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MuvLuv Altered Fable


My keyboard is still screwed up, so I ended up typing on my dad’s laptop that he barely ever uses. Since I’m still in my Age craze right now, I decided to play Altered Fable, which is a fandisk to Alternative that is basically like Extra with new characters that were introduced in Alternative and new events. Either way though, it’s suggested that you play Alternative if you want to actually enjoy Altered Fable. Spoilers for the entire MuvLuv series past this point.

Altered Fable is a fandisk that contains a bunch of things. The main part is Kagayaku Toki ga Kienu Mani (“When the shining time doesn’t disappear”), which is the retelling of Extra and what people usually refer to when they say Altered Fable. That is what I’m covering in this post. There’s also other stuff like some radio show, Total Eclipse (which I’ll probably play eventually), and a really hard strategy game know as “Get Raped By BETA.” I don’t feel like getting raped by those things just yet, so I only played the main part.

At first glance Altered Fable looks like a direct sequel to Alternative. At the end of Alternative Takeru ends up back in a slightly different Extra world where Yuuhi lived and Kasumi is there. Nobody has memories of what happened in Alternative except for Kasumi, who is hinted to be the same Kasumi from that world (since she shouldn’t have a counterpart in Extra because she was created for Alternative III). Altered Fable actually doesn’t take place in that world (usually people call it Final Extra), but a world really similar to it. Upon starting up AF, a message will tell you that this does not have anything to do with Alternative, and therefore is not a continuation of its epilogue even though it looks like it.

Oh, and were you one of the people who hated Takeru in Extra nad Unlimited but then liked him in post-chapter 7 Alternative when he got some development and pulled his shit together? Well have fun weeping, because in AF Takeru is even more dense and indecisive than in Extra.

AF’s world continues on from the events at the end of Alternative, and starts at the cooking contest between the girls to win the seat next to Takeru. Kasumi and Kashiwagi are also gettable. No one wins because Meiya and Yuuhi blew up the place. The next event they had is the athletic festival. In Extra they played lacrosse, but in AF Yuuko got crazier and decided to hold a survival game between classes using BB guns. She even got the Mitsurugi sisters to give her financial backing lol. Oh yeah, Walken, Piatif, and Irma are here as assistant foreign exchange teachers, and Walken happens to be assigned to Takeru’s class. That brown guy with the red eyes and hard to remember name as came here as the new principal. Takeru also meets a suspicious guy called Chuck Sauber.

They have their tournament and just as they were about to win, Yuuko is super cheap and summons some senpais (Isumi’s Valkyries) from Hakuryou University to help. They competely pwn their asses but Takeru’s team wins anyways because Kasumi did a “knife attack” to take down Yuuko. After the survival game, AF skips to Meiya, Yuuhi & Takeru’s birthday where they have a birthday party with 3 giant cakes. Meiya and Yuuhi walk off so you have a choice of either finding Meiya, finding Yuuhi, or staying with the others who are eating cake.

After the birthday event they go on the hot spring trip, except it’s a bit different in that there’s also a skiing part. There’s some choices here that get you different scenes. If you choose to go skiing Takeru will end up getting taught how to skii by Meiya and Yuuhi. Sledding brings him to Miki and Kasumi (and Sumika aso joins Kasumi). Choose snowboarding and he’ll go with Ayamine and Kashiwagi, and the final choice is to walk around, where he’ll go to the pool and see the teachers in swimsuits. Back in Extra, Takeru overheard Meiya and Sumika say that they like him in the hot spring, but this time all girls admit they like him at the same time and Takeru overheats. Then the idiot proceeds to forget everything that happened the next day.

The next day, if you chose to go skiing, then Takeru will end up being with either Meiya or Yuuhi depending on who has more points, and he’ll skii off a cliff and end up in an abandoned shed with one of them. Anything else, and Takeru ends up sleighing off with Sumika and Kasumi, where they end up in a cave that connects directly to the hotel. After that the ski/hot spring trip ends and they have a Christmas party which Takeru calls Operation Jingle Bell. Kasumi remembers what happened in Unlimited so it gets sad for her, but since this is AF nobody gets Alternative V as a Christmas present.

After the party Kasumi says she wants to see the sea because of her promise with Takeru in Alternative, and the Mitsurugis are crazy so they send everyone on a vacation to some southern resort island where it’s summer. The Mitsurugis are funding its development and even the inns there are super high-tech with their abiity to autolock and recognize people. You also get to move around the island by clicking on locations on a map and you see some scenes at each location. Afterwards they have lunch and enter a beach volleyball tournament, where you can choose the participators and play really bad mini-game that’s pretty much impossible to win unless you’re a pro at playing kusoge. Surprisingly, member selection here greatly affects whose h-scene you get, and for routes other than Meiya/Yuuhi, this is pretty much the deciding point. After losing 2 matches (I don’t even know what happens if you win because that game is impossible), they eat dinner and Tsukuyomi takes Takeru to a suspicious room with a chair in the middle and introduces him to her cousin, Tsukuyomi Maya. That chair is supposed to let the user see their fantasies as a dream and they use Takeru as their test subject. The h-scene happens during Takeru’s dream, where he is surprisingly NOT DENSE and actually understands the girl’s feeling! But a dream is a dream, and when he wakes up he is still a rage-inducing indecisive idiot.

They go home to find out that someone broke into Takeru’s house during the trip but didn’t steal anything. Then Takeru gets kidnapped by Chuck Sauber and all the foreign exchange teachers are actually people from the CIA and their country’s equivalent of that. Yuuko gathers Takeru’s harem and then some extras (Isumi’s Valkyries and Akane + Tsukiji) to go save him, and arms them with guns that don’t shoot real bullets. They get a point for each enemy they shoot and whoever has the most points after the rescue mission gets to himehajime with Takeru (my dictionary translates “himehajime” as the “first sexual intercourse of the year,” which seems pretty accurate judging by the events). Lol of course Takeru’s harem all agrees so they go save him.

Sauber kidnapped Takeru and wants his microwave oven as ransom, but planns to kill him anyways. Yuuhi comes in from to front to distract him while Sumika and Kasumi untie Takeru and Meiya launches a surprise attack. Sauber predicted the attack, but Sumika frees Takeru just in time and she uses a DRILL MILKY PHANTOM to punch Sauber to Mars and cause an explosion and a beam of light to appear. Unfortunately, her attack is so powerful she went flying too. They get back sans Sumika and explain that the 3 idiots broke Takeru’s old microwave and didn’t want Tsukuyomi to get mad so they grabbed one from the Mitsurugi warehouse that looked the same and used it as a replacement. Little did they know that that microwave was hidden because it has the power to nullify nuclear bombs after some reaction that got a scientific explanation in Japanese (lol, I suck crap at science in English, you expect me to understand it in Japanese?).

Takeru wakes up on New Year’s Day, and whoever had the h-scene wins the contest and ends up in his room for himehajime. For most of the endings Takeru ends up going outside without doing anything and finds Yuuko and the others peeping on them, but Meiya and Yuuhi are prepared in case Takeru tries to escape so it is implied that they actually do something to him (you can’t run if your room gets locked and soundproofed out of your control, or if someone turned it into an elevator that goes below the ground…) If Sumika or Marimo had the h-scene, then Kasumi comes in and it’s the same as her ending. AF ends with the screen zooming out to show the Earth like the end of Unimited, but instead of Takeru’s “only if I could do something” speech we get Sumika yelling while stuck to a satellite. Poor Sumika, she’s the main heroine but ended up stuck in space even in her own route.

Anyways, the “routes” all have basically the same story and major events, the only difference is what happens during Takeru’s dreams, who wins the save Takeru contest, and some scenes during the trips depending on your choice. Altered Fable was fun and hilarious the first two times around, but then I just skipped for the rest because it’s literally the same thing except for who Takeru has sex with in his dream. Meiya and Yuuhi get the most CGs as well as independent events, seeing as how they get stuck alone with Takeru during the ski trip. Yuuhi also has an alternate h-scene that requires you to find and win the watermelon-smashing game, which thankfully isn’t all that hard as long as you can tell directions in Japanese. I’m disappointed that Meiya doesn’t get an h-scene with her pantyhose on (WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, AGE? YOU MAKE A CHARACTER WHO WEARS PANTYHOSE BUT THEN NOT USE IT IN AN H-SCENE!? WHYYY). Her best scene was the one in her pilot suit from Unlimited anyways. Yuuhi’s ero-voice is also really, really good. Kinda unexpected, but damn. I still like Meiya the best though, even if she was more cute during her h-scene in Unlimited. Marimo’s h-scene was lol because Yuuko was hiding behind a tree telling Takeru what to do.

Altered Fable was pretty enjoyable overall, due to having characters that I already like and having lots of references to Unlimited/Alternative. It’s even more wacky than Extra, but the lack of individual routes is really disappointing and if you don’t hear Age’s start-up message when you first play (and you will likely click right through it), it will feel like a giant trolling attempt. Takeru doesn’t technically end up with anyone and is more dense and indecisive as ever, so it’s painful to see him like this after the awesome guy we got late in Alternative. I mean, a regular school kid just can’t compare to a guy who has seen the end of humanity and enough tramatizing things to not react to seeing tentacle rape, but at least let his understanding of others carry over so I rage at him less. Altered Fable is by no means GOOD, but I guess I had fun.

Author: awesomecurry

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10 thoughts on “MuvLuv Altered Fable

  1. You’ll be fine, besides I’m using a laptop right now.

  2. =) then =( aww…

  3. Interesting. Knowing that Altered Fable was like Extra but with Kasumi (and some other things I didn’t care as much) put it in my wishlist; knowing that it doesn’t really have routes is somewhat of a pity, though.

  4. Altered Fable was okay.
    But the Kasumi H-scene sounded really awkward. I mean, it just sounded really weird hearing Kasumi saying “I will make you feel good”

  5. How do you unlock Yuuhi’s alternate h-scene exactly? I found the watermelon game by:
    >first going to the twins’ room upon arrival at the beach//
    >then after wards going to the bridge//
    >then back where they bump with me as they go out to stroll.//
    >Then after the conversation I follow them to Vega Beach where the Watermelon game occurs.

    I have saved at this point (mind you that I picked all the Yuuhi/Twins option since the beginning and chose to train skiing with Yuuhi solo.

    Whether I beat the Watermelon game by winning or losing or even not finding it at all, I never get the alternate H-scene..

    Anybody help? I’m necroing this post just for this. :<

  6. AHHHH!!! damn that explained why the ending seems too unresolved -_-
    my 2 years waiting came in (almost) no avail

    i even tried meiya’s route twice just in case it was the ‘bad ending’, well basically it’s the same with alternative, he wasn’t be with anybody

    why age really love trolling us????

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