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Rewrite – Konohana Lucia


The last of the regular heroine routes I did. I didn’t like Lucia at first because I was pretty much sick of tsunderes at that time, especially the ones who like to megaton punch the protagonist for doing perverted things. From Shizuru I quote, “Isn’t it normal for an adolescent boy to like pretty girls and boobs?” Lucia’s route is very good though, arguably the best of the regular heroine routes (and bonus points if you like tsunderes in general).

Lucia is the class representative of Kotarou’s class who can’t tolerate many of the things boys do and is also a clean-freak to the point she always wears her gloves. She also has extraordinary tastebuds, being able to eat the school’s legendary spicy mapo tofu and say it’s delicious, Kotarou, finding it strange that she is able to eat such things, has doubts that what she’s eating might have a different taste and licks her plate. Cue Lucia’s punch while shouting pervert and unclean at him. Because Kotarou doesn’t learn, this happens multiple times. She is very good friends with Shizuru, and joins the occult club together with her.

Loads of spoilers, as usual.

The other routes followed the structure of spending time with girl —-> Forest event on the 13th where they get attacked by hugeass dragon —–> occult club splits up —-> Kotarou doesn’t want to be forever alone so he tries to find the girl. Lucia’s is a little different since the event on the 13th doesn’t happen, so there’s no sudden split up of the occult club.

Lucia gets into an argument with Chihaya because the former didn’t want to touch kittens or flowers because they’re “dirty.” When she was a loli, she killed sunflowers and bunnies by touching them and people called her unclean. She’s scared of being dirty so she wears gloves every day.  Kotarou tries to get them to make up but they get all tsundere at each other and it fails. He makes them go do a challenge at a cafe where they have to finish a huge wedding cake-size parfait in 45 minutes or else they’ll be fined 5000 yen. The cafe owner recognizes Lucia as the one who ate the legendary mapo tofu so he made the parfait spicy lol. They finish (with Chihaya on the verge of death because it’s extremely spicy) and Lucia even says it tasted very good. They make up, and the event with Inoue doesn’t happen. One day, Kotarou receives rumours of a cursed orphan girl named Asahi Haruka who made some guy die and cracks windows. The guy who died was in the same 4th grade class as Yoshino, so he asks him for clues. Lucia hears of it and joins the investigation. Kotarou sees a Lucia who was possessed by Haruka and tells her he will prove that she’s not cursed. The “ghost” leaves and he carries Lucia back to his house. She shows him her ability to kill living things by touching them, and Kotarou goes to investigate the abandoned orphanage Asahi Haruka used to be in.

He finds the orphanage deep in a prohibited area in the forest and figures out that Asahi Haruka is actually Lucia and she was faking the possession and she angsts about being forever alone because her body emits a poison that kills living things. She also has the ability to break stuff without touching them, which is why she could crack windows.

Kotarou uses his rewriting ability to strengthen his body and hugs Lucia, saying that he won’t die and he won’t let her be forever alone again. People from Guardian surround them and take him to the hospital to do some tests because people who are in the orphanage for 10 minutes die and yet he was in there for 30 minutes but is completely healthy. Nishikujou explains briefly about Guardian and makes him swear that he won’t reveal any of this to the public. He agrees on the condition that Lucia serves him hand-made dinner in a maid outfit while calling him goshujin-sama. LOL they have their dinner and her maid costume was from an eroge called Doki Doki Maid Party (where the protagonist finds out the heroine’s secret and makes her his maid…very much a nukige summary). She tells him that she was from the Next-Gen human project where they experimented on orphans to make them capable of surviving the harsh conditions of the Earth 1000 years from now. Lucia was the only successful product and is supposed to be frozen until 1000 years later but word got to Guardian’s main branch and the project was shut down. The project made her emit poison from her body.

Kotarou and Lucia go on a deredere date at a shopping mall name KAZAMO. Immediately after the date, she finds mail from Nishikujou saying that Shizuru collapsed and is now in the hospital. Kotarou goes to the hospital and Lucia gets quarantined for testing. Nishikujou tells Kotarou that Shizuru wasn’t immune to Lucia’s poison, just that Shizuru is resistant to it. Lucia has been taking poison suppressants so that things only die if she touches them, because otherwise she would spread a poisonous gas. Her poison spread in the orphanage and killed everyone, which is why it is now prohibited area (Kotarou got in because security happened to be down at the time). Her poison got stronger, so the current suppressant no longer work. Since Lucia is quarantined and her cellphone ran out of battery, Kotarou goes to her house to get her adapter not knowing that it’s the same night Gaia is murdering Guardian members to make their job at the harvest festival easier. Kotarou gets attacked by a black dog but Nishikujou saves him. Since in this route Kotarou nearly got owned by a dog (which is pretty much Rewrite’s slime), he’s not doing any fighting and Key-hunting in the forest for the harvest festival.

Brenda McVarden, the lady who was second-in-charge of the Next-Gen project breaks into Lucia’s cells and convinces her to go with them.  Lucia was angsting about how nobody needs her so all they had to say was “the future world needs you” to fool her. They take her to an underground shelter and give her poison an upgrade. Nishikujou hears news of Lucia’s disappearance and investigates into the matter. Meanwhile, Kotarou is bored at school the day before the harvest festival because no one is there, but then he sees Lucia waiting for him at the gate after school. Her gloves are off and she says she’s given an even stronger suppressant and doesn’t need them anymore. They go on a date and she tells him that ever since she became poisonous, she couldn’t taste, smell or feel pain. She starts feeling sick so they go rest at the park. Nishikujou and Shizuru find Brenda, but for some reason she’s under the protection of the main Guardian branch so they can’t harm her and she gets away.

Lucia brings Kotarou to a patch of sunflowers and tells him goodbye. The entire field of sunflowers die, and Kotarou passes out. He is waken by Chihaya at 4 AM in the morning, with the entire city covered in poisonous gas, people dead, and Lucia missing. The news report this as an attack by a terrorist group called Gaia because Gaurdian pulled some strings in the media. Nishikujou and Shizuru fetch them on a helicopter (all the Guardian members aside from Shizuru are in spacesuits to prevent getting killed by the poisonous gas).  Chihaya is able to survive because Sakuya made her a barrier that protects her from the gas. The entire Kazamatsuri is pretty much dead, including the Key (who never actually appears in this route), and Brenda’s group is going to nuke the place at 6 AM. The remaining people on the helicopter try to find Lucia and plan to hide in an underground shelter afterwards, but she’s nowhere to be found. They finally arrive at the KAZAMO shopping mall and Kotarou goes inside by himself to look for her. He sees her (who pretty much wants to die from the nuclear attack) and tells her to live and a new suppressant will be made, but she justs angsts at him and tells him to GTFO and leave her alone. She drops a chandelier on him but Chihaya catches it and Shizuru decides to take Lucia back by force so they have an epic speedy duel with pretty damn nice special effects.

Lucia wins and injures Shizuru, so Chihaya goes up to her and rages at her for angsting about no one needing her even though her friends came just to fetch her. Her barrier isn’t strong enough and she starts getting affected by Lucia’s gas. Lucia gets even more angsty because her poison is killing a friend so she runs off to the rooftop. Chihaya tells Kotarou that his friendship speech earlier sucked ass and he needs to go after her and give her a more convincing speech. Shizuru heals her and he confronts Lucia at the rooftop. She tells him that she won’t let herself die at the nuclear attack. She’ll get away and walk all over the world, spreading her poison and destroying it. Kotarou rages at her because she’s essentially angsting about how no one will accept her even though Chihaya, Shizuru and him came for her, and she attacks him with her katana.

Kotarou is so manry now he blocks the thing with his arm. His rewriting ability has made his body immune to the poison, but it has transformed him and he can’t return to normal. What flows from his wound is not blood, but shiny green liquid (the aurora). The force is so great that sparks form and eventually Lucia’s katana breaks in half. Kotarou says that he’s not trying to save her because he pities her or anything, but that he’s doing it for himself because he’ll be forever alone if she’s not here. He actually gives a good speech about not giving two shits about her meaning in life because he’s not supposed to know and gives her a hug.

After the hug, Nishikujou comes to fetch them. She asks Kotarou to join Guardian (with the promise of money) and he agrees. A year later, Lucia has been moving between underground shelters all over the world because a suppressant for her poison hasn’t been completed so she can’t live on surface. Kotarou regularly visits her, and an underground garden with real sunflowers that she can touch is made.


Lucia’s route was quite angsty, but it’s pretty justified angst and she does get called out for it so it’s all good. I think I like Chihaya’s and Shizuru’s characters better in this route than their own routes, because of how awesome they became when confronting Lucia. Kotarou got awesome too. Much of the route was told in another point of view instead of Kotarous, usually Lucia’s or Nishikujou’s. My overall ranking of the heroine routes would be Lucia >= Akane >>>> Kotori > Shizuru = Chihaya. Akane’s route had a more likeable Kotarou, but Lucia’s route benefits from not having loads of exposition and politics. Kotori gets points over Shizuru and Chihaya because her route route was the most like a nakige and actually made sense in not being epic. Even after playing all the routes, I still like Akane the best out of the heroines. I want Akane After XD

General playing order should be Kotori -> Chihaya OR Shizuru -> Lucia -> Akane because Kotori’s route explains the terms the most and Chihaya’s and Shizuru’s routes go into the conflict. Lucia’s route is good so it should be saved for later, and Akane’s route has loads of terminology, politics, and sci-fi elements that can be understood much easier after absorbing info from the other routes.

Now that I finished the 5 heroine routes, I’ve unlocked Moon. I started it and became completely surprised because Kotarou has a voice. FUCK YEAH! VOICE!

Author: awesomecurry

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5 thoughts on “Rewrite – Konohana Lucia

  1. whoa. this scenario looks better than the others, but somehow I reminded with higurashi, about poison gas all over the city and such. but it is definitely better than the other route in my opinion. well, don’t know yet about Moon and Terra.

  2. Your reviews are so sassy xD, this route for my was more like a Route than the others, because it was her story, the other stuffs like Gaia and Guardian were related but they weren’t the main point, and I liked it that in this route the other characters had involvement in the story too. Key lacks of that… This route was original 😀

    • Yeah, I liked Lucia’s route for that reason too. It wasn’t like some of the other routes (and Little Busters) where the other heroines are just suddenly out of the picture after the common route.

  3. Finished Lucia route in 1 single day… and I enjoyed it to the utmost.

    I just have Shizuru left to do until Moon (and I’m reading your reviews after completing each route). LOL can’t wait for Kotarou’s voice.

    Lucia is now my favorite character and route. I liked how her route start was different from everybody else’s + she’s so dere. I kinda just wanted Kotarou to rewrite himself to just literally ABSORB her poison so he literally can’t live without her.. (since my clock thing on the bottom left didn’t even go past 1/2 way by the time I was done – unlike the other routes).

    Lucia > Kotori > Akane > Saku… erm I mean Chihaya..


    Lucia > Akane (liked her but too psycho in her route) > Chihaya > Kotori

    Off to Shizuru soon.

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