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Rewrite – Review


Yeah, I’ll stop spamming posts about Rewrite after this. Just thought I’d like to reveiw in my usual format. If you read my spoiler posts I wrote as I played, there’s probably no reason to read this.

Rewrite is the latest visual novel by Key, but the much-loved Maeda Jun didn’t contribute to the writing and sat back as QC. Rewrite is written by Romeo Tanaka (Cross Channel), Ryukishi07 (Higurashi, Umineko), and Yuto Tonokawa (worked on Little Busters!). Instead of being a dramatic nakige with small amounts of fantasy elements like previous Key works, Rewrite is centered on the supernatural and contains battles, chuuni elements and a storyline that decides the fate of the world.

The protagonist is Tennouji Kotarou, a second-year high school student who has a bright and happy personality and likes playing tricks and fooling around. He meets various girls, and eventually joins the occult club. They have fun at club every day, until an event breaks them apart…

There’s 5 heroine routes and Moon and Terra which are the true routes.

The plot is pretty damn confusing, especially during Moon and Terra. If my summaries did not make any sense, it’s because explaining does no good unless you actually read the vn (and because I am crap at summarizing. What did you expect from someone who writes 2000 word summaries? Brief? Understandable? What are those?). Terra has good character development and ties all the information from the previous routes together nicely, and is the best route hands down. The heroine routes, however, vary greatly in quality. Some were satisfying and interesting, others just felt like they didn’t care and needed a route for the cute heroine. The common route was a drag and took me 2 months to get through because I got bored. I get it that you want to introduce me to the characters and make me care about them, but it did not need to be that long. I liked the heroines quickly after meeting them, so they certainly did not need to drag out the common route for a month.

Overall, the plot’s a hit-or-miss. It’s pretty ridiculous when I look back on it, but I found it quite satisfying.

Why Rewrite did the job for me was because of the characters. Akane is my favorite, but I liked the rest too. The cast interacted well together, and I guess I liked how they don’t just fawn over the protagonist.

Tennouji Kotarou – The protagonist. He has a bright personality and seems like a sociable person, but he was actually a loner for a long time.

Kanbe Kotori – Kotarou’s childhood friend who likes gags and gardening. She has no other friends in the class, and constantly skips school. I like her, even though I’m usually indifferent to childhood friends. She feels more normal in a sense, since she just hangs out with Kotarou a lot, instead of waking him up every morning and making breakfast etc. like the usual. I want my childhood friend to be like a friend, not like a mom.

Ohtori Chihaya – The clumsy transfer student who is ridiculously strong and is also a sheltered ojou-sama with her personal butler. She and Kotarou get off on bad terms, but eventually become friends. Chihaya was alright, but didn’t go through much character development. I like her as comic relief.

Senri Akane – A myserious senpai known as the “School Witch.” She has never been seen going to class and is the president of the occult club. She likes to play games, and appears to be lazy and not very enthusiastic about club activites. Bad at sports, and the type to bring her laptop during a hike. She is very knowledgeable, and also rich. She actually doesn’t believe in the supernatural, and agreed to let Kotarou touch her boobs if he manages to prove they exist. She is an awesome senpai. I won’t go into a rant about why I like her here.

Nakatsu Shizuru – Kotarou’s underclassman who is in the discipline committee. She’s very shy and makes moe facial expressions, but has sharp eyesight and acute hearing. I liked Shizuru due to the pedo inside me her badassery.

Konohana Lucia – The class president of Kotarou’s class, and also a major violent tsundere who hates uncleanliness and doesn’t tolerate many of the things boys do. Kotarou pisses her off, and since Kotarou obviously likes playing tricks and teasing tsunderes…you know the drill by now. I was pretty sick of tsunderes (especially violent ones), but her route was good and the dere side was cute.

Yoshino Haruhiko – Kotarou’s friend/rival who is always challenging him to fights. He acts like a delinquent, but is actually a mama’s boy.

Ohtori Sakuya – A megane chara who claims to be Chihaya’s brother. One look at him and you can tell he’s the bishounen butler.

Hinoue art, with improvements. Character designs are great and the character portraits are pretty and detailed. Some of the CGs look really nice, but then you’ve also got some really awkward ones where you can see that the person working on it just didn’t care. Good thing the QUALITY is reserved for males generally, although there’s a few exceptions. Hinoue’s 3/4 view chins still look weird. Overall, the art was a step up from previous Key games Hinoue drew for. My major complaint was the CGs. For such a long game, there weren’t a lot of CGs. Particularly jarring is Terra, where there’s a long period with just text descriptions, but then they chuck a bunch of CGs at the end and use 3 CGs to desribe soemthing that could be said in one sentence.

Why the fuck are there so many unvoiced characters? I understand the protagonist being not voiced because that’s like the standard (and I do appreciate Kotarou getting full voice in Terra), but most things give voice to side and one-line characters too. It gets pretty painful when out silent protagonist is having a long convo with a silent side character.

The music was excellent. I love the soundtrack so much, especially tracks that use the tune of the OP, Philosophyz. I’ve got no complaints. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I enjoyed Rewrite very much, despite the problems. I liked the characters a lot, and I enjoyed the plot despite being confused at times. It takes a long while to get going, and don’t expect a nakige or drama. There’s a lot of difference in route qualities, but if you survived Little Busters’ inconsistent quality then you’ll probably survive Rewrite too. Also, prepare for lots of terminology. You should be fluent in Japanese before attempting to read Rewrite, or you’ll be confused like I was.

Author: awesomecurry

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4 thoughts on “Rewrite – Review

  1. so, overall… it is good?

    I like LitBus, but I don’t know about this one… I’m just… getting confused on each route and especially the final route….

    • I’d suppose it’s worth a try. Terra is supposed to tie all the route together so frankly, if you played throughed all the routes then it should be fine (and it starts before the beginning of the main game, so it’s like a reset of sorts.). Moon is the confusing one, but if you’re fluent in Japanese (AKA better than me by a long shot) then I guess you won’t have any problems.

  2. I’m surprised that you didn’t like the common route. From a pure, playful, light-hearted entertainment standpoint it was one of the most fun things I’ve ever read in a visual novel. I was genuinely cracking up alarmingly often and thus was in a good mood practically the entire time reading it.

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