t.

Confession begins with Captain Isumi Michiru in the XG-70D, before it explodes. Yuuko connects her to Takeru, who basically says the same things as he did in MLA except now with a voice. Afterwards Michiru starts to reminisce about when she was a training cadet under Sgt Jinguuji Marimo. Back in 1996, Michiru was the squad leader of a team consisting of four girls: Takemiya, Fujisawa, Miura, and Michiru herself. Michiru had enlisted to become an Eishi although with her qualifications and connections, she could have easily gotten a government job or become a doctor and reside in the capitol. The reason for this was that she always felt inferior to her elder sister Yayoi, who was a genius, and didn’t want to go down the same path as her (since she is training to work for the government).

Takemiya was the kind one, a natural at everything, and the one to bridge the gap between Michiru and her two other teammates, reminding Michiru of Yayoi. Fujisawa was the one who liked to talk and complain, and has some of the worst grades. Miura was essentially the load of the team – in terms of grades she was scraping bottom, always the first to run out of stamina during training, often injured herself, and caused the entire team to receive punishment under Marimo. In these days, Marimo was known as the “Death God” because she was ridiculously strict and harsh, and all the cadets hated her. When Miura injured her leg and fell down, the team immediately rushed to her help. However, Marimo prohibited them from helping, saying that they cannot decide Miura’s limits, and kicked her until she could stand up. Then she made Michiru run with Miura’s load. Marimo was also the only one who could see beyond Michiru’s cool image and knew that she was here to run away from her sister and family.

In order to help Miura gain more stamina, Fujisawa obtains some smuggled-in food that is legit and not synthetic and fed them to her. Takemiya and Michiru catch them eating in the middle of the night, but then promise to keep it a secret and help Miura train since Takemiya made a vow that all four of them would become Eishi. Miura’s stamina doesn’t get any better though, and she gets sent to the infirmary. Marimo comes in to fire the entire squad because tests showed that Miura has been consuming non-authorized food and she knows that they’ve been feeding her stuff not from the cafeteria. Michiru denies it, saying that there’s no proof it was them (because they got rid of the evidence). Marimo drags her outside to run laps, and forces her to drink from a mud puddle. She tells Michiru to leave the training school because it is no place for her, and that her squad mates will die because she’s an incompetent leader. Michiru says she wants to become an Eishi no matter what, so Marimo tells her to leave and get a government job where she can actually make a difference. Michiru says that she won’t leave until she dies, because she has nowhere else to go. Marimo gives up trying to get her to leave, and sends her back to her room with no further mention of the food smuggling.

The four get on to TSF training, but no matter what they can’t do well against the instructor team during mock battles. Takemiya reveals that she hates Marimo because of the rumour that she ditched all her teammates to survive her battles (since she had a record of being the sole survivor of many battles); her older childhood friend was in the same squad as Marimo and he died. She then admits that she had always admired Michiru, and noticed that the others were intimidated by her and so she tried to bridge the gap to make her job as leader easier. Michiru admits that she couldn’t stand her because she reminded her of Yayoi. They become close friends and Takemiya jumps her in bed screaming “I LOVE YOU!!” which gives the other two some…strange…ideas lol.

After failing against the instructor team of Marimo and the other assistant guy, the squad decide on a strategy where Fujisawa and Miura act as bait for Marimo while Michiru and Takemiya take down the other guy. Unfortunately, Fujisawa crashes her TSF and communication to her is cut off. The squad is ordered to head back to HQ since a training accident happened, but Miura refuses and runs to Fujisawa, saying that they’ve helped her the whole time so she wants to save her. Miura dies and Fujisawa gets sent to a hospital with severe injuries. Marimo reports this to all the cadets, and then says that Miura’s death was pointless because she chose to run to Fujisawa for self-satisfaction when she could’ve listened to orders and survived. Marimo adds fire to the oil by saying that Miura would be useless in real battles and dying during training instead of during actual battles is the most useful thing she did. Of course everyone becomes enraged and they form a group with the intention of raging at Marimo later that night.

Michiru knows that Marimo made everyone rage on purpose because they’d be scared otherwise, so she joins the plan but says that she will confront her solo first. She goes into Marimo’s office to see her crying and punching the wall. Michiru always thought that Marimo was strong and couldn’t be shaken by anything and vowed to become like that, so when she sees that even she is crying, she punches her. Marimo punches back though, and beats Michiru unconscious, yelling that people like her are the ones who will cause all their squad mates to die.

Days later, they receive reports that Fujisawa crashed because she and Miura were attempting some high-level move in order to stall Marimo so that Michiru and Takemiya could take down the other guy. Being the worst cadets, Fujisawa and Miura didn’t want to be a burden to Takemiya and Michiru who were top cadets, so they secretly practiced a high-level move at night in hopes of letting them impress the instructors and advance. After realizing this, Takemiya gets overcome with guilt and leaves the training school. After getting out of the hospital, Fujisawa was told she could no longer be an Eishi so she drops out on request. Michiru is the only one left in the squad, and continued on knowing that her squad fell apart because she was an incompetent leader who didn’t care enough for her squad mates. The flashback ends with Michiru graduating from training, and thanking Marimo.

Back in the XG-70D, Yuuko sets up a link to let Michiru talk to all the Valkyries, and the conversations are the same as the ones in MLA. After ending the conversations and becoming alone in the XG-70D, Michiru starts to let the tears roll down. She reflects on the fact that she let down her squad mates and couldn’t make them achieve their full potential as a leader, and hopes that she did it right this time with the Valkyries (;_; you did well, Captain). Then she says that she can now face Masaki, and says that she loves him. And then…

“For me…the fact that Masaki is alive…is enough…”

;___; My tears…

If you’re playing Kimi Ga Ita Kisetsu, definitely play Confession last.

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5 thoughts on “MuvLuv Alternative Chronicles – Confession

  1. Oh my god. MLA did it again. The only other book that made me tears this bad was the Robot series from Isaac Asimov.

    Was hoping they continue with *spoiler* The sister that continued to fight in the post Original Hive battles. Would like to see if humanity kicks ass or gets bitten off. Some mass production Unit 00 would be interesting, with the XG-70 mass productions.

    Ah well, lets see what happens during Comiket. And when the anime comes out.

    • thanks for the review,.. I got Kimi Ga Ita Kisetsu just for this one, but,.do i need to play and finish Kimi Ga Ita Kisetsu in order to unlock Alternative Confession? 😮 thanks in advance.

  2. Now that you finished ‘Confession’, get AyuMayu Alternative and read the two side-stories ‘Atonement’ and ‘Succession’, if you haven’t already done so. Both are written by Kouki, too.

    ‘Atonement’ reveals why Marimo was the way she is, and is practically a prequel to ‘that’ scene in Alt’s Chapter 7 (personally read Atonement before that scene, made the scene and its aftermath where Michiru was narrating the events of ‘Confession’ to Takeru hit me harder).

    You can say ‘Succession’ is the sequel of ‘Confession’ in terms of the timeline.

    Character artwork for both is by Bou and not Miyata, though, so bear with them.

    • Also in ‘Atonement’ you’ll meet the one implied to be Takemiya’s older childhood friend.

      By the way, both side stories are available separately, but the versions bundled with AyuMayu Alternative are fully-voiced, even during the narration parts.

    • And I shall do it. I love how MuvLuv can spawn so many side stories (tempted to read them all).

      At this point, MuvLuv is good enough that I don’t care too much about artwork.

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