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Kimi Ga Ita Kisetsu – Munakata Misae


Y’know, I expected a longer route from Age after making us wait for DLC. There’s only a little bit of CGs and ONE h-scene. ONE h-scene. When the Isumis have like 6 and even sub heroines Misa and Yuri get 2-3 (BTW I took a break, so not done Yayoi/Yuri route yet). I have a feeling they actually planned for something longer for Misae and Touko but after losing their data, just went “fuck it, gotta get the DLC out in November.” But ehh, I won’t rage at Age completely because they gave me some moe Misae and her going dere was exactly the way I liked it.

Anyways, Munakata Misae and Kazama Touko were 1st Lieutenants in MuvLuv Alternative so I’ve been looking forward to their routes. Misae was pretty well known for her line “as long as it feels good anything is fine” and being a troll. Later it was revealed that she is actually a closet romantist and acts like a weirdo to keep other dudes away. Touko is her close friend and an ojou-sama who played the violin. In KimiIta, Misae is a second-year student who transferred from Kyoto in spring. Since KimiIta has much toned-down comedy as compared to the MuvLuv series (yes, even Alternative), the trolling doesn’t have as much a focus. Oh yeah, and for anyone hoping for a Misae/Touko yuri h-scene, it doesn’t happen. This is Age, they never give you the h-scenes you want and every one of their scenes are extremely vanilla (even for the main heroines that have 6 h-scenes, most of them were pretty much the same). Just like how they had the perfect opportunity but never gave Takeru a threesome with Meiya and Yuuhi in Altered Fable even though the way the h-scenes happened were perfect for a threesome since they were dreams…*grumble grumble*

To get into Misae’d and Touko’s routes, you have to make the choices for Michiru’s route first. Masaki first meets them when staking Michiru into a cafe, and learns that they’re her kouhai from the Hakuryou High School student council and they’re planning for the joint cultural festival. The next time he meets them is when he is brought along as a “photographer” during a meeting. He decides to go check out the Legendary tree and meet Misae and Touko there. They tell him the Legendary tree is off limits so after a nice long chat he leaves. Then he realizes he dropped his camera lens so he goes back to find it and takes a fabulous picture of Misae and Touko’s FABULOUS TWO-GIRL FRIENDSHIP. Misae was hnnnnng here because she blushed for the first time. The photo was so fabulous he doesn’t need to go through the whole “WHY CAN’T I TAKE FABULOUS PHOTOS” plot like the main heroine routes. He meets them one more time to ask permission to use the photo and then he goes to New York to work under Helmut like usual.

He comes back in late September for a month, and decides to visit Misae and Touko. Michiru brings him to Hakuryou as a photographer for the cultural festival preparations (damn useful job is useful) and he goes to the student council room to meet them. Touko, now the student council president, seemed happy to see him, but Misae starts acting cold to him. Masaki is like “WTF” and Touko invites him to her violin concours. She won second place last year but the Isumi’s parents (famous musicians) told her she had good technique but not enough feeling. Misae calls Masaki to tell him not to go, but doesn’t give a clear reason so he’s like “lol no I’m going.”

At the concours, Touko delivers a bad performance and doesn’t even make it into the next round. Masaki asks her what’s wrong and tells her that he wants to become her strength, but Misae tells him that it’s all his fault so GTFO. Some days later, he finds out from Michiru that Touko has been basent from school and refused to leave her room since then. She also tries to get Misae and Masaki to make up, but they end up yelling at each other instead. Misae is like RAAAAAGE WHY YOU NO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT I TOLD YOU NOT TO GO and Masaki is like RAAAAGE I HAVE NO IDEA WTF YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT YOU OVERPROTECTIVE PERSON. Michiru finally steps in to rage at Misae for not explaining anything and at Masaki for being a dense idiot. Well obviously Touko fell in love with Masaki and saw him as an idol, but she can’t sort out her own feelings so when Masaki suddenly came back and is like “lol Ima leave in a month” she screws up her performance. Masaki doesn’t seem to play eroge, so I guess it’s understandable that he doesn’t see this.

Later on they make up and decide to try and get Touko to leave her house. Nothing works though, and Misae lets slip that the might like Masaki. Of course, Masaki is like “lol what type of joke is that?” and so she plays it off as a joke. She then says that she has a plan that will definitely get Touko to leave the house and tells him to meet her on Sunday. Sunday finally comes and Misae is really late for her meeting, so he decides to go to Hakuryou to see if she’s there. He runs into Marimo and Yuuko, who tell him that if Touko doesn’t come to school by tomorrow she’s gonna be removed from her position as the student council president. Also, Misae left already and they refuse to give him her address because it would be creepy to give a student’s address to some random photographer guy who doesn’t even belong to the school.

Masaki tries to ask Michiru for Misae’s address but her phone is off. He gets a call from Touko, who finally left the house and tells him to meet her. It turns out that Misae left for Kyoto, and wrote Touko a letter revealing her past. Misae apparently was the girlfriend of some guy who came from a famous family but there was class discrepancy and they had to be separated. To make things more dramatic and in order to set Masaki into a panic, Touko tells him that as a punishment or something Misae was supposed to work in the red light district as a performer so she ran away here to escape her fate. Finally Touko tells Masaki that she fell in love with him and wanted to confess to him after winning the concours, but she was full of doubt about her feelings and scared that he would leave in a month so she screwed up her performance. She tells him to go after Misae and gives him a bullet train ticket to Kyoto.

At Kyoto he goes to Misae’s old lover’s house who turns out to be the dancer that Helmut took photos of at Mitsuko’s studio back in 1998 named Takanori. He goes there to ask about her but it seems that she didn’t look for him and Takanori was like “lolwut red light distric performer? YOU GOT TROLLED.” Takanori and Misae didn’t even start dating yet and they got separated because they were first cousins but Misae doesn’t know. Misae’s mom is Takanori’s mom’s sister but the former turned out hobo and Misae and Takanori were prohibited from seeing each other becasue it would ruin the family name or something like that. Takanori decided to choose family reputation so he stopped seeing Misae and he has a waifu now so no competition for Masaki. Also Misae’s mother was supposed to be sent away to Yokohama but since she has never left Kyoto before and is hobo since her husband died, they decided to send Misae away or something like that (didn’t really pay attention here since YOU SHAMED THE FAMIRY was all I needed to know). The problem is that Misae’s mother obviously has QUALITY communication skills because she never TOLD HER DAUGHTER WHY SHE IS BEING SENT OFF TO YOKOHAMA WHICH IS LIKE 2 HOURS AWAY BY BULLET TRAIN. In short, nobody told Misae anything so they were just like “lol you’re not allowed to see him, now off you go to Yokohama.”

Anyways, Masaki leaves and finds Misae. He tells her not to go to Takanori and confesses to her. He hugs her and she finally goes dere. They go back to Masaki’s apartment and she reveals that she is actually ronery and needs people by her side and that’s why she got “healed” by Touko when they became friends. Despite being cool on the outside she actually gets really attached to people she relies on so she’s sad that Masaki is going back to America soon. Masaki is like “I’LL BRING YOU TO AMERICA SINCE YOU’RE MINE NOW” and there were no complaints for the rest of the day. They have their h-scene (too short, Age. If you’re gonna give her one h-scene can’t you at least make it long?) and the next day, he sees her off to school. He randomly says “I LOVE YOU” which throws her off guard and makes her react in a very tsundere way hnnnnng. Touko is also back at school and apologizes for being hikki for a week.

Next spring, Masaki comes back to take Misae to America with him after she graduates.

Misae was pretty cute and I liked their interactions, but damn this was too short and not enough time for more イチャラブ. Sigh, only if she had as much time with Masaki as a main heroine…Anyways, route was OK. Not enough content, but my love for MLA characters carried over to KimiIta. I seem to like Age characters that call the protagonist バカ during the h-scene (and this only applies for Age…). I think Keisuke’s line sums it up pretty well for what I like in Age eroge (“Cool girls’ dere expressions are the most moe!”). I’ll be playing Touko’s route next, since it’s pretty similar to Misae’s.

Also, Why they no change the uniform colours after the one year timeskip? Misae still wears her green uniform even when she’s a third year and Touko still wears the first year red uniform. Oh yeah, and despite my complaints about this route being too short, it seems like I typed the most about it orz

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  2. just a question were can i get the misae route from

    • It’s from a disc that supposedly came with the game release (the link to the part of the site with the patch is on the disc), but gets left out in some torrents. I found it on a Chinese forum somewhere

    • If anyone should happen to stumble upon this question in the future, I might as well provide the answer, even if it’s too late to be of help to the original asker – You can grab the DLC here:

      It won’t work without a special Install Key Disc though, which you should find by searching for “[111028] [age] 君がいた季節 初回特典 マブラヴ オルタネイティヴ クロニクルズ ~告白~ インストールキーディスク”. Unlike the 960mb patch, it’s just about 500kb in file size.

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