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Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal 7

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Screenshots in this post are all flipped horizontally because I was watching a flipped video on Youtube. Apparently this is what they do to prevent Youtube from taking it down.

Yuuma is sleeping, and Astral is watching a superhero TV show rather intently. Yuuma wakes up and turns off the TV ‘cuz it’s too loud (why he didn’t do this sooner is beyond me, since it sounded like it was on full volume and Astral watched all the way to the climax.).

Yuuma is screaming KATTOBING again at school, but then Astral pops up and is like “Let’s go home. I wanna watch TV.” He geniunely believes that the hero of the show, Robin, has something to do with his lost memories lol. Well, I wouldn’t blame Astral for wanting to go home and watch TV instead of stay at school. Kotori and Testuo come out of the class, and the former drags Yuuma off to see Robin, who is filming in the city, because she is a huge fangirl.

At the filming location, there are a bunch of fangirls screaming “Robin-sama~~~~~~~!!”. I guess it’s acceptable, since the guy is a celebrity and all. If I saw Jack at a riding duel, I’d probably scream “ATLAS-SAMA~~~~!!!” like a rabid fangirl…OK, maybe not. More like “SCAR-RED NOVA DRAGON!!!” or “BURNING SOOOOOUUULLL!!”. Eh, regardless, Tokunosuke shows up, and gets them inside the building by distracting the guard. They walk into a room, and see Robin practicing. Astral tells Yuuma to be careful of the “monster.” but Yuuma tells him it’s just a fake doll. However, Yuuma acidentally presses the button and causes the doll (attached to the ceiling on a string) to move up and spin around. In the process, Yuuma drops his cards and Robin sees them. He then crashes into some fake stone wall, and the guard comes in and throws them out. However, Robin takes Yuuma to his room kidhapping-style and returns his deck. Yuuma asks Robin to duel him, and the latter almost goes out of character with blush on his face going “OMG RLY????” Astral thinks Robin knows of him due to the cartoon lol. Robin is also a wimp IRL, and is scared of spiders.

So I guess this kid is angsting about how he is actually a wimp, and not strong like the character he is playing, or something. He and Yuuma become friends, and Robin’s real name is actually Fuuya. Then his mother (who is the actress playing the villain in the show) barges in and yells at him for talking to outsiders and showing off his true self. She says that Fuuya should just live to protect the image of Robin, and kicks Yuuma out. What a bitchy mom. Fuuya needs to get some Bitch Repellent. Yuuma tells Fuuya that he’d definitely come to duel him one day, but Fuuya goes emo and says that no one could save him.

Yuuma has to explain that Robin is played by Fuuya, and the former is just a TV character that doesn’t exist IRL. Astral is disappoint. He even says, “So I have been lied to?” See, this is why you go for 2D characters. Anyways, Astral asks, “What is lonely?” and Yuuma explains that it is when you’re alone and in pain. Astral uses basic logic to explain to Yuuma that Fuuya is in pain and needs to be saved.

Fuuya is staring into the starry night sky on his balcony, and finds a card on the ground. It’s…dun dun dun duuuuun! A Numbers card! No. 83 Galaxy Queen, to be exact. It looks like his mother. Fuuya gets possessed by the dark purple aura of the Numbers. He…goes outside at night in cosplay and ties up various people he doesn’t like, such as the dude who threw a can on the floor or the guy who’s about to run over a kitten.

The next day, this is all over the news, but Kotori believes that Robin cannot do such things and it’s a fake. She drags Yuuma out into the night to find the “fake” Robin. Geez, this is some quality parenting right here. Letting your 12-year-olds outside at night when there’s a dangerous person lurking. They hear a scream, and sees some dude tied up on the side of the street. While Kotori helps the tied up dude, Yuuma runs after Robin/Fuuya. It’s a dead end, but Fuuya has some crazy jumping skills and jumps away.

The next day, Astral tells Yuuma to duel Fuuya and find the truth. He goes to Fuuya’s place at night and asks him why he would do such things. Fuuya tells him that he is doing as him mom says and keeping up Robin’s image, defeating bad guys. This guy believes that he really is Robin, because his mom told him he should live to be him. I guess good kids who listen to their parents will eventually snap, and are much more dangerous than rude rebellious kids like myself.

Basically, this Fuuya kid believes that he is in the world of 2D and is actually a superhero. He now thinks that Yuuma is one of the villain’s minions too, and they duel.

Fuuya’s turn. He summons Bestial Warrior Puman (must. not. say. name. out. loud.), places one card face down, and TURN END.

Yuuma’s turn. He summons Gogogo Golem and attacks Puman with it. Fuuya activates the trap card Trion Barrior, which changes the attacking monster to defense position if he has 3 Sanrensei Trion (Tri-Star Trion) in his hand, and then special summon the 3 Tri-Star Trions. They’re all lvl 1 with 100 ATK. Yuuma places a card face down and TURN END.

Fuuya’s turn. He releases 2 Tri-Star Trions to advance summon Different Dimension Esper Star Robin. Astral has to explain to Yuuma what advance summoning (tribute summoning in English lovalization) is. Dammit, advance summoning has been there since forever, how the hell does Yuuma not know!? Fuuya then activates Tri-Star Trion’s effect: if this card is used as material for advance summoning, it gets special summoned back on the field with its effect negated. Thus, the two Tri-Star Trions return to the field. He then activates the spell card, Space Ration. It allows the user to draw 2 cards if Star Robin is on his field. Then Fuuya overlays the 3 Tri-Star Trions to Exceed summon No. 83, Galaxy Queen. He then equips Cursed Seal of Dead Max onto Galaxy Queen, and activates Galaxy Queen’s effect. Until the user’s next turn, monsters the user contols cannot be destroyed and piercing damage is dealt to defense position monsters. Fuuya attacks Gogogo Golem with Puman, dropping Yuuma’s LP to 3900. Since Gogogo Golem can negate destruction once when in defense position, it is not destroyed. Fuuya attacks Gogogo Golemn with Star Robin, destroying Gogogo Golem and dropping Yuuma’s LP to 2400. Fuuya places one card face down and TURN END.

Shark is feeling less and less like a rival, and more like a random one-shot character to provide cards for Yuuma. It’s alright if he hasn’t dueled, but the guy hasn’t even appeared since episode 2. I remember back in 5D’s, Yusei was thinking about Jack all the time for the first few episodes. Lololol maybe Yuuma just doesn’t acknowledge Shark as a rival since Yuuma took his ace card and all. Anyways, Fuuya feels generic and uninteresting. The only character I like so far (not for looks, because onee-chan takes the cake) is Astral.


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