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Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal episode 1 – No more motorcycles…

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The series starts off with a hugeass chained door in the middle of some strange space, and a voice telling the protagonist that he can recieve a new power if he gives up his most important thing. Then his necklace that resembles a Millenium item glows and the floor crumbles, making him fall.

He wakes up on the floor of his room, fallen off his hammock. Then the clock rings, and he realizes he’s late for school. His house is rather…unique. He has a bed, but chooses to sleep in the attic with his hammock, and instead of using stairs, he gets down to the next floor through a hole on the floor/ceiling with a rope attached.

Our protagonist is Tsukumo Yuuma, a middle school boy with a hot sister and a badass grandma who uses broom kungfu on him if he skips breakfast. On the way to school, he races his skateboard-riding friend (DUEL BOARD!!!! …I wish) on foot. Then he runs into a cleaning robot and falls, dropping all his cards. The cleaning bots try to pick up his cards, and they freaking mock his deck by calling it trash lol. Even cleaning bots don’t like Yuuma. Is it his hair?

At school, Yuuma tries to jump over a 20-level vault and falls. Then he tries to swim a lap in the pool without breathing and fails. His fat jerkass friend mocks him and the green-haired loli (Kotori) calls him an idiot.

Yuuma wants the become…the world champion of duelling. Hooray. BTW, you need visors to see the monsters in ZeXal. By that fact alone, we can guess that this is an alternate universe since if Yugi didn’t need visors to see holograms of monsters back in 1995, then there’s no reason why the “near-future” ZeXal went backwards in technology. Unless Zero Reverse happened again.

Yuuma finds Tetsuo (his jerkass friend) losing to Shark (rival who looks gay but for some reason has a deep voice) who used an Exceed monster on him. Shark won without even taking any damage, and takes Tetsuo’s deck. Shark also has some army of man-whores man-slaves underlings.

Shark tells Yuuma that if wants Tetsuo’s deck back, he must give him his most prized possession. He looks at his necklace, but then Shark grabs it and breaks it (lol so fragile). Yuuma grabs half of the broken necklace, but Shark kicks away the other piece. Then Shark challenges Yuuma to a duel, taking place on Sunday. If Yuuma wins, he will return Tetsuo’s deck.

The next day Yuuma’s angsty and doesn’t try to jump 20 vaults or swim a lap without breathing. Tetsuo tells him not to duel Shark because he’ll loose, but Yuuma says that he’ll go because Shark broke his necklace. Tetsuo gives Yuuma the other half of the necklace, which he went looking for.

Yuuma sits at home, trying to put together a deck to use out of his father’s cards. But he is a noob and is all like “how the hell do you even use this card?” lol. Then he sees a card and says “yeah if I have this I’ll win!” The next day, Yuuma goes to duel Shark. He puts on his duel disk in a flashy way, throwing it into mid air and then have it magically fall onto his arm. The he puts on his visor. Apparently the visor makes people who aren’t wearing it invisible, which I admit is an extremely useful tool in real life. When I’m palying a video game, I can just wear it and not worry about being distracted by family members!

Duel! Yuuma’s turn. He summons Zubaba Knight. TURN END.

Shark’s turn. He summons Big Jaws, whose 1800 ATK greatly shocks Yuuma despite the fact that he sent out a 1600 ATK monster in the first turn. Then Shark activates the spell card Aqua Jet (it’s a Pokemon move!), which raises the ATK of water attribute monsters on the field by 1000 until End Phase. He attacks Zubaba Knight with the 2800 ATK Big Jaws, dropping Yuuma’s LP to 2800. He places one card face down and TURN END.

Yuuma’s turn. He summons Gagaga Magician with 1500 ATK and equips the spell card Wonder Wand to it, raising its ATK by 500 to 2000. Since Big Jaws’ ATK is back to 1800, Yuuma chooses to battle. However, Shark activates the trap card Zeus Breath (?) to negate the attack and inflicts 800 damage to the opponent when there are water attribute monsters on his field. Yuuma’s LP drops to 2000. Then Yuuma’s like “Oh yeah! Trap cards! I place one TRAP CARD face down and TURN END!” *facepalm*

Shark’s turn. He summons the 600 ATK Skull Kraken. When it is summoned, it can destroy a face up trap or spell card on the opponent’s field. He destroys Wonder Wand to drop Gagaga Magician’s ATK to 1500. Shark then mocks Yuuma’s crappy duelling skills, but Yuuma says some manry “I’ll never give up” shounen anime speech to make his necklace glow and return to one piece. Yuuma then sees the giant chained talking door from his dream, which repeats the “give up your important thing for power” speech. Yuuma inserts his necklace into the door, breaking the chains and opening it.

Back in real life, Shark’s being taken over by some evil force. He overlays Big Jaws and Skull Kraken to Exceed summon Number 17, Revise Dragon. Apparently Revise Dragon isn’t the monster that Shark summoned before to defeat Tetsuo, and no one has any idea what “Numbers” are. Once a turn, removing an Overlay Unit (monster used for Exceed summoning) from it can raise Revise Dragon’s ATK by 500. Shark removes Skull Kraken from Revise Dragon to raise its attack to 2500.

Shark attacks Gagaga Magician with Revise Dragon, dropping Yuuma’s LP to 1000. Yuuma’s about to give up, but hears the voice of our magical duelling spirit without memories, Astral. And the episode ends there, with Astral telling Yuuma to stand up and win.

FFFUUUU I love the ending theme. It sounds good. Also, I read up on Exceed summoning so I managed to not be confused. Basically, the Overlay Units are placed under the Exceed monster instead of being sent to the graveyard or whatever, and they can be removed for effects. For example, Revise Dragon’s effect increases its ATK by 500 when you remove an Overlay Unit, but it cannot directly attack the opponent when it reaches 0 Overlay Units.

Yuuma’s the typical shounen protagonist, Shark’s a typical jerkass rival character minus the usual attractiveness but with an added raep face:

Kotori is pretty cute, but doesn’t really do anything in terms of playing card games. It’d be great if she turned out to be yandere and a pro at children’s card games. Also, gym uniform (notapedo)!


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One thought on “Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal episode 1 – No more motorcycles…

  1. I’d actually think the D-Gazers is an advance in dueling technology, cause it makes the battles seem more real, for example causing damage to the surrounding enviroment.

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