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Rewrite – Senri Akane


I went for Akane-senpai next, because she’s my favorite character. It was love at first sight!

Akane is Kotarou’s senpai and the president of the occult club. She’s known as the school witch because she’s mysterious, and she invites Kotarou into the occult club. Akane is lazy, unenthusiastic about Kotarou’s plans to look for the supernatural and she doesn’t even believe in them in the first place. Kotarou and her make a bet that if he manages to prove the existence of the supernatural, she’ll let him touch her boobs lol. She also likes to play games, is a rich ojousama with her own secretary, and seems to live in the occult club room.

Of course, there will be spoilers, and things become screwed up FAST. This route also has loads of terminology and complicated Japanese.

After the incident at the forest, the entire occult club aside from Kotarou is absent from school. He tries to find them and even goes to each of their houses, but they’re all empty. He goes into Akane’s house and sees that it looks like nobody was even living in there for a long time, and there’s pictures which show that she is an orphan so he decides to do some stalkerish research and finds that she’s been taken in by an environmental protection organization called Martel. He attempts to break into Kotori’s house to see if anyone’s there because his childhood friend disappearing all of a sudden is too weird, but he gets chased by men in black and texts Akane saying that the government’s after him. She actually responds and tells him to meet at the occult club room. Inside he finds out that they’re just the police (well, he was acting suspicious), and he tells her that he has supernatural powers. After some things, he decides to quit school and become Akane’s guard because school is no good if his friends aren’t there. He also has some dreams about meeting loli Akane but he can’t remember IRL.

She brings him to her workplace where all the old guys don’t like him ‘cuz he’s young, like Suzaki (from the management department of Martel?) and Takasa. Akane tells him about Gaia, Guardian, and all that stuff. Martel also used to be a church but now lives as an environmental protection group. He also meets Shimako, a loli that can’t talk but has awesome talent as a demon user. Martel has the holy maiden group led by Akane (which is full of people with certain disabilities that wouldn’t let them fit into society) and the management people led by Suzaki. Akane is the next-in-line to become the holy maiden of Martel after the current one, Kashima Sakura, dies. Guardian and Gaia are looking for the Key, AKA Kagari, but Akane says that Suzaki’s groups wants to obtain it for his own use. Kotarou is then given the task of capturing the Key (who is invisible to normal people). Akane teaches him how to contract demons, but he’s pretty crappy at it. Akane gives him a VIP pass to use during the harvest festival so he’d have an easier time getting around looking for the Key and refrain frm attracting attention, but our protagonist is very good at his job and flashes his pass at everyone to get free food. One night he sees the Key go into the forest so he goes in to capture her. Akane acts as mission control, communicating using a bird demon and he successfully captures Kagari through the use of a poison that paralyzes demons and the Key. However, people from both Guardian and Suzaki’s group have arrived and are trying to take the Key, so it turns into some kind of war/stealth mission in the forest in the dark with Kotarou trying to run away and fend off people with Kagari on his back.

He gets attacked and injured, so he lets off Kagari in order to move better and gets help from Shimako. The fight off some people, Kotaro kills Takasa (yes, he actually kills in this route), but there’s still more enemies so the holy maiden group led by Akane comes to the rescue with a hugeass Earth Dragon and some lesser demons. Admist the chaos, Kagari “dies” (turns to dust), and the Guardians leave.

Some days later, the current holy maiden Kashima dies, and Suzaki and the holy maiden group separate due to different beliefs. The holy maiden group has more supporters and after a 1-year timeskip, Akane has restored Martel’s status to that of a religion by going around healing people. Things are going fine, but then people start bashing the group saying it’s full of bs and they’re taking advantage of disabled people and rioters surround the Gaia building as the next harvest festival approaches. More people leave Martel, and Kotarou hears a loli voice one night telling him that Akane wants to end it all and she (the voice) believes in him because she chose her. Kotarou is awesome and responds with “sorry, but Onii-chan already has a girlfriend.”

Akane tells Kotarou about the history of holy maidens and how they all lived crappy lives where people hated them and killed them. Worse, their memories are passed ont the next holly maiden. Kashima Sakura used to kind, but then became fixated on destroying humanity, and Akane says that she has the feeing of hating humans too. Kotarou hugs her and swears that he will be with her no matter what, and thinks that things will be fine and dandy…

Until one days when Akane and the holy maiden group disappears. Kotarou finds her goodbye message, which basically says “I give up, gonna destroy the world.” He tries to look for her but can’t find her and gets a call from Suzaki. He’s actually not a bad guy, and they were after the Key because they captured her 10 years ago but she escaped and he never told Akane about this. He then says that destroying humanity is bad because the world is fucked up already and killing everyone will leave no one to fix it. He also reveals that the holy maiden group are actually hiding the remains of the key and plan to restore it. He also says that the idea of being a “holy maiden” is a sign of being messed up in the head and tells Kotarou to go stop Akane and that she’s in a place that looks exactly like Kazamatsuri within the alternate dimesion spaces that Kotaro has been running into at the beginning. It can be reached if he opens the door using the control room, and it is essentially a place used for shelter.

The place outside gets attacked by the leaf dragon (the thing Kotarou saw in the forest in the common route) and a bunch of demons, and the control room isn’t working so he can’t get into the aternate dimension. He gets attacked by people from Guardian and Takasa on steroids who’s still alive ‘cuz he took in poison or something, but defeats them and gets hep from Shimako to use the control room. He gets a call saying that the situation outside has gotten worse, and goes out to see Kazamatsuri pretty much in ruins with loads of dead people. He and the remaining people of Martel try to save anyone still alive and have them take refuge in the Gaia building, and the news says that this destruction is happening all around the world.  Kotarou is awesome and goes around saving more people, defeating demons, and runs into Yoshino, who sees his powers and calls him a hero. He gets attacked by Takasa on steroids, who is also going around killing people and says that he was the one who killed Kashima Sakura. Kotarou beats the shit out of him and kills him using brass knuckles Yoshino handed him, and is now regarded as a hero in the eyes of the public lol. The trees in Kazamatsuri become demons, destruction continues of a few days, and Kotarou tries to find Akane with no luck. Finally, the people of Martel thank him and tell him to evaccuate too.

Life continues in the Kazamatsuri inside the alternate dimension, except without the use of new technology like cellphones and there’s a huge focus on environmental protection. Internet doesn’t exist. Life is peaceful now and the people are rebuilding with the help of demon users, but Akane is still nowhere to be found. He goes to the heaviy-guarded Gaia buiding to see a floating temple above.

He goes up to the temple to see Akane and the rest of the holy maiden group, and confronts her. They’ve revived the Key and are trying to destroy the world because Akane claims to hate humans, so Kotarou’s like, “even me?” She doesn’t answer, which is obviously a sign of “no” and he tells her he came to kill the Key. The holy maiden group summons the Earth Dragon to stop Kotarou, who is able to fight against it and destroy the Key in the process. He can’t kill the dragon, but it uses up all the holy maiden group’s life because it’s extremely powerful and he wins. He calls Akane a coward because she went and destroyed the world even though he said he’d be with her no matter what, and tells her to atone for her sins. Then a kiss scene happens, and he says she’ll have to atone by living.

Some time pass, and Kotarou (who lost his powers) is now working on the wheat fields in Kazamatsuri (the only city left in the world) with Yoshino who dropped his delinquent attitude. Akane is pretty much broken from the whole thing and the people from Martel died so nobody remembers the exact details of what happened back then…or so it seems. A detective comes looking for Kotarou to investigate and traced the incident back to him and Akane. Since things are gonna catch up eventually, he confesses to the public about their involvement (with implications that it was more of his fault) and the two get exiled because the death penalty was just lifted. Akane recovers and various people see them off. Shimako finally appears, now able to talk, and cries that she doesn’t want them to go. Kotarou and Akane walk off to live outside of town.

Things were certainy much less…upbeat than Chihaya’s route. Akane doesn’t get off so easily, and she ACTUALLY GETS A KISS CG! YES! Kotarou also got character development and isn’t as obnoxious. I actually really liked him in this route because he ain’t afraid to tell Akane to man up, and became stronger not only in strength but also leadership and maturity. More fucked up shit happened and the thing ends on a pretty bittersweet note for the world instead of “yay we’re back in school!” At least Kotarou and Akane only have to live in exile, because I honestly thought it would end up much worse. The problem is that there wasn’t enough raburabu romance (my bias since I really like Akane), and certain scenes weren’t emotional enough. Story was solid but this certainly isn’t a crying route even though it appears as though it should be. Romeo Tanaka certainly could’ve made it much more emotional, although I appreciate that he didn’t make everything bright and happy. I thought the story was more interesting than Chihaya’s but also less intense because the fighting scenes are less shounen-manga like and don’t give you the “burning passion” feeling. Also no awesome part where the opening plays as Kotarou does something epic D= It’s a shame since I like Akane so much, but the route wasn’t very emotional. The thing with the loli Akane in Kotarou’s dream didn’t get explained, but there’s still 1 CG left so I’m guessing it’ll be explained later. After playing this route, I must admit that I already miss the days of the common route where everyone fooled around in the occult club.

It took me a long time to finish this route because it’s got too much terminology and politics, and words that I had to search up. Next up would probably Kotori’s route, since I heard it’s also by Romeo Tanaka but the emotional scenes were handled better.

Author: awesomecurry

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9 thoughts on “Rewrite – Senri Akane

  1. wow, that sure is really different with Chihaya route. It seems pretty interesting yet complicated though….

    By the way, do you know who wrote whose route? I completely have no idea. But, one thing I’m sure, I need more Jun Maeda scenarios >.< I am totally disappointed that he wont be participating on scenario writings anymore D=

    and the truth is I've seen every CG from the CG sets. Hinoue really improved, I think there is no more bad proportions like what I saw in LB!
    but please continue to play so I can read your review and see the 1 CG left by yourself~

    • I heard that common route, Akane route and Kotori route was done by Romeo Tanaka (Cross Channel), and Shizuru route was done by Ryukishi07 (Higurashi). I’m not sure about the others. I’m sad that Maeda isn’t writing for Key anymore, but I guess one can only write so many nakige before being burnt out.

      I hated Hinoue’s awkward shoulders and stuff, but her character design for Rewrite is really good.

  2. Akane route is different from others route. But Akane’s route still confused me when epilogue why rewrite (kotarou power) was gone???

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