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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s

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Well, I wasn’t going to talk about anime since I’m pretty behind and only occasionally watching things now, but I’m making an exception for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, the only long-running anime I’ve ever followed weekly from the beginning. It’s the only one I chase after weekly these days, so it has a special place in my heart. Plus JACK ATLAS is awesome. There. My inner fangirl always awakens when he duels.

Alright, so about the latest episode…F**K I should’ve begun blogging at an earlier episode, since it’s pretty awkward to begin blogging at episode 132. It would have had some meaning if I began blogging in 2008 when it started, but talking about episode 132 out of nowhere is kinda pointless. Since I’m not actively blogging every episode (I might do that when they come out with the next series), I guess I’ll just talk about the entire series =D

Alright…where to start? The Yu-Gi-Oh! series began as a manga by a guy called Kazuki Takahashi. He created the manga, whose titles translates to “King of Games,” about a short boy named Yugi Mutou who is very good at games. Since he’s called the King of GAMES, the original intention of the mangaka was to focus on a different game each arc or something. He began with a card game based off of the well-known Magic series, and the audience reception was so great he decided to just focus on card games. Thus, the manga Yu-Gi-Oh! is about a short boy named Yugi who plays card games with various important people and ends up saving the world with some Egyptian mythology involved. Seriously, it’s better than what my explanantion sounds like. I’m sorry if my summarization is less than satisfactory, but you can look it up on Wiki if you seriously don’t have an idea what YGO is.

Continuing with our story, the manga became so successful it had 2 anime adaptations and an entire card game based around it. Yes, that’s right–the manga was originally the soul of the series, not like today where the anime is running to promote the card game. Anyways, we got our Toei anime (usually called “season zero”) with some QUALITY animation, and the NAS anime, which is the 224 episode one we are probably the most familiar with. So, after the original manga and the NAS anime ended, the card game still went on. They had to keep promoting it right? Well, then the came out with…

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. The spin-off started as an anime, and later got a manga adaptation by Naoyuki Kageyama. AKA the orignal guy didn’t write it. The 180 episode GX was centered on Juudai Yuki (or Jaden Yuki in the English ver.), a boy attending Duel Academia (a boarding school that teaches you how to play a children’s card game, created by Seto Kaiba). As usual with shonen series, he goes on to save the world multiple times. I haven’t watched all of it personally, but apparently GX had its peak at season 3 where everything became dark and deconstructed. Also, I’ve heard that the manga’s plot and development is very different. Maybe I should check it out.

After GX ended, 5D’s began airing immediately. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s gave birth to the idea of CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES, and it really isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds. Ignoring how the cards don’t fly away when driving at such high speed, the 5D’s anime is actually really interesting and awesome. The Dark Signer arc (up to ep 64) is very well written and epic, so it’s something I’d definitely recommend even if you don’t know how to play the card game in the first place. The anime cards are quite different from how they work in the real life card game, and I began watching without giving a shit about the card game. Yes, the plot itself is actually worth watching for. The current arc features the WRGP (World Riding Grand Prix), which is a pretty long tournament arc and involves Yliaster (organization that was mentioned in Dark Signer arc) as the main enemy. The cast participates in 3-on-3 riding duels with other teams, and basically wins their way to the finals in order to fight Yliaster’s 3 heads. It doesn’t feel as intense as the Dark Signer arc, but the Yliaster storyline is rather interesting by itself, aside from the tournament. Also, old man who bends his legs 90 degrees back and merges with his D-wheel = WTFBBQ enough to keep watching.

There. Forgive me if any of my research is wrong, since I didn’t watch the original Duel Masters and most of GX. Maybe I should watch DM, although I might end up saying something like “WHAAAAT!? NO MOTORCYCLES!???? WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN”

Since I’ve made a post on YGO, I guess I can start blogging about 5D’s now. Especially since Grannel has 15500 ATK points right now. Dammit, I want to see Jack kick some more ass…or maybe Sherry. She’s pretty manry herself.

I love 5D’s. I seems to have gotten into most long-running series late, but I guess that’s a good thing since I don’t have nostalgia goggles. I actually genuinely thought the idea of card games on motorcycles was pretty cool when I first heard about it XD


Now, back to our report on Curry’s gaming status. First off, we have Mana Khemia 2. It seems that she is unable to make major progress on this game due to work and other distractions, and is currently on winter break of the first storyline. Damn, what a slow person. On the handheld side, she is also progressing slowly on Etrain Odyssey III, temporarily ditching the dugeon crawler on floor 8 for the old, fan-translated Mother 3. She is on the last chapter of Mother 3 though, so expect Curry to get back to her main games soon!

Galge-wise, Curry is progressing at Osananajimi wa Daitoryou. She is on Irina’s route (first route), and will definitely clear it!! Ahh~ Irina is too cute!

In the upcoming games category, our snail-paced gamer will be placing more games onto her backlog. She will be getting Zettai Hero Project, and has already ordered Tokimeki Memorial 4 Bargain Release from YesAsia. Also, she is keeping her eyes open for 999, Blazing Souls Accelerate, Pokemon Black, HaruToki 4 PSP, and the 3DS.

Overall, Curry’s life is not looking so successful. She has a bunch of projects awaiting, many wanted games, and a very thin wallet. Will she live through her high school life? Probably. I mean, she isn’t going to die of stress or anything. It’s pretty impossible for her to stress over school anyways. Being too relaxed might be another problem, though…


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  1. Thanks for the share.
    Turkiye’dede Yu-Gi-Oh’ ya olan ilgi gerçekten çok buyuk. Ozellikle yapilan duellolar gercekten dikkat cekici.

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