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Rewrite – Moon


The Moon route is unlocked after clearing the routes of the five heroines. Moon stars the main heroine, who is not any of the previous ones. Damn you, advertisements that made Kotori look like the main. Also, I was wrong about Kotarou getting a voice. He’s voiced for like 5 lines and then goes back to being a silent protagonist.

Moon is confusing. Even after playing the five heroine routes, I was like “WUT?” throughout the whole route. Maybe if you’re fluent in Japanese you’ll understand, but I had my head spinning as soon as anything went into sci-fi territory with their complicated terms.

Anyways, Kotarou is in a different world where the night is eternal and Kazamatsuri is in ruins. There are no people there except for him, and a girl who is sitting on a rectangular thing on a hill where daisies grow. That girl, of course, is Kagari. Also, I will tell you right off the bat that they’re on the MOON. There’s no one in this world because the Moon had nobody but Kagari on it in the first place. Kotarou doesn’t find out they’re actually on the moon until the end, but it’s kinda obvious and knowing it would make things slightly less confusing. Anyways, Kotarou tries to approach Kagari but she just kills him with her ribbons. For some reason, even if you die here you’ll just revive, so Kotarou just revives every time he gets killed by her. Kagari also doesn’t ever speak in human language, and only occasionally uses an alien language that is represented in the dialogue box by squares.

Eventually Kagari warms up to him and he finds out her name. They bond through coffee in a thermos (the ruins of Kazamatsuri still has running water and items inside the shops–just no electricity and people) and become friends. Kagari doesn’t speak human and only says the “…….” sound most of the time anyways, so she must be really cheap to voice. Anyways, Kotarou falls for her and decides to not let her be alone again, and he will protect her. Kagari is researching the theory of life or something, and is basically looking for a way for humanity to NOT FAIL. She is researching every possibility of the human history in great detail, so even the things that happened in the different heroine’s routes are on there. Kotarou himself is also different from the Kotarou on Earth, because here he has memories of all the routes. He has different memories that happen in the same time, like marrying Kotori in one memory but marrying a random office lady in another. He also finds out that Aurora is like the energy that promotes life and is accumulated from the resources of a planet’s surface.

Demons appear on the Moon to kill Kagari, and Kotarou fights them off by himself so that Kagari doesn’t have to leave her research. The demons are sent by Kashima Sakura, the holy maiden of Martel (remember? Old dying lady from Akane’s route?), and she keeps sending more because she’s rich and she can continue buying fossils to make more demons. Since death is probably possible now, Kotarou summons Yoshino, the occult club members, and some other people to fend off the demon attacks in order to protect Kagari and let her finish her research. Apparently Kotarou didn’t have to be sent here alone, but he chose to be by himself because he is here for Kagari. Anyways, the occult club reconciles for the first time and they work together to fight off the demons with Yoshino and the other people fighting in a different area. When the flow of demons slowed, they take a break and play the Sims with Kagari’s research lol.  Kotarou suddenly realizes that he’s missing some memories. When he nearly died in the forest (and btw I made a mistake in Kotori’s route: Kotarou was actually there to try and save a girl, but he never said who the girl is. He got close to Kagari and got owned by her ribbons before Kotori comes to save him) and ended up in the hospital, the next several years of his memory is missing, which means Kotarou may not even actually be at the age of a 2nd-year high school student.

Kotarou writes “I want to see you again someday” in Kagari’s alien square language on her research, and that somehow completes it. They only have to protect Kagari for a while longer, but Kashima sends in over 700 demons. Kagari starts singing the song of destruction and basically everyone will be back to their normal selves on Earth (meaning Kotarou no longer retains memory of all the different routes) after she finishes. They fight off demons but Lucia and Kotori die (well, not actually die but they disappear from the Moon).

Aurora (y’know, the lights that appear on the sky at the North Pole? Yeah, those.) start appearing on the daisy hill. Yoshino calls Kotarou to tell him that Akane died too, and he is about to go himself. They have a friendship speech, Kotarou says they’ll always be rivals and calls Yoshino by his first name for once. Demons attack from the sky, but Sakuya appears and pwns them himself. He is no longer contracted to Chihaya, and this is the “real” him so if he dies here he won’t exist back on Earth. Shizuru and Chihaya die, and Sakuya and Kotarou have a d’aaaawww friendship moment before the former turns into his dragon form.

Sakuya goes away too, and Kotarou tries to fight everything else by himself but he gets owned anyways. Everything starts floating, and Kotarou hears actual words in human language from Kagari (not voiced D=<) saying that they can’t meet anymore.  Everything flies to the Earth, and Kagari is forever alone on the Moon again…but wait! “Kagari” is actually a pair of twins. One is on the Moon and the other is the Key on the Earth. Life only flourished on the Earth when the Moon formed, giving birth to the twin Kagari, but the Moon’s resources can’t sustain anything other than her. A beam of aurora flies from the Moon to the Earth and we get returned to the title screen which has changed once again.

Yeah, I apologize if I have major interpretation errors because I don’t entirely understand. Basically from how I see it, Kagari on the moon is researching how to not let the world end (because even if you kill the Key, the world will end soon anyways), and Kotarou is basically  to help her since the thing he wrote did make her research react strongly and complete itself. Kashima Sakura hates the very idea of life so she sent demons onto the Moon to kill Kagari so that she doesn’t complete her research and doesn’t find a way to save the world.

Whew, I’m almost done! Only Terra left to go! It’s almost the end of my journey, and I’d say it’s worth it. Even if there were problems, I managed to like Rewrite a lot. I’m sure there’ll be loads of terminology and stuff in Terra that I just plain don’t understand because my Japanese sucks, so it’ll probably take a while. Plus, I’ve got school now. Also, hopefully Kagari actually speaks here, because it’s pretty irritating to have the main heroine never speak human language comprehensibly. I’ve also got a feeling that Kotori and Akane will be more important than the other heroines in Terra, since Kotarou met them in childhood.

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2 thoughts on “Rewrite – Moon

  1. Wait…I’m sorry…I feel this is a lot to take in. I guess I’ll have to re-read what you wrote about the Moon route, but isn’t it a bit too much?

    • orz I guess I wasn’t clear enough…but yeah, I played all the heroine routes and I was still like “WUT” during Moon.

      Basically Kagari is doing research on the Moon on a way for the world to not end, and Kotaro was there to help her. Easiest way of putting it, I guess.

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